Aov D’arcy build 2024: Items, Arcana and Rune

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about D’arcy build in Arena of Valor. I give you information about D’arcy and assist you in selecting: Items, Summoner Spells, Arcana, Rune and Ability Order.

D’arcy is a Mage who has high damage and mobility to take down foes and support his allies. How to play D’arcy AOV ? How to build Items, Arcana and Rune for D’arcy?

Role: Mage

Lane: Mid/Jungle

Tier: A

Physical work: 165Cooldown Reduction: 0
Magic: 0Critical Rate: 0
Max Health: 3088Running speed: 360
Armor: 91Heal /5s: 44
Magic Armor: 50Mana Regen /5s: 17
Attack Speed: 0Attack Range: Long Range

D’arcy’s Summoner Spells

Mid lane


D’arcy’s Items

Mid lane


D’arcy’s Arcana

Arcana list:


Violate x 10

  • Ability Power: +4.2
  • Magic Pierce: +2.4

Guerrilla x 10

  • Attack Speed: +1%
  • Movement Speed: +1%

Flurry x 10

  • Attack Speed: +0.6%
  • Magic Pierce: +6.4

D’arcy’s Rune



D’arcy’s Ability Order

Ability Order: Skill 2 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1.


D’arcy Counters

Extreme Threats

 Ideal Synergies

How To Play D’arcy ?

Best summoner spells for D’arcy are: Flicker, Punish.

Best items for D’arcy are: Boomstick, Enchanted Kicks, Rheas Blessing, Staff of Nuul, Tome Of The Reaper, Hecates Diadem.

Best Arcana for D’arcy are: 10 Violate, 10 Guerrilla, 10 Flurry.

Best Rune for D’arcy are: Human + Lokheim.

D’arcy’s Ability

Passive: Dimensional Force

Dimensional Energy, which D’Arcy collects when his normal attacks and abilities successfully hit an opponent, quickly depletes when he leaves the battle. When fully charged, he instantly heals 20% of lost mana, reaches a different dimension for 8 seconds, and resets the cooldowns for both Dimensional Walk and Dimensional Cube. While in another dimension, his movement speed increases by 20%, and his subsequent Dimensional Walk or Dimensional Cube will be improved.

Skill 1: Dimensional Walk

For 1.5 seconds, D’Arcy enters a another dimension where he cannot be targeted, is immune to control effects, has 20% faster movement, and absorbs a lot less damage. His subsequent regular attack within 5 seconds of using this ability gains a longer range, does an extra 300 (+0.8 AP) magic damage, and slows the target’s movement by 60%. The moment he attacks or uses an ability while in another reality, this effect is immediately reversed.

Skill 2: Dimensional Cube 

D’Arcy directs a Dimension Cube to the desired location. The cube explodes after 1.25 seconds, dealing 900 (+1.75 AP) magic damage.

Enhanced: The explosion’s field of effect is extended. Each time an enemy hits D’Arcy, 10 energy are added.

Skill 3: Dimensional Portal 


Opening a portal there, D’Arcy deals 100 (+0.10 AP) magic damage to nearby enemies while also pinning down their places. Marked foes are briefly shocked and transferred back to their original positions after 2 seconds.
D’Arcy can use this power twice in the space of six seconds to teleport to the Portal and set off an explosion that deals 200 (+1.0 AP) magic damage. After employing this power, Dimensional Cube’s cooldown is immediately reset.

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