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Epic Seven Best Mage 2024

Best heroes mage in Epic Seven 2024 are: Angel of Light Angelica, Sage Baal and Sezan, Politis, Specter Tenebria, Archdemon’s Shadow, Top Model Luluca, Researcher Carrot, Challenger Dominiel, Dizzy, Champion Zerato,… These characters are difficult to defeat and have the ability to deal great damage during combat or protect themselves from it entirely with skills like invincibility frames that last a short time.

Top 1: Angel of Light Angelica

Angel of Light Angelica
Angel of Light Angelica

Her passive makes her completely immune to being Stunned, for one thing. On top of that, she completely punishes anyone using AoE attacks by increasing her Combat Readiness by 8% for every ally except the caster attacked; when she’s hit with an attack that hits all allies, she’ll activate a part of her passive called Guardian Angel (though, you gotta fully skill up her passive for the 100% activation chance) that dispels a debuff from all allies and grants them skill nullifier once. The downside of this is that Guardian Angel only activates once every 3 turns, so there’s a couple turns of downtime for it.

Finally, we have her s3, which dispels two buffs from all enemies, before silencing them and making them unbuffable for 2 turns. (Again, 100% chance when skilled up.) Her s3 deals no damage, meaning that it can’t land as a Miss – all it has to worry about is the Effectiveness/Resistance check, similarly to Flan’s s3. On top of that, due to dealing 0 damage, she can’t trigger any other units that punish AoE units (such as Inferno Khawazu or Rem).

She’s used solely for PvP use, but she really shines there, as you can see. Angel of Light Angelica can completely shut down the enemy units and leave them unable to use anything except their basic skills, along with punishing them should they resist her Silence and pop off with an AoE attack.

Top 2: Sage Baal and Sezan

Sage Baal and Sezan
Sage Baal and Sezan

ML Baal’s been nerfed once, but as of 11/26, he’s been buffed again! Sage Baal’s rocketed back into a halfway decent spot where he stands right now, now that his S3 can penetrate defense. You don’t have to worry about building him with Crit Rate or Crit DMG, because his s3 cannot trigger a critical hit, similar to Gunther’s passive. As such, you can crank his attack and speed stat really high.

Top 3: Politis


Testing will be need to be done before we can say for sure, but everyone who’s seen Politis’s skillset knows that she’s going to be very strong in the Arena – specifically against teams that rely on pushing Combat Readiness. Because her passive decreases the amount of Combat Readiness everyone in the enemy team receives by 50%, Auxiliary Lots, Flan, even Arbiter Vildred will be affected by her!

Top 5: Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria
Specter Tenebria

With the new overhaul, she has turned from mediocre to very powerful. Now she is extremely viable in PvE and PvP. For PvE, she is useful in Raids as now she cannot be targeted by single attacks unless she is the last one standing.

She gains bonus attack damage (up to 50%) when anyone dies (both ally or enemy). This works in Raid as the bonus carries over and does not reset. She also deals a lot more damage on her skill 3 based on the number of debuffs on the enemy. If someone dies to her skill 3, every enemy team member loses 50% combat readiness. In Abyss, you can run her with 3 support/healers due to her being neutral element and has poison, the most OP debuff on many Abyss floors.

In PvP, while she may be vulnerable to AoE attackers, but you can mitigate that by using healers. She can now hit very hard as long as you land debuffs on any enemy, especially defense break. Her damage will also increase as characters die.

Also, her skill 1 now cannot be counter attacked and can hit 2 enemies when skill 3 is on cooldown, so she becomes much stronger on offense as she can’t be targeted by RNG counter attacks.

Top 6: Archdemon’s Shadow

Archdemon’s Shadow
Archdemon’s Shadow

If you do use her, you’ll want to be running her in PVP areas, against units such as Arbiter Vildred or other units with strong passives. However, she is pretty easily countered by Immunity and cleansing. A Counter build could be interesting on her, as it’ll let her gain more focus and seal more units. She’s just not good in PVE at all, as Seal only works on actual Heroes. Admittedly, she does shine in PVP, though you need to make sure she’s properly set up to do her job right.

