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Best Dota 2 hero for beginners 2024

Best hero in Dota 2 for beginners 2024 are: Lion, Spirit Breaker, Bounty Hunter, Lich, Witch Doctor, Axe, Abaddon, Bristleback, Crystal Maiden, Dragon Knight, Ogre Magi, Phantom Assassin, Sniper, Sven, Tiny, Monkey King, These hero are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 15: Lion

Attack Type: Ranged


  • Easy play.
  • Powerful disables.
  • Increases damage for each kill.
  • Good nuker.

Tips and tricks:

Once he reaches level 2, Lion has two hard disables—Hex and Earth Spike—that enable him to set up kills in almost any circumstance.

Be aware that because all of Lion’s spells have a single target, they can all be prevented by Linken’s Sphere or, worse still, reflected by Lotus Orb.

Lion may be played in a multitude of ways due to his great early debilitating potential.

Be mindful of the benefits of Earth Spike ground targeting. The stun’s actual range is around 300 units shorter than the cast range.

Top 14: Spirit Breaker

Attack Type: Melee


  • Global ganker.
  • High Strength gain.
  • Hard to kill in late game.
  • Huge damage.
  • Escape mechanism.

Tips and tricks

Due to his specialized skills, Spirit Breaker has little teamfight presence, although he can still be helpful in neutralizing targets and driving adversaries back.

Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike can be combined to provide significant burst damage in a short period of time.

Spirit Breaker can swiftly catch up to a team fight, even from across the map, because to the significant speed increase he gets while charging.

Spirit Breaker’s skills enable him to continue controlling a single target while stun locking them in place for extended teamfights.

Top 13: Bounty Hunter

Attack Type: Melee


  • Invisibility.
  • Decent burst damage.
  • Fast farming.

Tips and tricks

Even if the initial target is not tracked, shurikanes will bounce to tracked targets.

Every time an opponent player appears on the map, check their inventory, and keep track of their locations.

The fact that Bounty Hunter has 1000 night vision instead of the average 800 gives him a slight edge over other heroes.

Once the laning phase of Bounty Hunter is over, it’s crucial to avoid the map as much as you can.

Under ideal conditions, early use of Bounty Hunter can enable him to snipe the enemy’s courier from invisibility.

Top 12: Lich


Attack Type: Ranged


  • Great laner
  • Strong team fight.
  • Makes teammates tanky.

Tips and tricks

The support hero Lich has great nuking power and the ability to immobilize opponents thanks to his numerous slows.

Due to his lack of strength and agility, Lich is vulnerable to opposing assaults and abilities should he ever find himself in an awkward situation.

Due to his skill set, Lich can be played successfully in every lane. However, this simply affects the amount of farmland he receives, not necessarily his position.

Lich must be strategically positioned based on the circumstances and cast his spells on the appropriate targets without drawing the enemy’s attention.

Top 11: Witch Doctor

Attack Type: Ranged


  • Short cooldown.
  • Good attack range.
  • Good roamer.

Tips and tricks

Building Shadow Blade and using it immediately after casting Death Ward might be a nice idea.

Consider purchasing an Orchid Malevolence since when paired with Maledict, it can magnify any damage dealt to the adversary it affects.

Top 10: Axe

Attack Type: Melee


  • Powerful ganker.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Farm very quickly.
  • Good strength and agility gain.
  • Tank.

Tips and tricks

Axe is excellent at this, so be sure to use Battle Hunger to pursue escaping heroes.

Due to the fact that Berserker Call is your primary presence with a lockdown and respectable damage when Counter Helix gets activated in the late game, you should try to Berserker Call people as many times as you can during a fight. A particularly effective late game Axe approach is to enter and exit a combat.

Top 9: Abaddon

Attack Type: Melee


  • Low cooldowns.
  • Great support.
  • Tank.

Tips and tricks

Abaddon is noted for his versatile spells that may control the amount of damage the opposition can deliver to his side and use it against them. As a result, Abaddon not only has the ability to defend and heal his allies but also has the offensive capacity to deliver harm to foes.

Depending on what his team needs, Abaddon can be used as a support or a durable player because to his diverse ability set. He has the option of building his skill set more offensively to increase his own damage output or defensively to safeguard allies from danger.

Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time allow Abaddon to fight longer and stay alive longer, therefore he should build aura items to help his teammates.

Abaddon is frequently used as a safe lane support due to the exceptional team survival that his abilities offer. Being a melee hero limits his ability to harass the opponent offlaner, hence his purpose in the safe lane is to control lane stability by dragging creep waves.

Top 8: Bristleback

Attack Type: Melee


  • A decent slow.
  • High physical damage.
  • Versatile itemization.
  • Can slow fleeing enemies.
  • Good ganker.

Tips and tricks

Bristleback is a tough brawling hero that can cause mayhem in battles.

Rosh benefits from Goo’s loss in armor. Teams using Bristle can take Rosh rather early thanks to his strong tanking skills.

