Highest DPS Characters Paladins 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Highest DPS Characters in Paladins. These champions are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 5: Willo

Willo is a damage champion that prioritizes zone control, deals constant splash damage, and quickly negates any healing effects on foes.

By tossing her Seedlings, which after touching the ground explode into four smaller Seedlings that likewise explode after a little interval, Willo may control the point and adjacent zones.

Top 4: Octavia

Octavia is a damage champion that carries a Marksman Rifle that, when used with Designated Sights, is effective at medium to long ranges.

She takes a commanding leap into the air to take command of the battleground. Octavia will hover in the air when she points her sights downward.

Top 3: Cassie

A damaging champion with great damage and mobility, Cassie. With the help of her Disengage talent, she can keep foes away from herself and her teammates or even use her strong crossbow to consistently do heavy damage from a distance.

With her Dodge Roll and Blast Shot, Cassie may damage an area while staying alive and gaining advantageous positions. Scout, Cassie’s ultimate ability, shows all foes and gives Cassie an acceleration boost.

If left unchecked, Cassie’s damage output is great with the correct loadouts, but flankers and short-range burst champions can seriously hinder her.

Top 2: Saati

Saati is a damage-dealing champion with a Hand Cannon that works up to a medium distance. She may trick opponents with the skill Dead Ringer by creating an imitation of herself before going invisible.

The adversaries struggle to take her down since she hides behind her decoy and uses this skill at the appropriate times. For every shot that the enemy lands on the decoy, the advantage is that the decoys can also inflict harm and expose opponents. She can shoot around corners by tossing the Ricochet coin into the air and hitting it.

Top 1: Sha Lin

Sha Lin is a damage champion and a domineering ranged attacker who shoots arrows that deliver heavy damage and increase in damage as they charge.

He can cripple opponents using the Crippling Arrow. Sha Lin can shoot a lot of arrows with Rapid Shot in a little period of time.

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