Feng Wei Tekken 7 Guide: Combo & Move List [Season 6]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Feng Wei combo in Tekken 7.

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Feng Wei Move List

This is Move list is a list of all of the moves that Feng Wei can perform in Tekken 7.


Throw NameCommandTypeDamageEscape
Neck Twister1+3 (or f+1+3)Front351 or 2
Serpent Slayer2+4 (or f+2+4)Front351 or 2
Jaws of Death1+3 (or 2+4)Left401
Wandering Soul1+3 (or 2+4)Right402
Violent Storm1+3 (or 2+4)Back50
Pao Lau ImpalerBack to opponent 1+4 (or 2+3)Front501+2
Attack ReversalSynchro with the opponent’s punch b+1+3 (or b+2+4)Parry25
Shifting CloudsSynchro with opponent’s attack f+3+4Parry


Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Rage ArtDuring Rage d+1+255m
Rage DriveDuring Rage b+1+2 hold35m
Jab Spear Fist1,17,21hm
Jab Roundhouse Combo1,37,17hh
San Lian Heng2,4,20018,10,20hmm
Peacock Sweep3,3,200415,18,23hhl
Pummeling Windmill[2~1]10m
Mad Windmill[2~1]110,2mm
Leaping Whirlwind Combo[3~4]327,14ml
Iron Shield1+224m
Xuan Jiao Xiao Yan Shou1+47,1lh
Ki Charge1+2+3+4
Boar’s Tuskf+2,1,212,10,20mmm
Front Kickf+310m
Climbing Dragonf+3,410,2mm
Tornado Reversef+415h
Tornado Stompf+4,315,21hm
Tornado Sweepf+4,415,15hl
Tiger’s Clawf+1+228h
Shifting Cloudsf (or d,d/f,f) +3+4
Bao Dan Pof+3+4,120m
Poison Chalicef+3+4,215m
Scorpion Stingf+3+4,330h
Jin Bu Zhenf+3+4,420l
Feng Ya Lian Jif+3+4,1+2,1,27,8,18mhh
God Fistd/f+2,215,21mm
Lift Kickd/f+321m
Front Kickd/f+414m
Pau Lau Stingerd/f+4,2,1+214,15,23mmm
Double Dragond/f+4,314,18mh
Ruinous Halberdd/f+3+423m
Heavy Hammerd+217l
Parting Heavensd+4,1+27,22lm
Spear of Lu Bud/b+1,212,18mm
Spinning Neck Striked/b+1,412,23mh
Piercing Arrowd/b+314l
Bullseyed/b+3 (during counterattack)36l
Sweep Kickd/b+420l
Dragon Slayerd/b+1+2,215,15ml
Iron Palmb+117h
Hungry Tigerb+2,3,4,215,10,13,15mlmm
Zhuan Shen Lian Wub+3,312,15mh
Zhuan Shen Huan Wub+[3~4]
BackfistBack to opponent 112h
Circling TigerBack to opponent 2,212,17mm
Tremor StompBack to opponent 336m
Hustle ElbowBack to opponent 1+222m
Reverse Sweep KickBack to opponent d+321m
Fish Hookb+414m
Iron Fortressb+1+230m
Deceptive Stepb+3+4
Fractured Diamondb+3+4,122l
Fei He Zhangb+3+4,220h
Rising Swallow Kickb+3+4,317m
Leaping Lionb+3+4,4,3+430mm
Throat Gougeu/b+213,21mh
Death Palmu/b+1+270!
Leaping Hammer Fistu+230m
Eagle Clawu/f (or u or u/b) +112m
Evading Palm Strikeu/f+218m
Side Swipeu/f (or u or u/b) +322h
Soaring Eagleu/f (or u or u/b) +413m
Assassin’s Bowu/f+3+4,310,10,10,20mhhh
Exploding Daggerf,f+225m
Tremor Stompf,f+330m
Spreading Wingsf,f+4,313,14mm
Nian Zhang Mie Baf,f+1+221m
Falcon’s Beakb,f+125m
Lingering Shadowd,d/f,f
Mountain Crusherd,d/f,f+222m
Yan Wang’s Wrathd,d/f,f+1+221m
Shifting Cloudsd,d/f,f+3+4
Severing Swordf,f,f+330m
Dancing DragonWS+1,2,113,13,20mmm
Adamantine UppercutWS+217m
Bow KickWS+316m
Rising Heel KickWS+418m
Push HandsWS+1+220m
Silent ArrowFC+d/f+119l
Monkey StrikeFC+d/f+225m
Hidden IntentionsDuring side step 218h
Jade Spear to Hustle ElbowDuring side step 3,212,2hm
Sweep KickDuring side step 421l
Enlightened CircleDuring side step 1+224m
Spring UpOn the ground (on the back) 3+420m
Thunder Stomp(With the opponent down) d+3+419l

