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Autochess Moba All Heroes: Skill And Type

Hey, I’m Zathong and this share is about heroes list in AutoChess Moba. I will introduce you the role of each hero and their skills.

Heroes list

There are 29 heroes currently.

Heroes abilities

Redaxe Chief
Redaxe Chief

Axe roars and taunts nearby enemies, increasing his Armor by 15/20/25/30. For every enemy hero taunted, increases Crimson Counter charges by 1.


Releases to recover HP by 50/70/90/120 per second, and additionally recovers 2% of the lost HP; meanwhile increases Movement Speed by 10% during the period for 4s.


Axe quickly spins the axe blade, dealing 55/90/125/160 pure damage to surrounding enemies, can be stored up to 3 times.


Axe leaps to slash the target, dealing 300/450/600 pure damage, and each time this ability defeats an enemy hero, Crimson Counter chances will be increased by 3.
Egersis Ranger
Egersis Ranger

EGERSIS RANGER attaches Egersis Power to the arrow, increasing ATK Speed by 3/6/9/12 for each base attack, up to 3 stacks, and reducing ATK Speed by 10% and Movement Speed by 4%/8%/12%/16% for enemies on hit.


EGERSIS RANGER releases three waves of arrows with penetrating effect in the target direction, dealing 55/85/115/145 magical damage to enemies, which can trigger Marksmanship.


EGERSIS RANGER releases energy from Egersis Crystal to envelope herself, increasing Movement Speed and becoming immune to all damage and control effects. During the duration, she cannot attack or cast abilities for 1.3s. Releases it again to cancel the ability in advance.”


EGERSIS RANGER releases the power of Egersis Crystal to increase her ATK by 25/45/65 and ATK Range by 150 yards within 10s; base attacks will deal additional 50% damage to two enemies near the target, and can trigger Marksmanship.
Soul Breaker
Soul Breaker

Throws a dart in the target direction, dealing 110/160/210/260 magical damage to the first enemy hero on hit, and bouncing once among nearby enemy heroes.


Tumbles forward and stuns the first enemy hero on hit for 1s, and then rolls to the other side of the target. Every enemy hero defeated or Assist refreshes CD of this ability.


Throws a Poison Potion at the target location, inflicting Slow Down on the target area by 35% and dealing 40/60/80/100 magical damage over time for 4s.


Offers a bounty to an enemy to gain their view for 20s. Sword gains additional 60/120/180 Gold and nearby ally heroes divide 60/120/180 Gold equally if the enemy is defeated while the effect lasts. When HP of the target marked by the Bounty Order is less than 30%, every base attack of Soul Breaker against the target must be a critical hit. When Soul Breaker is near the marked enemy, his Movement Speed is increased by 20%.
Sky Breaker
Sky Breaker

Randomly launches missiles at nearby enemy targets for 4s, with an interval of 0.8s, dealing 35/55/75/95 magical damage and inflicting Slowdown effect for a short period, which deals AoE damage to the enemies, giving priority to the hero unit. Overload Enhanced Effect: Slowdown effect becomes stunning for 0.4s.


Places an EMP Device centered on himself, dealing 20/40/60/80 magical damage per second to the enemy target and slowing its Movement Speed by 30%. The device exists for 4s. Overload Enhanced Effect: After the duration of the EMP Device expires, it will explode, dealing 140/200/260/320 damage and 50% Slowdown effect.


Launches a hook from his hand, pulling himself to the target area. The hook will cause 1s Stun and deal 50/100/150/200 damage to the passing enemy heroes. Overload Enhanced Effect: Flames are left on the path of the hook, dealing 50/75/100/125 magical damage per second to passing enemy targets.


After activation, other abilities will have enhanced effects for the duration, and gain additional 15/30/45 HP recovery per second, 15/30/45 Mana recovery per second, 8/16/24 Armor increasing, and 10%/15%/20% Magic RES for 12s.

Unleashes a blast in the specified direction, dealing 80/115/150/185 magical damage to enemies in the path, and stunning the enemy for 1s when only one enemy is hit.


Places an altar on the ground, which releases a healing wave when allies pass by, recovering 80/160/240/320 HP. The altar exists for 8s.


Transforms an enemy hero into a penguin for 2s.


Turns the ground in the area into ice and snow to quake after a delay of 1s. Quaking deals 65/95/125 damage and inflicts Slow Down by 25% on enemies for 5s. Can damage Turrets and temporarily disable Turrets from attacking.
The Source
The Source

Icey summons an icicle to hit the front area, dealing 90/120/150/180 magical damage and inflicting 30% Slow Down on enemies in the area for 2s, and stunning nearby enemies for 1s.


Icey applies Frost Imprison on the target, reducing Movement Speed by 15% per second, and freezing the enemy for 1.5s after 2.5s. When freezing, deals 55/75/95/115 magical damage to the enemy per second.


Recovers 1/1.5/2/2.5 Mana per second to allies. Using the ability will consume 10% of the current Mana, providing a shield equal to total Mana cost for self and nearby allies.


Icey summons a snowstorm around herself to bombard the surrounding area, inflicting 30% Slow Down and reducing ATK Speed by 15% to enemies in the area, dealing 80/120/160 magical damage per second for 5s.
Skull Hunter
Skull Hunter

Summons an uncontrollable Porcupine that will constantly attack enemies within range. The Porcupine’s ATK is equal to 0.8%/1.6%/2.4%/3.2% of the hero’s Max HP+10% of the hero’s ATK+40/60/80/100. After 5 attacks, Porcupine will increase its ATK Speed by 30.


