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Epic Seven Best Soul Weaver 2024

Best heroes Soul Weaver in Epic Seven 2024 are: Maid Chloe, Ruele of Light, Tamarinne, Blood Moon Haste, Emilia, Destina, Roana, Ray, Desert Jewel Basar, Diene, Achates, Elena, Sinful Angelica, Angelica, Magic Scholar Doris, Mascot Hazel, Angelic Montmorancy,… These characters are difficult to defeat and have the ability to deal great damage during combat or protect themselves from it entirely with skills like invincibility frames that last a short time.

Top 1: Maid Chloe

Maid Chloe
Maid Chloe

Maid Chloe is decent as her Revive + Attack is an offensive kit for your attackers to get their attacks off without worrying about dying.

Revive is a very underrated skill. You can get away with being more reckless. Revive is also a useful skill in Abyss as you get a second chance. The new changes makes it such that she can revive a teammate to 20% health when they die, giving them a chance to get a move. Also, if everyone on the team is dead, all other teammates get revived at 20%!

Her biggest weakness is definitely being no AoE heal and therefore not a full time healer if you compare her to traditional soul weavers like Achates, Angelica etc.

Top 2: Ruele of Light

Ruele of Light
Ruele of Light

Ruele of Light, a great character that ensures your teammates can be revived when they die. This useful for both PvE and PvP.

Squishy DPS died in Abyss? No problem! Full heal + invincibility! Put in Iseria and you have a team that can’t die. Her basic attack when soul burned can heal all teammates. Her second skill is a single target cleanse + barrier.

The only downside to her is that she doesn’t have an AoE heal for the team and requires soul burn to do so. This is where she doesn’t do as well as Destina.

In PvP, she is used in tanky comps in defense and also can be used in offense if you know the enemy team has a bunch of damage dealers but low sustain.

Top 3: Tamarinne


With the buffs, Tamarinne is now a very viable support healer that switches between being pure healing and offensive support. She is useful in all PvE content but not a good fit for PvP (both Arena and Guild Wars) unless you have Iseria. With Iseria, they are one of the most deadliest combos for offense.

She is useful in both Golem and Wyvern hunts as long as your gear is good enough and she will start shining as she gets to turn into Idol form. Her attack buff + combat readiness push + heal is too good to pass up.

When switching to idol mode, you get a team AoE cleanse + she heals herself to full. Guaranteed dual attack procs with your best attacker works well, especially if your attacker is very strong.

She is very good in Raids, particularly Hell mode where bosses have much tougher phases and her clutch heals + combat readiness push will turn the tide of the battle.

Top 4: Blood Moon Haste

Blood Moon Haste
Blood Moon Haste

With the emergence of Blood Moon Haste, he has given veteran players a new playstyle to counter revive focused units such as Arbiter Vildred, Maid Chloe and Ruele etc.

His skill 1 can strip a buff off an enemy. As expected from an ML unit. His skill 2, which is the signature passive that grants a thick barrier AND debuff immunity to his entire team if anyone from the enemy team revives. This means Arby or any revived DPS won’t be dealing much damage to anyone on your team and no debuffs can be applied. A very useful niche skill but it is powerful in PvP.

His skill 3 reduces damage taken when skill is available to use, further improving the survivability of your allies. On top of that, the skill ignores defense (but can’t crit), which does decent damage for a utility healer/tank. It can finish off tanky units when on low health.

Overall, he is a stellar unit for PvP for both Guild Wars and the Arena. Worth pulling for end game veteran players. It’s recommended to use HP% on all of his right-side gear to beef up his barriers, with 150-170 speed being optimal for him. However, if you can’t get that on him, it’s alright to drop the HP% boots for Speed and find more HP% in the substats.

Top 5: Emilia


Emilia is generally considered to be a “one-size-fits-all” Soul Weaver character; she doesn’t have a specific niche that she shines in or makes her stand out – such as how Roana punishes Seaside Bellona users, Blaze Dingo is a damage-oriented Soul Weaver, Tamarinne making PvE pretty much a breeze, and so on and so forth – however, that is what makes her a very good unit for new players. She can fit into any new team that needs Combat Readiness, debuff dispel, healing, or barriers.

While she doesn’t have any particular niche she fits in, she’s still a pretty safe unit, in that she’s consistent and can cycle her skills really fast. Don’t forget that her S2 has a 50% Combat Readiness increase; though it’s a single-target skill and only applies to one ally, it’s still very good for if a particular unit in your team needs a little boost. She’s constantly healing with her s1 and s3, and her s2 and S3 both remove 2 debuffs – it’s not a full-cleanse for the entire team, but for what it’s worth it’s still a good skill that would keep people from immediately dying.

