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Epic Seven Best Ranger 2024

Best heroes ranger in Epic Seven 2024 are: Operator Sigret, Landy, Seaside Bellona, Briar Witch Iseria, Summertime Iseria, Cerise, Flan, Pavel, Faithless Lidica, Kiris, Watcher Schuri, Furious, Celeste, Bellona, Lidica, Silk,… These characters are difficult to defeat and have the ability to deal great damage during combat or protect themselves from it entirely with skills like invincibility frames that last a short time.

Top 1: Landy


Landy’s strength lies in being self sufficient since she does not always need an attack buff due to her passive, which provides bonus attack. However, it still does take some attacks to charge her up. So any dual attacks is going to help speed up the process.

Her skill 3 is an AoE attack that cannot be counterattacked and also pushes all allies combat readiness + a speed buff to boot, along with penetrating everyone’s defense by 50%. It is best against buff heavy teams as it charges the fighting spirit up quickly.

Her skill one also allows her to cycle her skills faster as it increases her own combat readiness (more if enemy has a buff).

This makes her perfect for Azimank hunts as she will always deal bonus damage since the boss always have the tendency to generate buffs herself after she gets attacked.

After the post buff, she is now very powerful against buff heavy teams in PvP. She can usually use her skill 3 twice if the enemy has enough buffs and her attacks really start to stack up and hurt after the first skill 3.

Top 2: Operator Sigret

Operator Sigret
Operator Sigret

Operator Sigret ignores Effect Resistance on her s3 against anyone who has a barrier, and deals damage based off of her Speed, making Speed a very important stat on her.

She’s mostly used for PVP – specifically, Arena and RTA. She does good against heavy, tanky units who constantly have Barriers up.

Top 3: Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona
Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona’s skillset is interesting. She is a hybrid attacker with utility and takes reduced damage at the expense of an ally(frontline) and is able to gain focus stacks to unleash an AoE defense break after allies (or herself) are attacked 5 times. This is even better if there are AoE attackers. Each AoE attack against your team of 4 will give SS Bellona 4 stacks of focus.

She can be built either as a full DPS or a sustain DPS type. If you need a strong Wyvern or Azimanak attacker, she fits the bill for both since her kit provides debuffs and AoE attacks. She is also a great Labyrinth ally since she has very high moral points for most chats.

She is best paired with a tank or tank healer in the front so her damage is shared between them. Building her as a sustain DPS is viable since she can survive some damage as long as you get her enough health and defense.

Top 4: Briar Witch Iseria

Briar Witch Iseria
Briar Witch Iseria

She excels in PvP against buff heavy tanky teams. If you have high enough attack (4000+) and crit damage, she can instantly destroy Kayron through his immortality buff.

ML Iseria is a really strong unit, especially for PvP. Her entire kit revolves around dealing with evasion type units such Assassin Cartuja, ML Dreamblade units like Arbiter Vildred, Remnant Violet, Assassin Cidd, Celine etc. Her passive gives her up to 35% bonus hit chance.

Alongside Oath Key artifact, she will have 50% bonus hit chance, giving her a huge advantage against high evasion units. Her passive also has a built in bonus attack that works like Reingar’s Special Drink artifact and ignores 70% of the enemy’s defense when it procs. Keep in mind that the artifact also stacks with her passive, making it a no brainer to pair it alongside her passive.

Her skill 3 strips all enemy buffs and has a high chance to apply both unbuffable and attack down debuff. That means she can either be used as a first turn strip unit or a cleave unit with high attack power. Her skill 1 only gives 1 turn defense break, so it is not as reliable as regular Iseria.

Top 5: Summertime Iseria

Summertime Iseria
Summertime Iseria

Summertime Iseria is made for PVP, but relies pretty heavily on everything mentioned. She’s fine, but she’s not a game-breaking unit, although her free Soul Burn is pretty nice. Since she can’t deal any critical hits, her damage stats can go solely into her ATK. Bomb is a pretty interesting mechanic, but it does take a very specific team to set her up. When set up right, Summertime Iseria can really pop off, but if anything goes wrong, it can mean the death of your team.

Top 6: Cerise


Cerise is a utility attacker that focuses on disrupting the enemy over

Let’s start off with her skill 3. It is an AoE attack that decreases buff duration by 1 turn (hence stripping immunity) and then decreases speed and restrict the unit from any combat readiness manipulation. This is key in dealing with people that have immunity sets on. She then gets invincibility buff, which protects her from damage.

Her skill 2 can stun an enemy and keep key units from moving. The good thing is that it also increases her own combat readiness by 50%, allowing her to cycle her skills. Her skill 1 also triggers a dual attack from a random ally, which is very strong in PvP, especially guild wars.

She already has a high base speed, so she will be able to outspeed most units. She is best used in Arena/Guild Wars against teams that have immunity on turn 1 and also stop key units from moving with speed debuff.

Top 7: Flan


Flan is a great unit for Arena teams where her getting the first turn is key. Her S3 does not deal damage – though this may seem like a downside at first, it’s actually an upside. This is because she’s not burdened by elemental disadvantage and missing her target; similar to Falconer Kluri. However, she still has to go through the resistance-accuracy check, and doesn’t have a soulburn to ignore effect resistance.

