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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Alexstrasza Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best Alexstrasza build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Alexstrasza build for the meta. Learn more about Alexstrasza’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.


Alexstrasza’s Talent Build

Alexstrasza’s Abilities


Change into a dragon after 1.25 seconds to get 500 Health. The duration of incoming Slows, Roots, and Stuns is decreased by 50%, Alexstrasza’s Basic Attacks do 143 damage and heal ally Heroes for 43 in an arc in front of her, and her Basic Abilities are strengthened while Dragonqueen is active. 15 seconds long.

Gift of Life

15% of Alexstrasza’s current Health must be sacrificed in order to heal an ally for 150% of that amount.

Breath of Life

20% of Alexstrasza’s current health is used to heal an ally.


Plant a healing seed that, after 3 seconds, blooms, giving surrounding ally Heroes a 20% health boost.


Plant a healing seed that will bloom after three seconds and restore 30% of the maximum Health to all adjacent allies heroes.

Flame Buffet

Fireballs are launched, dealing 75 damage over 5.5 seconds to burning opponents. When attacking foes who are already burning, you deal an additional 125 damage to them, slow them down for two seconds at a 40% decay rate, and get your mana cost back.

Wing Buffet

Inflict 162 damage on nearby opponents to knock them back and slow them down by 50% for three seconds.


Bind a Hero who is an ally to Alexstrasa’s life force. She and her target receive 480 in total healing spread over two seconds. The Hero with the lesser health percentage is then set to the other Hero’s health percentage.

Cleansing Flame

Take to the air after 1.25 seconds and, for the next 6 seconds, drop fireballs at the location of your mouse cursor every 1.2 seconds. Each fireball deals 135 damage to nearby enemies while healing 300 health to adjacent allied Heroes. After dropping all fireballs, Alexstrasza lands exactly where your mouse cursor is in 2 seconds.

Alexstrasza’s Pros and Cons


  • Healing in Bursts.
  • Point Command.
  • Long-Term Healing


  • Dive.
  • Backline Discrimination.

Alexstrasza’s Counters

Alexstrasza can be strong against:

Alexstrasza can be weak against:

Alexstrasza’s Gameplay

A versatile ranged healer, The Life-Binder uses life energy to heal her friends. She has the ability to change into a powerful dragon when her life or the lives of her companions are in danger.

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