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Hots Healer tier list 2024 – Heroes of the Storm

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Healer tier list in Heroes of the Storm. A list of all Healer listed in tiers who is the strongest Healer in Heroes of the Storm.

Healer tier list

AAnduin, Kharazim, Lúcio, Stukov.
BAlexstrasza, Auriel, Deckard, Malfurion, Lt. Morales, Tyrande, Rehgar, Uther, Whitemane.
CAna, Li Li.

S Tier

These heroes are currently extremely strong and very hard to counter and have the ability to carry and win every game.

About Heroes:

+ Brightwing:

  • Solid healing with Soothing Mist.
  • Pixie Dust has a lot of uses.
  • Fantastic counter to a lot of enemy heroics with Polymorph.
  • Able to almost instantly help out allies with Phase Shift.

A Tier

Often first-pick in their respective roles. These heroes very powerful and effective and have the potential to carry games.

About Heroes:

+ Anduin:

  • Powerful late game.
  • Strong burst healing.
  • Can protect himself quite well.
  • Both Heroic Abilities are viable choices.
  • Leap of Faith counters crowd control.

+ Kharazim:

  • One of the strongest early game healers available due to his passive.
  • Divine Palm if mastered can turn the fight around.
  • Very strong talent choices on every tier.
  • Insane mobility through Radiant Dash which can be used either to chase or get out of sticky situations.

+ Lúcio:

  • Slippery.
  • Area sustained healing.
  • Frequent peel for allies.
  • Granting movespeed speed for allies.

+ Stukov:

  • Burst Healing.
  • Crowd Control.
  • Sustained Damage and Healing.

B Tier

The impact of these heroes is often lower than the above. In the right situation, these heroes can perform very well.

About Heroes:

+ Alexstrasza:

  • Burst Healing.
  • Point Control.
  • Sustained Healing

+ Auriel:

  • Very high burst healing.
  • High survivability.
  • Good laneclear for a Healer.
  • Crowd control.

+ Deckard:

  • Healing.
  • Area Denial.
  • Debuffing.

+ Malfurion:

  •  Innervate is valuable to Mana-hungry allied Heroes.
  • Extremely versatile Talent choices to adapt to a broad variety of situations.
  • Outstanding healing over time with Regrowth and Tranquility.
  • Very strong area of effect crowd control through Entangling Roots.

+ Lt. Morales:

  • Strong damage reduction.
  • Strong late game.
  • Powerful single-target heals.

+ Tyrande:

  • Significant burst damage potential.
  • Great single target healing.
  • Offers major offensive utility.
  • Access to long range stun.
  • Access to a good scouting tool.

+ Rehgar:

  • Unique mobility.
  • Capable of clearing Mercenary Camps on his own very quickly.
  • Consistent multi-target healing.

+ Uther:

  • Has high burst healing (From the benediction talent).
  • Uther When killed in the battlefield you will appear as a ghost to continue healing (passive skill).
  • Uther is able to interupt ultimates or stop engages through stuns.
  • Uther offers more utility than other supports (through this build).

+ Whitemane:

  • Debuffs and Disruption.
  • Flexible Healing Style.

C Tier

These heroes have little to no benefits when playing them. We would advise picking from a higher tier for better initial chances, unless it is specific to your team composition.

About Heroes:

+ Ana:

  • Long range.
  • Healing negation.
  • Healing throughput.

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