Meta TFT Set 7.5: Comps, Champions & Items

Hey, I’m Zathong and this update is about Meta TFT set 7.5 for: Team comps, champions, & items. Let’s just get into the details below!

Meta comps tft set 7.5

Best comps in TFT set 7.5 are:

Supersonic Graves

(6 Darkflight + Assassin )

The Darkflight trait with Swain and Aphelios as well as Jayce as the sacrificed unit will be just enough frontline to let your main carry dash into the enemy team to blow them up.



Items and update star


Hextech Augments


Guild Xayah

(6 Ragewing + 3 Guild + 2 Swiftshot )

This is by far the strongest version of any Xayah carry comp with the red Dragon Shyvana as secondary carry.



Items and update star


Hextech Augments


Age of Dragons

(4 Dragon + 4 Ragewing + 3 Shimmerscale + 2 Tempest + Monolith )

Play it ONLY if you have a 2 star board throughout the entire game that can get you easily on a win streak.



Items and update star


Hextech Augments

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tft-comp-75-1-1.jpg

Astral + Dragon



Items and update star


Lagoon + Cannoneers



Items and update star


Scalescorn + Assassins



Items and update star


Meta Origins tft set 7.5

SAstral, Jade, Darkflight
AGuild, Mirage, Ragewing, Lagoon
BShimmerscale, Tempest, Whispers
CScalescorn, Trainer
DMonolith, Prodigy

Meta Classes TFT set 7

SSwiftshot, Evoker, Mage, Dragon
AAssassin, Bard, Bruiser, Cannoneer, Cavalier, Dragonmancer, , Legend
BMystic, Shapeshifter
CStarcaller, Warrior, Guardian

Meta champion set 7.5

Best champions in TFT set 7.5 are: Daeja , Aurelion Sol , Shi Oh Yu, Syfen , Shyvana, Ao Shin.

Meta item set 7.5

Best items in TFT set 7.5 are: Infinity Edge, Tactician’s Crow, Runaan’s Hurricane, Morellonomicon, Last Whisper, Ionic Spark, Recurve Bow, B.F.Sword.

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