Initially thought to have been “not that great for PvP,” Emilia actually has ended up dominating the Soul Weaver scene in both Arena and RTA. Due to the fact she’s got a little bit of everything in her kit, she’s useful for just about any situation you’d need a Soul Weaver in. While she might not have a niche where she really excels, Emilia has been seeing a bunch of use in PVP due to her nature to easily slot into just about anywhere.

Top 6: Destina


With the new skill set, she loses some CR pushing mechanics from her S3 and gains a 20% revive of all allies. Her new skill set compliments a bruiser or tanky team. Since the revive doesn’t have any sort of damage mitigation, it works best on bruisers and tanks since they are more likely to survive after getting revived.

Her special effect gives 2 turns of 60% effect resist, which is great since it will pretty much allow her to avoid getting debuffed so she can heal and push her ally if needed. Keep in mind that she can still be stunned or debuffed by things that ignore effect resistance (abyssal crown, chains of chiron etc.).

Her S2 is a CR push that heals a decent amount. Her S1 has been changed to heal targets off her own max health. She is in a much better place now. She is useful across all game modes and can aid her allies by cleansing and healing, especially on high health or high defense type units.

Top 7: Roana


Upon testing, she is the best unit against counter units since her S2 passive heals based on dual attacks and counter attacks. Also, it increases combat readiness of your allies + herself when that happens. When equipped with Touch of Rekos, the healing can be very good, especially against AoE counters from Seaside Bellona. She is definitely a must pull for any users who have trouble dealing with Seaside Bellona.

Her revive buff on S3 is a safety skill that helps in both PvE and PvP content. The downside is that your unit cannot be revived after they are dead, so make sure to have the revive buff up if you know one of your units is in danger of dying within the next 2 turns. Her S1 barrier is also very good if you mola it since it scales on her max health.

She is hard countered by buff strips, so make sure to have a cleanser to clear unhealable and unable to be buffed debuff.

Top 8: Ray


A strong healer and cleanser for the earth team. Will be great in Banshee and also dealing with water damage dealers.

As a full on support healer, Ray comes with cleansing and team AoE healing as his biggest strengths. His skill one cleanses 1 debuff of an ally or himself, which is similar to Elena.

His skill 2 heals and gives a barrier to all allies. The thing is that his heal scales off the ally health, so he would do better when healing high health members. He won’t be as effective healing squishy targets, but the barrier makes up for it.

His skill 3 gives team cleanse, debuff immunity and healing off ally health. Similar to skill 2, it benefits tanks/bruisers more than DPS units. There is also the option to soul burn, giving more healing in tough situations.

Having some form of protection is recommended when using Ray alongside other allies. He’s got low base health, so flat HP’s a substat to look for when you’re gearing him up.

Top 9: Desert Jewel Basar

Desert Jewel Basar
Desert Jewel Basar

With the new changes, he is able to destroy barrier units, especially if they have a thick barrier. His skill 2 does damage based off how much hp the barrier protects, thus punishing barrier reliant units like Peira, Fallen Cecilia and Blood Moon Haste for example. His PvE utility is still not great, but he does shine in PvP now.

Top 10: Diene


Diene is one of the best supports that works in almost every team composition. However, she is limited and most new players including myself won’t be getting her at all.

She excels in reducing damage taken on your team with anti-crit buff, cleansing and providing barrier with a team attack buff (3 turns!) to boot. Her 3rd skill give 50% combat readiness and if she is fast enough, she can cast 2nd skill barrier almost back to back + cleanse 2 debuffs.

This makes her versatile in doing pretty much everything in the game. She is viable almost everywhere. Put that with Celestine or Rod of Amaryllis and she can be a part time support healer as well.

Top 11: Achates


Achates, the mini version of Destina that is more PvE focused. She offers an AoE cleanse on the third skill, a barrier/invincibility on a single target + small heal and attack down on her basic attack.

Her kit helps your team take less damage while protecting squishy targets. Invincibility can save you from Abyss mushroom explosions and also prevent your DPS from getting sniped. Her new S2 changes is also good as she can cycle her skills quickly and the -1 turn CD also works on herself.

She can also be a tank healer thanks to invincibility.

Top 12: Elena


Elena’s kit make her more of a support healer than a primary one. Her strength lies in being able to mitigate AoE damage for all allies and provide them with AoE invincibility and bonus 50% effect resistance that stacks with whatever effect resistance they already have.

