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Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Mei Build in Heroes of the Storm 2024.

Best Mei build guides for Heroes of the Storm 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes of the Storm builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Mei build for the meta. Learn more about Mei’s abilities, Talents, Tips and Tricks and Counters.

PRICE: 1,000 GEMS | 15K GOLD

Mei’s Talent Build

Mei’s Abilities


For three seconds, you will be encased in ice, acquiring a quickly degrading Shield that can stop 1104 damage. When this shield is active, Mei gains Unstoppable and up to 35% of her maximum health is restored.

Snow Blind

Send out a snowball that all nearby foes will be hit by. When an enemy is hit, they suffer 70 damage, a 35% slowdown, and 1.75 seconds of blindness.


Requesting a blizzard for two seconds at the desired area from Snowball. In the blizzard, enemies suffer 13 damage every 0.25 seconds and a 7% slowdown that stacks up to a 35% slowdown. Enemies nearby are stunned for 1.25 seconds and get an additional 75 damage when the storm finishes.


Swiftly go in the desired direction. Enemies close to Mei will be knocked back, deal 52 damage, and be slowed by 80% for 1.5 seconds after this effect finishes.


Roll a huge snowball that devours opposing Heroes in its path after 0.5 seconds. The snowball disintegrates at the end of its course, freeing the heroes it has consumed, delivering 220 damage to them, and stun-casting them for 0.5 seconds.

Ice Wall

Create an impenetrable wall that traps enemy Heroes hit for 2.5 seconds after a 0.75 second delay. Heroes stuck inside the wall are Slowed by 75% for 3 seconds after the wall has expired.

Mei’s Pros and Cons


  • Mobility.
  • Survivability.
  • Crowd management.


  • Defeat Damage.
  • Burst Injury.

Mei’s Counters

Mei can be strong against:

Mei can be weak against:

Mei’s Gameplay

Mei is a bully in the Nexus despite having a kind demeanor. She can easily manage the flow of combat and continuously annoy her adversaries because all of her basic abilities provide some level of delay and an extra type of CC. She truly wants to confront someone and control them while her teammates kill them.

Mei is a tough ranged Tank that can freeze her enemies while skating around the battlefield. Her primary ability, Cryo-Freeze, encases Mei in a block of ice that gives her a powerful shield, renders her unstoppable, and gradually heals her. Her initial move, Snow Blind, causes an area of adversaries to be damaged, slowed down, and rendered blind. Her drone Snowball is sent to a location by her second ability, Blizzard, to damage and slow adversaries. When the effect finishes, a freezing pulse that stuns nearby opponents is released. Her fourth fundamental skill, Icing, covers her boots in ice and gives her the speed to advance. Nearby adversaries are knocked away at the conclusion of the dash or if Mei executes the skill again.

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