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Best Dota 2 solo hero for beginners 2024

Best solo hero in Dota 2 for beginners 2024 are: SlarkOgre Magi, Chaos Knight, Morphling… These hero are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 3: Slark


  • Large night vision.
  • Numerous escape mechanisms.
  • Effective mid-game ganker.
  • Snowball potential.


  • Has no stuns.
  • Low attribute growth.
  • Exceptionally weak to mana burn.
  • Weak in the early game.

Tips and tricks

Slark is occasionally used in the mid lane, however he struggles against heroes with long range attacks like Queen of Pain.

Slark is typically played alongside a support in the safe lane. He may be utilized on the offlane as well.

With enough stolen Agility and damage items, Slark can keep up with heavy carriers like the Phantom Assassin and Sniper despite having middling at best starting characteristics.

Slark adopts a more hit-and-run style of play compared to the majority of carriers.

Slark may frequently rejoin teamfights after slipping out of the enemy’s line of sight to rehydrate.

Top 2: Ogre Magi


  • Has a stun and slow.
  • Easy to play.
  • Tanky with high armor.
  • Health regeneration.
  • Strength gain.


  • Low mana.
  • Not good in team fight.

Tips and tricks

Go gank other lanes once your lane companion has had a little period of safety. You should have no trouble getting kills thanks to your stun and slow.

Utilize Ogre Magi’s early tankiness to your advantage. While suffering little damage yourself, you trade blows with your opponents.

Control your mana. If you’re not careful, Ogre Magi can rapidly run out, so try not to use more than is necessary.

Ogre Magi may annoy the foes outside of his lane because of his excellent base armor and rapid base health regeneration. This is because most heroes are likely unable to win early hit-for-hit battles with Ogre Magi.

Chaos Knight


  • Good movement speed.
  • Great damage.
  • Tanky.


  • Small mana.
  • Weak against AoE abilities.

Tips and tricks

Any delusions you own within a 1375-radius are grabbed by Reality Rift.

The hostile channels are not disrupted by Reality Rift.

It is not altogether advisable to choose a Chaos Knight when facing opponents like Lion or Pugna who can quickly dispel illusions.

Since the critical damage from your Chaos Strike is so low in the beginning of the game, you should focus on maxing Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift first.

If you don’t need the armor debuff after a close range stun, it can be worth conserving Rift to gap-close once the stun goes off.

Top 1: Morphling


  • High damage.
  • Good farming .
  • Very versatile.
  • Insanely hard to kill.


  • Squishy
  • Low attack range.
  • Vulnerable to disables.

Tips and tricks

He can flee danger at the beginning of Attribute Shift as long as he is not handicapped.

The main purpose of Adaptive Strike (Agility) is to do damage, scaling with agility.

While in the fountain, he can shift extra points into agility, making it simpler to last hit, by putting the first point into Attribute Shift.

Use Waveform to move between and simultaneously harm two jungle camps.

Disarms are disregarded by the “Waveform Attacks Targets” talent.

The other Adaptive Strike enters a 3-second cooldown after the first one is cast.

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