Paladins Tier List 2023 – Season 6

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Paladins tier list 2023. I will help you choose the best champions in the current meta.


Paladins Tier List

A list of all Paladins Champions listed in tiers who is the strongest in Paladins.

S+Androxus, Barik, Khan, Drogoz, Azaan, Caspian, Kasumi, Nyx.
SKoga, Vatu, Inara, Vora, Fernando, VII, Lillith.
AMakoa, Bomb King, Cassie, Imani, Lian, Viktor, Mal’damba, Seris, Ying, Saati, Betty la Bomba, Corvus, Rei.
makoabomb-kingcassieimanilianviktormal'dambaserissaatiBetty la Bombacorvusrei
BAsh, Io, Terminus, Torvald, Kinessa, Sha Lin, Strix, Willo, Furia, Grover, Jenos, Pip, Evie, Lex, Talus, Zhin, Raum, Yagorath, Atlas.
CDredge, Ruckus, Tyra, Vivian, Grohk, Buck, Maeve.
DSkye, Moji.

S+ Tier

This is champions can dominate in every game, regardless if you’re a pro or a newb. Over Powered champions in the current Paladins meta.


Androxus (Flank):


Androxus is a heavy damage flank champion, capable of gunning down unsuspecting enemies and fleeing before the enemy team can regroup and finish him off.

Barik (Front Line):


Barik is a front line champion who wields a blunderbuss that fires pellets with a large spread.

Khan (Front Line):


Khan can support his team with Battle Shout, which will heal him and the team mates around him.

Drogoz (Damage):


Drogo is a heavy output damage champion with high vertical mobility.

Azaan (Front Line):


Azaan is a front line champion who can deal a lot of damage at all ranges.



Caspian is bolstered by his passive, Piercing and Sharp Momentum, which allows him to alternate between increasing the attack speed of his primary or secondary fires on impact.

Kasumi (Damage):


He abilitty Increasing the damage they take from you and lowering the damage they deal.

Nyx (Front Line):


S Tier

Champions are also spectacular, and they are the best at their respective roles.


Koga (Flank):


Koga is an incredibly mobile flank champion who can swap stances, unlocking other abilities.

Vatu (Flank):


Vatu is a hyper mobile flank character with a heavy reliance on accuracy, active play and cooldown management.

Inara (Front Line):


Inara is a Front Line Champion with a great amount of sustainability with Earthen Guard and is capable of hard point fights.

Vora (Flank):


Vora is a flank champion who is mobile and deals Damage over Time, which makes her a good Poke Damage dealer at medium ranges.

Fernando (Front Line):


Fernando is a front line champion with formidable defenses thanks to his massive health pool and his Shield skill.

VII (Flank):


Seven is a mobile flank character with a heavy reliance on accuracy, decision making, active play and cooldown management.

Lillith (Support):


Lillith has several ways to both damage her foes and heal herself and her allies.

A Tier

Pretty good Paladins champions that are still viable in the current game meta. Not as great as the above tiers.


Makoa (Front Line):


Makoa is a front line champion able to soak up large amounts of damage and a wide hitbox, making him ideal for defending his allies from enemy fire.

Bomb King (Damage):


Bomb King is a damage champion with a heavy focus on area damage.

Cassie (Damage):


Cassie is a damage champion with both high damage and mobility.

Imani (Damage):


Imani is one of the more complex Damage Champions, capable of excelling at any range and contributing crowd control and zoning to the point.

Lian (Damage):


Lian is a damage champion capable of dealing moderate amounts of damage in short time periods and who specializes in medium range combat and long range executions

Viktor (Damage):


Viktor is a damage champion with very high damage output and one of the easiest champions to use.

Mal’damba (Support):


Mal’Damba is a great healer with a constant presence in the form of Crowd Control and constant Healing.

Seris (Support):


Seris is a support champion who has a great healing ability that spreads through nearby allies.

Ying (Support):


Ying is a support champion able to heal allies from a distance through her Illusions.

