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Best Dota 2 carry hero for beginners 2024

Best hero carry in Dota 2 for beginners 2024 are: Faceless Void, Terrorblade, Luna, Monkey King, Slark,… These hero are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Top 5: Faceless Void


  • High base damage.
  • Good escape mechanism.


  • Squishy in early game.
  • Susceptible to ganks.

Tips and tricks

Faceless Void gains a lot from having allies with potent ranged damage output who can also utilize Chronosphere to destroy the opposing team before they can react.

His task is to farm as safely as he can while taking advantage of kill opportunities when they present themselves in order to create the early-game equipment he needs to be able to farm alone.

Top 4: Terrorblade


  • Good pusher.
  • High base armor.
  • Fast farmer.
  • High damage.


  • Low mobility.
  • Poor at clearing waves.

Tips and tricks

Terrorblade requires good farming because it is heavily item dependant.

In the mid and late game, Terrorblade excels at split pushing and has the ability to use a Manta Style to call up to four Metamorphosed illusions.

Utilize the high starting armor to develop your strength and health equipment to tank up.

Sunder gives Terrorblade the advantage in any one-on-one battles against heroes who can’t take away or stop him from utilizing it.

Top 3: Luna


  • Fast pusher and farmer.
  • Hits multiple targets at once.
  • Fastest movement speed
  • High magical damage.
  • Good night vision.


  • Short attack range.
  • Item dependent.
  • Lacks defense escape mechanisms.

Tips and tricks

Since Luna cannot defend herself against ganks, she is frequently paired with a support and played in the safe lane.

Luna is a very effective pusher, especially when hitting barracks because each time she attacks, her Moon Glaives will strike numerous structures at once.

Lucent Beam can be upgraded to a higher level, giving Luna more killing potential.

Luna’s capacity to survive in the late game is considerably increased by any source of lifesteal.

Luna is incredibly skilled at locating rival junglers and turning their forest into a hostile environment, particularly at night.

Top 2: Monkey King


  • Very mobile.
  • High damage.
  • Long attack range.


  • Slow farmer.
  • Item dependent.

Tips and tricks

Monkey King has a 300 attack range, which sets him apart from most melee heroes and enables him to assault other melee foes without worrying about reprisal.

Primal Spring can be landed by taking use of Boundless Strike’s stun duration.

Use Monkey King’s propensity to leap from tree to tree to your advantage by using the treeline that surrounds the perimeter of the map as a cover whenever he is in danger.

Players would have to prioritize raw damage and agility to get the most out of Wukong’s Command and Boundless Strike, respectively, since these abilities are unaffected by attack speed and only rely on raw damage values.

Top 1: Slark


  • Large night vision.
  • Numerous escape mechanisms.
  • Effective mid-game ganker.
  • Snowball potential.


  • Has no stuns.
  • Low attribute growth.
  • Exceptionally weak to mana burn.
  • Weak in the early game.

Tips and tricks

Slark is occasionally used in the mid lane, however he struggles against heroes with long range attacks like Queen of Pain.

Slark is typically played alongside a support in the safe lane. He may be utilized on the offlane as well.

With enough stolen Agility and damage items, Slark can keep up with heavy carriers like the Phantom Assassin and Sniper despite having middling at best starting characteristics.

Slark adopts a more hit-and-run style of play compared to the majority of carriers.

Slark may frequently rejoin teamfights after slipping out of the enemy’s line of sight to rehydrate.

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