You can keep staring in the direction in which you clicked a TP by ground targeting it.

Before using TP to leave, spam Quills into the fountain to charge up Warpath stacks.

Couriers may be harmed by Quill Spray.

Top 7: Crystal Maiden

Attack Type: Ranged


  • Great at killing jungle creeps.
  • Not item dependent.
  • Gives team mana regeneration.
  • Slows with high cast range.

Tips and tricks

A versatile support with strong early-game disabling and roaming abilities is Crystal Maiden.

If the adversary focuses on Crystal Maiden, she is quite weak and simple to defeat.

Due to her extensive disable repertoire, Crystal Maiden is an extremely effective early roamer.

Being very active on the map as soon as possible can help Crystal Maiden’s squad greatly because her skills are at their peak during the laning phase of a match.

The most frequent use of Crystal Maiden is as the hard support for her team, looking after the safe lane carry and getting the team’s supplies.

Top 6: Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight

Attack Type: Melee


  • Strong splash damage.
  • Great at pushing.
  • High health regeneration.

Tips and tricks

One of the rare heroes with no cast time is Dragon Knight, who allows the casting of abilities during the backswing animation between attacks.

Dragon Knight seldom ever needs to go back to the fountain with any kind of lifesteal and mana sustain, such as with Soul Ring or Bottle.

Due of Dragon Knight’s low damage in the early stages of the game, opposing teams may decide to avoid him in teamfights.

Dragon Knight, like a number of other carriers, largely relies on Black King Bar to prevent himself from becoming incapacitated in teamfights.

Depending on what he’s up against, the Dragon Knight’s equipment build changes. To make a wise choice, skilled players must examine their enemies’ equipment.

Dragon Knight has no defenses against magical or pure damage despite being tanky against physical damage.

Top 5: Ogre Magi

Attack Type: Melee


  • Has a stun and slow.
  • Easy to play.
  • Tanky with high armor.
  • Health regeneration.
  • Strength gain.

Tips and tricks

Go gank other lanes once your lane companion has had a little period of safety. You should have no trouble getting kills thanks to your stun and slow.

Utilize Ogre Magi’s early tankiness to your advantage. While suffering little damage yourself, you trade blows with your opponents.

Control your mana. If you’re not careful, Ogre Magi can rapidly run out, so try not to use more than is necessary.

Ogre Magi may annoy the foes outside of his lane because of his excellent base armor and rapid base health regeneration. This is because most heroes are likely unable to win early hit-for-hit battles with Ogre Magi.

Top 4: Phantom Assassin

Attack Type: Melee


  • Has natural evasion.
  • Fairly mobile.
  • High burst damage.

Tips and tricks

Phantom Assassin is unable to deal with numerous targets at once because she is mostly a single-target damage hero with minimal disable potential.

Due to everything said above, developing spell immunity is crucial for Phantom Assassin.The fact that Phantom Assassin only possesses inexpensive active abilities means that she rarely needs to take extra steps to expand her mana supply.

Phantom Assassin is extremely vulnerable to pure and magical damage bursts.

Top 3: Sniper

Attack Type: Ranged


  • Easy for beginners.
  • Extreme attack range.
  • High single target damage.
  • Excellent harassment abilities.

Tips and tricks

Sniper can be utilized as a solo mid or in the safe lane with a support.

The majority of a sniper’s attacks during a battle consist of right-clicking and striking unharmed or undead opponents.

The most crucial element of playing Sniper is location because of his high vulnerability.

Due to the fact that an initiation and followup generally result in his death before he can act, sniper must avoid being initiated on.

Sniper should be able to outlast and outdeny most lane opponents due to his range and quick projectile speed.

Top 2: Tiny

Attack Type: Melee


  • High damage.
  • Increased movement speed.
  • Good carry.
  • Amazing ganker.

Tips and Tricks:

Tiny has a low mana level. One ability, or an ability combo, will frequently use all of his mana in the early going.

Due to Tiny’s high base attack damage, last hitting is simple.

Tiny lacks lane presence and should, if required, be supplemented by another hero.

Tiny gains a lot of strength but nothing else, like intelligence or agility.

A badly farmed Tiny will cause his team trouble in the middle and late stages of the game.

Top 1: Monkey King

Attack Type: Melee


  • Very mobile.
  • High damage.
  • Long attack range.

Tips and Tricks:

Monkey King has a 300 attack range, which sets him apart from most melee heroes and enables him to assault other melee foes without worrying about reprisal.

Primal Spring can be landed by taking use of Boundless Strike’s stun duration.

Use Monkey King’s propensity to leap from tree to tree to your advantage by using the treeline that surrounds the perimeter of the map as a cover whenever he is in danger.

Players would have to prioritize raw damage and agility to get the most out of Wukong’s Command and Boundless Strike, respectively, since these abilities are unaffected by attack speed and only rely on raw damage values.

Note: Regardless of which heroes I think are the best, it’s still up to you to choose the hero that works best for you. You can share your opinion by comments below

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