Her skill 1 also cleanses 1 debuff off of 2 allies and if you choose to soul burn, she can cleanse all debuffs at the expense of 20 souls. Her second skill is a passive gives AoE damage reduction that heals the team based off her max health every 2 turns when she gets hit by an attack. This means she will be good against AoE teams and not as good against single target teams. Since her passive will not proc if she isn’t attacked.

Her skill 3 provides invincibility + increased effect resistance to all allies and attacks all enemy at the same time. This can prove to be very useful against AoE attackers like Arbiter Vildred and Seaside Bellona.

She is an okay (not recommended) replacement for Angelic Montmorancy in terms of cleansing. Better yet, build both and have double cleansers for Guild Wars!

Her PvE capabilities is also good since you can abuse invincibility at times in need, especially in Abyss Tower and Labyrinth Raids! However, she’s still considered to be more of a PVP unit, especially one that’s anti-AoE.

Top 13: Sinful Angelica

Sinful Angelica
Sinful Angelica

An offensive Angelica with attack and speed buff for allies. The main play is around using her S3 immortality to perform dual attacks, prevent revives and cleanse 1 debuff for the team.

She is best used manually in offense in both PvE and PvP. Make sure to pair her with a strong attacker and utilize her immortality against revive units like Ruele, Roana or Maid Chloe. Since she also provides speed buff and attack buff, you will be able to get your turns faster.

In Guild Wars, she can be used as the utility support alongside a raw healer/tank with an offensive DPS. Since her skill 2 passive healing is unreliable, it is safer to bring another pure healer to ensure safety.

For PvE, she isn’t too useful compared to the staple healers and her skill 3 doesn’t come to play much.

Top 14: Angelica


Angelica is one of the best PvE soul weavers. She has the best kit for an all around solid healer. She gives your entire team heal + debuff immunity for 2 turns and can be extended to 4 turns. Her second skill is a double heal that can heal for a lot if it targets the same ally. The higher her max hp, the more she heals. So stack as much health as you can on her.

Her first skill is a small chance to stun, which is useful sometimes in getting some lucky stuns on key enemies. The only downside of Angelica is that she has a slow base speed.

She can be used everywhere from Abyss, Raid, Wyvern and even Golem if you needed her there. She is fairly obtainable via selective summon so that is a plus.

Top 15: Magic Scholar Doris

Magic Scholar Doris
Magic Scholar Doris

Doris gains quite a bit from her new specialty change! Though her base speed is still slow, she does have her Faith Rune to increase her speed by 5, which puts her at 91 speed. Her kit still focuses around her Max HP, which is good, because she has VERY high base HP, especially for a Soul Weaver. Overall, she does seem like a pretty interesting backup healer.

Top 16: Mascot Hazel

Mascot Hazel
Mascot Hazel

Mascot Hazel is a significant upgrade from regular Hazel. Hazel is already a very good unit as her original kit gives team heal + AoE attack buff on skill 3, decent single target heal on skill 2 and unhealable debuff on skill 1.

Specialty changed Mascot Hazel gets bonus +10 base speed and a 10% attack and effectiveness bonus to fire units, making her a specialist in a team of at least another fire unit. You will need to spend a lot of time grinding in Flame Altar though.

The biggest upgrade is her skill one, where she gets 75% chance unhealable debuff, which is vital for Golem Hunt, Abyss and Raid where you prevent enemies from healing.

However, she most likely won’t be your primary healer unless you scaled her attack, which makes her a bit squishy.

Top 17: Angelic Montmorancy

Angelic Montmorancy
Angelic Montmorancy

Angelic Montmorancy is a great upgrade from her old self. She now gets a cleanse as well on her skill 3 (up to 2 debuffs). Since it has a short cooldown at 3 turns and she also gains 50% combat readiness, she can quickly cycle the skills and cleanse when necessary. Her skill 2 now also heals even if no debuffs are cleansed.

She will be very useful in content where there are heavy debuffs. She will shine against Banshee and Azimanak Hunt. She is also viable for Wyvern but not as effective as say Angelica. She will also be a great addition against Karkanis in raid. Abyss is also another area where she will be useful.

In PvP, she can be used against debuff heavy units like ML Aramintha and Dizzy. Her skill tree upgrade gives her an additional base effect resistance of 40%. So she can be built up to 150%+ effect resistance to counter them. She is a great utility healer that can be used in many matchups.

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