Saati (Damage):


Saati is a damage champion who is equipped with a Hand Cannon that is effective up to medium range.

Betty la Bomba (Damage):

Betty la Bomba

Betty La Bomba is a damage champion, capable of outputting massive area damage from long range and zoning control on the map.

Corvus (Support):


Corvus is capable of healing allies that are out of sight using Mark of Fate.

Rei (Support):


Rei is capable of keeping her allies alive whilst still racking up tons of damage.

B Tier

While not extremely bad they are also not that great, and there are far better options that you can pick before resorting to one of these.


Ash (Front Line):


Ash specializes in point control through heavy crowd control and damage reduction with her skills.

Io (Support):


Io is a support character who can hold her own for a decent amount of time.

Terminus (Front Line):


Terminus is a front line champion whom not even death can keep down.

Torvald (Front Line):


Torvald primary contribution to battle is shielding for himself and allies as well as crowd control against critical enemies

Kinessa (Damage):


Kinessa is a damage champion with a sniper rifle that deals huge damage at high range.

Sha Lin (Damage):


Sha Lin is a damage champion and an oppressive ranged attacker, who fires high damage arrows, dealing more damage the longer they are charged

Strix (Damage):


Strix is one of two snipers along with Kinessa. He is the first champion capable of switching between his primary and secondary weapons.

Willo (Damage):


Willo is a damage champion who provides consistent splash damage and focuses on zone control and instantly denying enemies all healing effects.

Furia (Support):


Furia is an aggressive support and she does a lot more than just healing her team.

Grover (Support):


Grover is a ranged support character that focuses on range Poke Damage and Group Healing.

Jenos (Support):


Jenos is a team focused support champion, capable of healing allies through walls and holding enemies in place.

Pip (Support):


Pip is a support champion who has a more balanced approach compared to other champions.

Evie (Flank):


Evie is a flank champion with very high mobility.

Lex (Flank):


Lex is a flank champion who specializes in close range duels.

Talus (Flank):


Talus is a flank champion with an interesting playstyle. This consists of shuffling up the backline of the opponent team and teleporting back to safety shortly before it becomes dangerous.

Zhin (Flank):


Zhin is a flank champion that excels at dueling his opponents at close range.

Raum (Front Line):


Raum is a Frontline designed to deal and soak as much damage as possible.

Yagorath (Front Line):


Yagorath is a front line champion with a very big health pool. She is a stance switching champion swapping between two forms with her ability.

Atlas (Front Line):


His basic attack – Chrono-Cannon allows him to fire projectiles that deal 840 per shot.

C Tier

Champions that don’t really have a place in the current meta.


Dredge (Damage):


Dredge is a damage champion, capable of outputting massive area damage from long range and zoning control on the map.

Ruckus (Front Line):


Ruckus is a front line champion with both defensive and offensive capabilities.

Tyra (Damage):


Tyra is a Damage Champion with high damage and medium health but low mobility.

Vivian (Damage):


Vivian is a damage champion who can deal Sustained Damage with her Light Machine Gun up to medium range.

Grohk (Support):


Grohk is a support champion with a high damage output. Ghost Walk will let him become untargetable.

Buck (Flank):


Buck is a flank champion with an emphasis on close-quarters combat and hit-and-run strategies.

Maeve (Flank):


Maeve is a flank champion who is extremely mobile and has good Burst Damage potential with her talent Cat Burglar.

D Tier

You should avoid playing with this champion, if you don’t want to drag down your team too much.


Skye (Flank):


Skye is a Flank Champion with low mobility who relies on her Stealth to get behind enemy lines.

Moji (Flank):


Her secondary attack creates a spray which deals rapid, but very low damage and applies magic marks.


Androxus, Barik, Khan, Drogoz, Azaan, Caspian, Kasumi are best champion for meta current. But Paladins is game requires communication and time investment to excel in it. You need talk with your team to make sure you have the same game plan and pick the character that fits.

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Best Paladins champions

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