Best Tank Paladins 2024 For Beginners – Season 7

Best tank champions in Paladins for beginners 2024 are: Khan, Atlas, Azaan, Barik, Fernando. These champions are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 5: Khan

Khan is a tank. The Heavy Repeater, the main weapon, has a medium range of damage. His strengths lie in establishing team position and using Commander’s Grab to dismantle opposing defenses.

Battle Shout, which will heal him and the teammates nearby, can help him support his team. He also moves reasonably quickly for a frontline. His ultimate Overpower picks out a target and brings them close to you.

Top 4: Atlas


One of the top tanks in the Paladins is Atlas. He is able to launch projectiles with 840 damage per shot with his standard attack, the Chrono-Cannon.

He can use his Setback ability to unleash a projectile that knocks the enemy back four seconds. A shield that absorbs all incoming damage for 5 seconds can be deployed with the stasis field talent, although attackers can still get through it.

His ultimate allows him to unleash three shots that can freeze opponents for four seconds. They are unable to move, attack, or be attacked at that period.

Top 3: Azaan

Azaan is a tank champion with high damage output across the board. He can move quickly across the battlefield thanks to his high level of Conviction mobility. This enables him to combat and divert the backline of the adversary.

Azaan can set up 5 walls in a semicircle around himself to obstruct the path of the adversaries or to defend himself and his team. Another potential playstyle involves using Conviction to force opponents against barriers, particularly walls created by your own Sanctuary, in order to do a ton of damage to your target. The passive Ire can be used to enhance all abilities.

Top 2: Barik

Tank king Barik uses a blunderbuss that shoots pellets with a wide dispersion. By deploying up to two turrets that shoot automatically at close foes and a concave shield wall that serves as shelter, Barik excels at area control.

He can quickly dart into and out of peril thanks to his Rocket Boots. Dome Shield, his ultimate ability, launches a potent flamethower turret shielded by a sizable shield in the shape of a dome, which is perfect for area denial and damage output inside its radius.

Top 1: Fernando

Fernando is a tank champion with strong defenses because to his abundant life supply and his Shield talent, which shields him and teammates behind him from enemy fire.

He wields a Flame Lance that functions similarly to a flamethrower and shoots a stream of fire in the direction of the target. He may also fire a fireball, which harms any foes it strikes.

Fernando can rush ahead a short distance using his Charge skill, which enables him to swiftly change positions and deal damage to any enemies he passes through. His ultimate ability, Immortal, temporarily protects him and close companions from death.

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