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Autochess Moba Build Guide For All Heroes 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about heroes build in Autochess Moba.

Best heroes build guides for Autochess Moba 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Autochess Moba builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best hero build for the meta. Learn more about heroes’s Items, tips.

Autochess Moba Pro Items Build

HeroesItems Build
Redaxe Chief
Redaxe Chief
Heart of Tarrasque Conquering Lion Osterloh's Glory Blade Battlearmor Conqueror's Armor Hermit's Gory Cloak
Heart of Tarrasque, Conquering Lion, Osterloh’s Glory, Blade Battlearmor, Conqueror’s Armor, Hermit’s Gory Cloak
Egersis Ranger
Egersis Ranger
Thunderpeal Contempt Gemini Careless Speech Dancing Spirit Dragonbreath Cannon Bloodbath Skull
Thunderpeal, Contempt Gemini, Careless Speech, Dancing Spirit, Dragonbreath Cannon, Bloodbath Skull
Soul Breaker
Soul Breaker
Dragonbreath Cannon Dancing Spirit Contempt Gemini Moonlight Flash Kingslayer Rebellion Sacred Sword
Dragonbreath Cannon, Dancing Spirit, Contempt Gemini, Moonlight Flash, Kingslayer Rebellion, Sacred Sword
Sky Breaker
Sky Breaker
Osterloh's Glory Heart of Tarrasque Conquering Lion Blazer Light Hermit's Gory Cloak Black Spaulders
Osterloh’s Glory, Heart of Tarrasque, Conquering Lion, Blazer Light, Hermit’s Gory Cloak, Black Spaulders
Blood Jade Rose Dancing Spirit Voodoo Staff Blood Finale Primordial Lost Rhythm King Bracer
Blood Jade Rose, Dancing Spirit, Voodoo Staff, Blood Finale, Primordial Lost Rhythm, King Bracer
The Source
The Source
Blood Jade Rose Conqueror's Armor Dancing Spirit Blood Finale Primordial Lost Rhythm King Bracer
Blood Jade Rose, Conqueror’s Armor, Dancing Spirit, Blood Finale, Primordial Lost Rhythm, King Bracer
Skull Hunter
Skull Hunter
Heart of Tarrasque Conquering Lion Osterloh's Glory Vargr Mitts Horn of Dawn Black Spaulders
Heart of Tarrasque, Conquering Lion, Osterloh’s Glory, Vargr Mitts, Horn of Dawn, Black Spaulders
Thunderpeal Contempt Gemini Ungregarious Wolf Black Spaulders Dragonbreath Cannon Careless Speech
Thunderpeal, Contempt Gemini, Ungregarious Wolf, Black Spaulders, Dragonbreath Cannon,Careless Speech
Warpwood Sage
Warpwood Sage
Donumdrasi Grace Conquering Lion Primordial Lost Rhythm Conqueror's Armor Blood Finale King Bracer
Donumdrasi Grace, Conquering Lion, Primordial Lost Rhythm, Conqueror’s Armor, Blood Finale, King Bracer
Dwarf Sniper
Dwarf Sniper
Contempt Gemini Dancing Spirit Moonlight Flash Careless Speech Black Spaulders Hermit's Gory Cloak
Contempt Gemini, Dancing Spirit, Moonlight Flash, Careless Speech, Black Spaulders, Hermit’s Gory Cloak
Flamming Wizard
Flame Wizard
Origin Wand Owl of Charon Abyss Lord Crown Primordial Lost Rhythm Eternal Ascender Blood Finale
Origin Wand, Owl of Charon, Abyss Lord Crown, Primordial Lost Rhythm, Eternal Ascender, Blood Finale
Doom Arbiter
Doom Arbiter
Heart of Tarrasque Blazer Light Conquering Lion Infinite Entity Blood Finale Blade Battlearmor
Heart of Tarrasque, Blazer Light, Conquering Lion, Infinite Entity, Blood Finale, Blade Battlearmor

