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Zaka Diablo Immortal: Location, Rewards, How To Defeat

Hey, I’m Zathong and this is guide about Zaka boss in Diablo Immortal. Learn more about Zaka’s Location, Rewards & How To Defeat.

Location Zaka in Diablo Immortal

Zone: Realm of Damnation

Dungeon: Pit of Anguish

Rewards Zaka in Diablo Immortal

Health and Experience Globes.


Has a chance to drop Set Items.

How To Defeat The Zaka in Diablo Immortal?

Phase 1: Zaka the Abyssal Worm

Zaka AttackCounter
Flaming Rocks: Zaka spits out chunks of flaming rocks one at a time landing on the ground.Watch out for the red circles on the ground indicating where the flaming rocks will land. 
Snap: Zaka snaps his jaw damaging players close to him.Move away from Zaka and try to attack from a distance.
Ground Maw: Zaka rears back before destroying most of the ground on stage. He will do this attack twice through out the fight. The second time will leave players with little to no room to move around the area.Keep an eye out for the large red circle on the ground indicating the area that will be destroyed once he starts rearing back.
Gust of Wind: Zaka blows a strong gust of wind from its mouth, pushing back players caught withing the cone-shaped attack preventing them to get close.You can avoid this attacks by moving away and staying at the side of the arena and attack him from there. If you’re a ranged used it should be no problem even if you get hit as it won’t hinder your attacks.
Exploding Rocks: Zaka spits out multiple flaming rocks that explode after a few seconds after it lands on the ground.Move away from the flaming rocks once it lands on the ground, you’ll see a red circle on the ground indicating where the flaming rocks will land. Stay away from the circle where the rocks exploded as the ground will stay scorched for a few seconds after the explosion.
Summoning – Damned Infester: Zaka can summon multiple Damned Infesters in the area to fight alongside him.Quickly eliminate these mobs by using an AoE skill, they shoudln’t pose much of a threat as they have low health, but can be overwhelming if not killed quickly.
Flame Breath: Zaka will breathe flame to the other half of the remaining area on stage, he will only do this attacks after the second Ground Maw.Stick to the other side of the remaining area where it’s safe from the flaming breath’s radius. Stay on that side even after the ability is done as the ground will stay burning for a few seconds.

Phase 2:  Heart of Zaka

Zaka AttackCounter
Parasitic Maw: The Parasitic Maw will emerge a couple of times throughout this phase protecting the Heart of Zaka.Eliminate the Parasitic Maw to damage the Heart of Zaka.
Spawn of Anguish: These mobs will rise from the ground and help the Parasitic Maw in dealing damage to the players.Use an AoE attack multiple times to eliminate these enemies and not get overwhelmed by the number of attacks from them and the Parasitic Maw at the same time

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Bosses are special Monsters that can be defeated to complete Quests, progress through the game and to acquire special Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Set Items.

They also have a higher amount of HP and are distinctively unique with their own set of moves.

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