Feng Wei Combo

Best combo for Feng Wei in Tekken 7 are:

Combo 1: 7 hits 69 damages

  • ( 2 1 ) 1 , d/f 4 3 , f f 4 < 3 , b 1+2

Combo 2: 8 hits 94 damages

  • f 3 4 , 1 , f 1+2 , d/f 3 4 , f d/f d f d/b 3

Combo 3: 10 hits 52 damages

  • AIR d/f 1 , F F 4 < 3 , 1 , dash 1 , dash 1 , dash d/f 4 3 , 3 ~ 4 3

Combo 4: 13 hits 110 damages

  • f 3 4 , 3 3 , d/f 1 , d/f 4 3 , f F , d/f 4 3 WS , f F , b 1+2 WS , 1 3 , b 1+2

Combo 5: 11 hits 85 damages

  • ( 3 4 ) , d 1 , WS 1 , d/f 4 3 , f F , d/f 4 1+2 1+2 , WS 1 3 , b 1+2

Combo 6: 9 hits 70 damages

  • ( 3 4 ) , d 1 , WS 1 , d/f 4 3 , f F , d/f 4 1+2 1+2 , WS b 1+2

Combo 7: 9 hits 69 damages

  • f 3 4 , d/f 1 , d/f 1 , d/f 4 3 , f F , d/f 4 1+2 1+2

Combo 8: 13 hits 105 damages

  • f 3 4 , f 3 4 , 1 , d/f 4 3 , f F , d/f 4 3 , f F , b 1+2 , 1 3 , b 1+2

Combo 9: 17 hits 150 damages

  • 1 1 2 1 3 4 2 4 3 , f 3 4 , 1 , f 1+2 , d 1+2

Combo 10: 8 hits 77 damages 

  • 1+2 , f , f 1+2 , ( 3 4 ) , 1 , d/f ( 4 3 ) W! , dash b 1+2

Feng Wei Gameplay

The archetypal hit-and-run figure is Feng. Feng more than makes up for his inferior combo damage and the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of reliable launch moves with his versatile toolset. When playing neutrally, Feng adopts a Kenpo backstep posture that enables him to entice opponents into missing while also changing up his approach and poking strategy. This forces opponents to remain alert in order to survive his offense.

He also possesses some of the most evasive techniques in the game, occasionally slipping under opponents’ hold out moves with his Snake Dash strategy, along with Xiaoyu and Zafina. Feng is highly terrifying when near to his opponents, especially when they are backed up against a wall and combined with excellent pokes.

How to beat Feng Wei ?

Learn Feng Wei’s moves. If you have some spare time try to learn how to play Feng Wei. That way you will learn what are Feng Wei’s goals in match, how Feng Wei moves works and if thats not enough you will also see how other peoples are handling Alisa.

Feng Wei Information

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Age: 26
  • Fighting style: “God Fist” Style Chinese Kenpo
  • Debut: Tekken 5, November 2004
  • Availability: Base character

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