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Best Dota 2 Jungle hero for beginners 2024

Best Jungle hero in Dota 2 for beginners 2024 are: Bloodseeker, Lone Druid, Lycan, Anti-Mage, Shadow Fiend… These hero are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 5: Bloodseeker


  • Good early ganker.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Lock down ultimate.
  • Can farm on lane and jungle.


  • Squishy.
  • Lacks disables.
  • Countered by tanks.
  • Vulnerable to enemy disables.

Tips and tricks

In order to begin ganking with Rupture, Bloodseeker should aim to level up as quickly as feasible.

No matter where they are, Bloodseeker players should always be aware of the health of the other side because of the damage and speed bonuses from Thirst.

Ground vision is provided by Blood Rite within its AoE.

Bloodseeker works effectively with allies who wield global ranged spells or AoE damage effects.

Bloodrage can be thrown on creep-hero units like the Warlock’s Golem, the Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear, the Brewmaster’s Primal Split Brewlings, and Visage’s Familiars.

Top 4: Lone Druid


  • Fast pusher.
  • Pretty durable in teamfights
  • Good farmer.


  • Relatively fragile in Druid Form.
  • Dependent on Spirit Bear.
  • No reliable escape.

Tips and tricks

Due to his ability to farm swiftly and gain a level and money edge, Lone Druid is most effective in the middle game.

Build your gear mostly on the Spirit Bear or Lone Druid.

Lone Druid can pick up runes with his bear, and you can send Spirit Bear to quickly gather runes for the bounty while you stay in your lane.

Lone Druid can be played with little micromanagement, but Spirit Bear needs to be commanded individually, almost like a second hero, in order to be as effective as possible.

In the event that either Spirit Bear or Lone Druid becomes incapacitated, they can both unleash the potent escape move with a short cooldown known as Savage Roar.

Top 3: Lycan


  • Terrific pusher.
  • Great jungler.
  • High mobility.


  • No reliable disables.
  • Low mana.

Tips and tricks

You can remove neutral aggro from your wolves when jungling or roshing just like you can remove tower aggro.

When Lycan is in Shapeshift form, she has 1800 night vision.

Lycan can defeat Roshan by himself at level 7, using equipment like the Mask of Madness, Power Treads, or Medallion of Courage.

Try to schedule ganks or Roshan kills for the evenings when Lycan’s abilities are stronger and enemies’ map vision is reduced.

Top 2: Anti-Mage


  • High mobile.
  • High attack speed.
  • Good farming.
  • High magic resistance.


  • Low strength gain.
  • Reliant on Battle Fury to farm.
  • Weak in early game.
  • Need support in lane.

Tips and tricks

Battle Fury and the passive Quell of Quelling Blade both increase damage. You can slash twice as many trees with the active because it stacks and doesn’t share a cooldown with Battle Fury.

If your team chooses farmers like Shadow Fiend, Enigma, or Tinker, don’t choose Anti-Mage.

A Vitality Booster gives 250 health if you find yourself dying quickly and can be later upgraded into a Heart of Heart of Tarrasque. Generally speaking, getting a quicker Manta Style is advised.

Top 1: Shadow Fiend


  • Fast farmer.
  • Highest DMG.


  • Squishy
  • Hard to master

Tips and tricks

Shadow Fiend is easily gankable because he lacks any means of movement or escape. To catch any possible gankers moving to the mid lane, make sure there are wards.

Early in the game, Shadow Fiend must be able to survive.

Play it safe and take few chances up until he has a respectable soul and health total.

In the middle of the game, a Shadow Fiend with few souls will struggle to reclaim his or her position.

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