Top 7: Top Model Luluca

Top Model Luluca
Top Model Luluca

Top Model Luluca has arrived and she is here to help deal with the troublesome heroes that can revive or mitigate a lot of damage via damage sharing. Her S2 gives her self attack buff and boost all allies combat readiness, giving her team an edge in going first if she is built with speed.

Her best skills are both her S3 and S1. S3 causes extinction and grants her stealth. If she kills an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by 1 and she can cycle her skills quickly. She is great against revive units like Arby or Ruele. Her S1 ignores damage mitigation and can make quick work of units like ML Surin. Keep in mind she can soul burn her S1 for the guaranteed double attack.

As a pure nuker type character, one of her biggest downsides is her low health pool. She is a glass cannon and can die easily when taking hits despite her higher defense.

Top 8: Researcher Carrot

Researcher Carrot
Researcher Carrot

Researcher Carrot is a great specialty change for F2P players as a debuff attacker. Her S3 is an AoE attack that can burn enemies. Her S1 allows her to detonate the burns, but only a slight chance to do so. When soul burned, it will be 100% detonate that allows her to deal all the damage at once.

Ideally, you want her to be in the frontline to take advantage of her passive for the extra burn stacks when she is attacked. High attack and effectiveness is required for her to be able to stack her burns.

The downside for her is that she doesn’t have an extra turn mechanic to take advantage of her detonate right away. Therefore, she is much more suitable for manual play than auto.

Her kit is great for Golem and she can be used in PvP, although situational.

Top 9: Challenger Dominiel

Challenger Dominiel
Challenger Dominiel

She is one of the strongest single target damage dealers in the game due to the way her kit works. She has built in crit rate buff that allows her to look for crit damage% stats, making her do even more damage. 50% crit rate is all you need.

She doesn’t need too much speed unless you want to use her in PvP. For PvE content, you can go full damage and she gets by with her passive as she gains combat readiness when your ally does critical hits. Bringing any high crit DPS is highly recommended with her. She’s best used in one-shot comps in PvE, along with in Raid.

She is easy to build and if you ever need a single target DPS, she is your answer.

Top 10: Dizzy


Dizzy is a very versatile AoE mage with strong crowd control. She can stun on skill 1, extend debuffs by 1 turn on skill 2 and decrease enemy combat readiness by 50%! Her skill 3 applies anti damage dealer debuffs (Speed + Attack down and Decrease Hit Chance). So she can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The best part is that her skill 3 will miss but debuffs will still land! That makes her a great counter to any evasion type enemies like Assassin Cartuja, Violet and Mirsa.

For PvE content, she shines in various Abyss floors with her S3 debuffs, making strong enemies slow and hit for way less damage. She can also do Banshee quite well, especially in the minion phase with her AoE attacks.

In PvP, she can be used as a speedy offensive utility or DPS mage by bringing Tagehel’s. She can then burn S3 into S2 for debuffs and -50% enemy team combat readiness. Other good artifacts such as Etica’s Scepter or lela Violin for strip are also possible options. However, these days she’s not as seen in PVP as she used to be, due to the meta shifting towards cleansing and Immunity more than anything else.

Top 11: Champion Zerato

Champion Zerato
Champion Zerato

The new Zerato can now solo Azimanak 11 with ease using life steal gear. His new changes gives him hp% heal per use of skill 1. That means he will heal and counter attack 2 enemies every time he gets debuffed.

With the A11 Queen bleeding you constantly, ML Zerato gets to counter attack while hitting one of the eggs. Very effective I would say. You do need a lifesteal set to make it happen though. The extra healing keeps him alive.

As for PvP, he now directly counters Dizzy or any heavy debuffer, so he does have a role there now. All in all, he is a solid pick since he also provides defense break and attack down in his kit. Update: As of August 2020, the fact he transfers debuffs no longer ignores effect resistance of his enemies. This makes him a little less useful, but he’s still pretty good.

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