Tsunami Stalker
Heart of Tarrasque Conquering Lion Blazer Light Blade Battlearmor Hermit's Gory Cloak Contempt Gemini
Heart of Tarrasque, Conquering Lion, Blazer Light, Blade Battlearmor, Hermit’s Gory Cloak, Contempt Gemini
God of Thunder
God of Thunder
Blood Jade Rose Infinite Entity Dancing Spirit Blood Finale Sirnia's Blessing Eternal Ascender
Blood Jade Rose, Infinite Entity, Dancing Spirit, Blood Finale, Sirnia’s Blessing, Eternal Ascender
Blood Jade Rose Conqueror's Armor Dancing Spirit Blood Finale Primordial Lost Rhythm King Bracer
Blood Jade Rose, Conqueror’s Armor, Dancing Spirit, Blood Finale, Primordial Lost Rhythm, King Bracer
Avenge Knight
Avenge Knight
Bloodbath Skull Contempt Gemini Ungregarious Wolf Black Spaulders Dragonbreath Cannon Hermit's Gory Cloak
Bloodbath Skull, Contempt Gemini, Ungregarious Wolf, Black Spaulders, Dragonbreath Cannon, Hermit’s Gory Cloak
Thunder Trace
Thunder Trace
Origin Wand Silence Abyss Lord Crown Blood Finale Eternal Ascender Dancing Spirit
Origin Wand, Silence, Abyss Lord Crown, Blood Finale, Eternal Ascender, Dancing Spirit
Sunchaser Servant
Sunchaser Servant
Thunderpeal Rampage Dust Careless Speech Kingslayer Rebellion Dancing Spirit Vargr Mitts
Thunderpeal, Rampage Dust, Careless Speech, Kingslayer Rebellion, Dancing Spirit, Vargr Mitts
Sunchaser Shaman
Sunchaser Shaman
Osterloh's Glory Owl of Charon Blood Finale Vargr Mitts Infinite Entity Voodoo Staff
Osterloh’s Glory, Owl of Charon, Blood Finale, Vargr Mitts, Infinite Entity, Voodoo Staff
Thunderpeal Dragonbreath Cannon Careless Speech Dancing Spirit Contempt Gemini Infinite Entity
Thunderpeal, Dragonbreath Cannon, Careless Speech, Dancing Spirit, Contempt Gemini, Infinite Entity
Blood Jade Rose Abyss Lord Crown Owl of Charon Voodoo Staff Eternal Ascender Primordial Lost Rhythm
Blood Jade Rose, Abyss Lord Crown, Owl of Charon, Voodoo Staff, Eternal Ascender, Primordial Lost Rhythm
Redfox Swordsman
Redfox Swordsman
Osterloh's Glory Contempt Gemini Conquering Lion Blazer Light Black Spaulders Vargr Mitts
Osterloh’s Glory, Contempt Gemini, Conquering Lion, Blazer Light, Black Spaulders, Vargr Mitts
Sacred Lancer
Sacred Lancer
Thunder Blade Rampage Dust Dancing Spirit Heart of Tarrasque Black Spaulders Hermit's Gory Cloak
Thunder Blade, Rampage Dust, Dancing Spirit, Heart of Tarrasque, Black Spaulders, Hermit’s Gory Cloak
Space Walker
Space Walker
Contempt Gemini Ungregarious Wolf Bloodbath Skull Black Spaulders Careless Speech Sacred Sword
Contempt Gemini, Ungregarious Wolf, Bloodbath Skull, Black Spaulders, Careless Speech, Sacred Sword
Tome Apprentice
Tome Apprentice
Blood Jade Rose Donumdrasi Grace Dancing Spirit Infinite Entity Blood Finale King Bracer
Blood Jade Rose, Donumdrasi Grace, Dancing Spirit, Infinite Entity, Blood Finale, King Bracer
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper
Blood Finale Heart of Tarrasque Conquering Lion Silence Eternal Ascender Abyss Lord Crown
Blood Finale, Heart of Tarrasque, Conquering Lion, Silence, Eternal Ascender, Abyss Lord Crown
Thunder Blade Contempt Gemini Silence Primordial Lost Rhythm Kingslayer Rebellion Blood Finale
Thunder Blade, Contempt Gemini, Silence, Primordial Lost Rhythm, Kingslayer Rebellion, Blood Finale

Tusk Champion
Heart of Tarrasque Osterloh's Glory Conquering Lion Blade Battlearmor Blazer Light Kingslayer Rebellion
Heart of Tarrasque, Osterloh’s Glory, Conquering Lion, Blade Battlearmor, Blazer Light, Kingslayer Rebellion

Shining Dragon
Blood Jade Rose Silence Owl of Charon Primordial Lost Rhythm Eternal Ascender Abyss Lord Crown
Blood Jade Rose, Silence, Owl of Charon, Primordial Lost Rhythm, Eternal Ascender, Abyss Lord Crown

Autochess Moba Best Items Build

Best items for Redaxe Chief:


Best items for Egersis Ranger:


Best items for Soul Breaker:


Best items for Sky Breaker:


Best items for Defector:


Best items for The Source:


Best items for Skull Hunter:


Best items for Swordman:


Best items for Warpwood Sage:


Best items for Dwarf Sniper:

dwarf -sniper-autochess-moba-build-zathong

Best items for Flame Wizard:


Best items for Doom Arbiter:


Best items for Tsunami Stalker:


Best items for God of Thunder:


Best items for Grimtouch:


Best items for Avenge Knight:


Best items for Thunder Trace:


Best items for Sunchaser Servant:


Best items for Sunchaser Shaman:


Best items for Dominator:


Best items for Dualplot:


Best items for Redfox Swordsman:


Best items for Sacred Lancer:


Best items for Space Walker:


Best items for Tome Apprentice:


Best items for Soul Reaper:


Best items for Venom:


Best items for Tusk Champion:


Best items for Shining Dragon:


Autochess Moba Guide and Tips



All lane in AutoChess Moba:

  • Safelane: Warrior, Tank.
  • Offlane: Marksman, Support, Tank.
  • Midlane: Mage.
  • Roam: Support.
  • Jungle: Assassin.


  • Kiting will be a key skill set for moba game.
  • Use the right items for heroes.
    Should focus on playing well a few heroes.

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