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Onmyoji Arena Jinmenju build guide 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Jinmenju Build in Onmyoji Arena.

Best Jinmenju build guides for Onmyoji Arena 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Onmyoji Arena builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Jinmenju build for the meta. Learn more about Jinmenju ‘s abilities, Items, Onmyodo.

Location : Tank
Specialty : DPS
Recommended route : Top






Casting Ability 1: Twisting Vines to select the divine tree planted by Ability 3 allows for more flexible displacement. The Ultimate Ability’s Cursed Roots state reduces own Movement Speed. After enemies have left the attack range, casting again promptly removes the Cursed Roots state.


Foreboding Flower

When “Human-Faced Tree” attacks an enemy deity or wild monster with a normal attack, it will summon a “Calamity Flower” that blooms in place under the target’s feet and leaves a flower seed on the target’s body. When the “Calamity Flower” appears, it will slow down enemies in the area by 40%, and when it fully blooms, it will cause 40(+10Current Level) (+2%(+0.2%Current Level)TargetMax HP) points of physical damage. The same target cannot be damaged repeatedly in a short period of time. When “Human-Faced Tree” attacks a target with a flower seed, it will not produce a “Calamity Flower,” but it will pick off the flower seed and restore 20(+2%Max HP) #c0095cc#n points of health. When “Human-Faced Tree” is sealed by an enemy deity, it will bloom a “Calamity Flower” under the sealer’s feet.

Twisting Vines

Jinmenju throws a tree claw in a designated direction, dealing 140(+40%BonusAttack) physical damage to enemies along the way. If the tree claw hits terrain while in flight, Jinmenju will pull himself to that position, dealing 40(+40%BonusAttack) physical damage to enemies he hits along the way and knocking them back in the direction he is headed toward. In addition, he also inflicts a 40% Slow on the target(s) for 0.8 second(s).

Entangled Roots

Jinmenju sweeps his branches across the area in front, dealing 140(+30%BonusAttack) (+3%TargetMax HP) physical damage to enemies hit and linking up with enemy shikigami. If any links remain intact for 2 second(s), they will deal 30(+50%BonusAttack) (+5%TargetMax HP) physical damage to the linked target(s), restrain them for 1 second(s), and pull them toward Jinmenju a certain distance.

Divine Tree

Jinmenju selects an area and summons a Divine Tree that cannot move or be passed through. The Divine Tree lasts 5 second(s), during which it inflicts a 20% Slow on enemies around itself. When the Divine Tree reaches the end of its duration, or when Jinmenju casts Ability 1 and pulls himself to it, it will disappear, dealing 70(+70%BonusAttack) physical damage to enemies in range and inflicting a 55% Slow for 3 second(s).

Cursed Roots

Jinmenju transforms into Cursed Roots, decreasing his Movement Speed by 50 and increasing his damage reduction by 20% during this period. While in the Cursed Roots state, Jinmenju will automatically lock onto and use basic attacks on targets around himself, dealing 120(+50%BonusArmor) (+130%Attack) (+4%TargetMax HP) physical damage to them and the enemies in their direction. This attack deals only 40% damage to turrets. The Cursed Roots state lasts up to 8 seconds (recasting the ability will prematurely remove the state), during which Jinmenju will not be able to cast Ability 1. When the state ends, Jinmenju gains a 60% Haste that gradually diminishes over 2 second(s).

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