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Onmyoji Arena Susanowo build guide 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Susanowo Build in Onmyoji Arena. Susanowo is a strong Samurai in the jungle with high damage and the ability to stun enemies. Susanowo attacks enemies with lightning and deals true damage to them. Susanowo’s power is increased when he is properly equipped.

Location : Samurai
Specialty : Charge /DPS
Recommended route : Jungle/Top


Susanowo often takes on the role of going to the jungle, choosing Subdue will help Susanowo kill jungle monsters faster and heal herself. Flash helps Susanowo easily escape or chase enemies.



Recover HP.

Deals damage to enemies with high HP.

Increases maximum HP over time.


Suggestion 1: Collapsed Jungle Knife, Hagakure Boots, Grass Cutting Sword, Amanozako’s Bow, Chidori-Twin Swords, Bonerotter, Gates of Amanoiwato, Demon Mask.

Suggestion 2: Collapsed Jungle Knife, Grass-Cutting Sword, Takemikazuchi-Boots, Bonerotter, Yin Yang Wheel, Chidori Twin Swords, Demon-Mask, Gates of Amanoiwato, Raja Warhammer.


Using skill 2 to attack a monster or champion will give him a large shield.

Using skill 3 at the right time will help Susanowo not take much damage from basic attacks.

Use Susanowo’s ultimate on as many enemies as possible in combat because it can cause a large area of ​​stun.


Passive: Divine Fury – Susanowo calls down lightning, dealing true damage to enemies.

Skill 1: Thunder – Susanowo rushes towards the target direction 4 times in a row.

Skill 2: Lightning Glory – Susanowo summons 6 lightning bolts to attack enemies within range.

Skill 3: Divine Realm – Susanowo gathers 3 lightning spears around himself, immune to basic attacks.

Ultimate: Orochibane – Susanowo jumps to the designated area, draws her sword and attacks the enemy.

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