Despite this, her debuffs would make for a great opener for any cleave team. Her S2 is also unique, in that she’s the first playable unit with the Increase Critical Damage buff; it can be used on one of your allies should the battle not be over after all your units get a turn. Plus, with her new soulburn, she can immediately S3 and then combo into her S2 to set up your nuker.

Top 8: Pavel


Pavels multipliers are not too strong, but with full mola investment, he can take out Seaside Bellona with damage protection of shields. He will need a good strong supporting cast to do well though. He needs to be fully invested in attack, some speed and crit damage in order to do so.

As an attacker, he has self attack buff on S2, which is an AoE attack. He can soul burn that into using S3 and take out big threats. His S2 now doesnt proc counter attacks, so he is safe to use to snipe out ice units. His S1 provides hit chance debuff, which can help reduce damage taken.

He is a decent attacker that does his job, just requires a solid team to make sure he doesnt die from AoE damage since most stats are going to offensive ones.

Top 9: Faithless Lidica

Faithless Lidica
Faithless Lidica

Faithless Lidica’s kit is primarily used for PvP. While her base speed isn’t the best, she can still be used as the PvP opener, only if you can get more than 270+ speed on her. Fallen Lidica is not to be used in PvE by early-game players, as she is so much better in PVP late-game.

Other than that, her kit is designed to strip buff and then apply max cooldown to the enemy. This works better in guild wars situations and also in the arena against slower teams as well. She can now also get skill nullifier for allies if she deals a critical hit.

Top 10: Kiris


The best unit for Abyss as she requires very little investment and can cheese a lot of Abyss bosses (up to about floor 80) with her poison. She can also be used in some floors such as 84, 86, 87, 88 and 89. Also a viable unit up to Golem 10.

Top 11: Watcher Schuri

Watcher Schuri
Watcher Schuri

Watcher Schuri, the best one shot machine the game has to offer. His is best known for his third skill with that ignore defense. He can one shot many tough units as long as he has enough critical damage.

The only few people he has a hard time one-shotting are 15k+ health units that has Crimson Armin with Aurius. Use him against key DPS targets that can decimate your team. His basic attack can apply target debuff while his second skill can deal AoE damage and dispel 1 buff off each enemy on the opposing team.

If you can get really good gear, he can one shot any tank while having the attack buff. But it requires 3000+ attack, 100% crit rate and 240%+ crit damage.

He is pretty much a PvP only unit, but you can use him in regular story mode no problems.

Top 12: Furious


Furious is the Defense Breaker to use in Wyvern 13. He’s utterly essential to use in W13, to the point where every Wyvern team uses him. He’s easy to acquire and provides a reliable Defense Break, along with constant Crit Rate buffs, which lowers the gear requirements the damage dealers need. On top of that, he’s available through Hero Connections, meaning you really have no reason to not use him.

Furious has constant uptime on his s3 once you skill up both his s2 and his S3: He’ll use his s2 to plant his Crit Rate buff, grant himself an extra turn, and then uses his s3 for 2-turn defense break. This, in turn, makes his s3 practically 2 turns long, due to his extra turn.

Top 13: Celeste


Celeste can be used in PvP as the combat readiness disruptor. She has good base speed and can fit well in speed teams. Her second skill is unique and does not reduce cooldown if above 80% health.

Pair her with a healer and you can spam that skill pretty nicely. Her third skill also compliments it by being able to recover her hp by 40% and give her attack buff.

She is a bit of a niche character though, so not many people build her at all. When you do build her, though, you’ll want to build her as fast as you can.

Top 14: Bellona


A decent AoE attacker that is good for newbies. Her skill 3 is an AoE defense break. Her skill 2 is an AoE attack that grants 1 turn immunity. Her basic attack has percent health damage, which is good against bosses.

Her skill rotation is S3>S2>S1 + free S3. She can also activate a free S3 if she gets a dual attack on her S1 as well. This means Rosa Hargana is a great item for her.

She excels in all content, both PvE and PvP. Can shred bosses and regular monsters. The only downside is her lower base attack but that would be nit picking, considering the utility and damage she brings to the team.

With the addition of her Exclusive Equipment, she can be played differently. She can dispel 1 buff via S2, increase defense break chance by 20% or decrease enemy combat readiness.

Top 15: Lidica


Lidica’s kit is primarily making sure any enemy she targets doesn’t move and also making sure that the entire enemy team deals less damage with her AoE hit chance debuff + the ability to dispel. With the new change, she can now be a threat in PvP as her S3 can strip debuff immunity.

She thrives in golem hunts, making the golem slow and not able to use his threatening and powerful AoE attack. His counter attacks don’t hit that hard, making the fight a lot easier.

In Raids (Normal and Hell), the slow debuff and constant combat readiness push back will give your team more turns in the long run.

With her high base speed at 124, gearing her for 220+ speed won’t be too difficult. That will allow her to slow down the attackers. Having effectiveness will help you land her debuffs more often.

Top 16: Silk


Silk is a very fast character, especially on a speed set. Her best strength is that she can give team speed buff and apply speed debuff on the entire enemy team. Her first skill reduces the combat readiness of the enemy, allowing your team to get multiple turns.

She does has very low base health, so being taken down is always a concern. She is useful in Abyss and Raid due to her ability get your team more turns overall.

She can also be utilized as a Banshee Hunt attacker if you gear her well enough.

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