Eagles’ next base attack will become two quick attacks, slowing down the enemies by 80% for 1.5s.


Eagles marks an enemy hero, reducing their Armor by 6/8/10/12 for 4s. During the duration, Porcupine attacks the marked enemy first, and its Movement Speed is increased by 30%.


Eagles stimulates the hunting instinct of himself and Porcupine, increasing ATK Speed by 30/45/60, Movement Speed by 35%, and Max HP by 500/750/1000 for 12s.

Gale spins rapidly with a sharp blade, increasing his Movement Speed by 10% and dealing a total of 315/490/665/840 pure damage within 4s. During the period, he becomes immune to control effects, immune to 50% magical damage, and can stop abilities anytime.


Gale quickly dashes towards the target for a distance, dealing physical damage of 110%/130%/150%/170% ATK to enemies on the path, with base attack effect.


Increases ATK Speed by 12/24/36/48, and for every three attacks, the next base attack will deal a critical hit.


Activates to increase ATK Speed by 50/60/70, Movement Speed by 35%, Base Attack Lifesteal by 15%/20%/25%, lasting for 8s; each defeat will reduce CD of this ability by 40s, and assists will reduce CD by 15s.
Warpwood Sage
Warpwood Sage

Smashes the Amber Hammer to the ground, giving a blast in the front area, dealing 100/140/180/220 magical damage, and enemies on hit will be knocked into the air, also provides a 50/100/150/200 Shield for 3s if hitting enemies.


Throws a seed at the target location. The seed becomes invisible after hitting the ground and turns into a spore trap for 90s. The trap is triggered when enemies pass by, slowing them down in the area for 1.5s. After 1.2s, the trap will explode and deal 80/130/180/230 magical damage.


Plants a Fruit of Life in the enemy target for 4s, inflicting Slow Down by 40% and dealing 20/35/50/65 magical damage over time per second to the target, and when the ally hero performs base attack on the enemy, recovers 40/50/60/70 HP of the ally.


Releases vine with the hero as the center. When an enemy touches the edge of the vine, it will take 300/400/500 magical damage and be stunned for 1s, and will be slowed down by 30% for 5s if it is in the area.
Dwarf Sniper
Dwarf Sniper

Fires grapeshot at the target area, dealing 60/90/120/150 magical damage and inflicting 10% Slow Down for 4s on enemies in the area.


Increases Musket’s base attack range by 35/70/105/140, and for every 6s/5s/4s/3s, the next base attack inflicts 35% Slow Down and deals extra 25/50/75/100 physical damage to the enemies.


Musket tumbles forward a distance, and then increases his ATK Speed by 50 for 3s. Refreshes CD of Shot Down after tumbling.


Locks on an enemy hero, increases ATK by 50/60/70, and shoots a bullet after a short time of aiming, which deals physical damage of 150%/160%/170% ATK, and it is a guaranteed critical hit.
Flamming Wizard
Flamming Wizard

Fire injects fire into the ground, creating a crack, and enemies on the crack take 45/70/95/120 magical damage. After 1s, the crack will erupt, dealing 55/95/135/175 magical damage to enemies in the path.


Fire fires a Flaming Core at the target location, which explodes upon arrival, stunning enemies for 1s and dealing 100/120/140/160 magical damage. The Flaming Core deals 40/60/80/100 magical damage to enemies in the path.


Fire improves her perception ability, gaining high-altitude vision and expanding the field of vision for 8s.


Fire accumulates power of the fire spirit and releases a fireball after charging for 1s, dealing 350/500/650 magical damage to the target and surrounding enemies.
Doom Arbiter
Doom Arbiter

Berial enhances the next base attack and inflicts a burning effect on enemy heroes. The enemy heroes affected by the burning effect will receive 15/20/25/30 magical damage over time for 5s. When Berial launches base attacks on an enemy with the burning effect, increases Berial’s Movement Speed by 15% and recovers his Max HP by 0.8% for 4s.


Berial wraps his body in flames, providing a 130/190/250/310 Shield. When the Shield is broken or the duration expires, it deals magical damage and inflicts Slow Down effect of the current Shield value to surrounding enemies. Increases Movement Speed by 15% for the duration of the Shield, and the shield lasts for 6s.


Berial leaps into the air and slams into the target location, knocking up enemy targets within range and dealing 65/105/145/185 magical damage.


Ignites the target with doomsday fire, silencing the target for 6s and dealing 50/80/110 pure damage to the target per second.

Tsunami Stalker

Summons tentacles to drag an enemy hero, slowing down the target by 40%/45%/50%/55% and increasing damage received by 10%/12%/14%/16% for 4s.


Nyarlat’s hard shell can resist 8/14/20/26 damage from base attacks. Casts to convert 10% of lost HP +80/140/200/260 into a shield for 7s.


Nyarlat throws the anchor in her hand, dealing 80/110/140/170 magical damage and inflicting 15% Slow Down on enemies in a straight line for 1s. The anchor will exist for 4s at the landing point. Nyarlat will pick up the anchor when approaching, and reduce CD of the ability to 2s. When an enemy hero is hit twice by this ability in a row, it will be stunned for 1s.


Summons tentacles to knock up nearby enemies for 1s, dealing 200/300/400 magical damage and stunning them for 2s.
God of Thunder
God of Thunder

Zeus drops three lightning bolts in turn in the designated direction, dealing 85/130/175/220 magical damage to enemies along the way.


Zeus summons a Nimbus, which deals 70/100/130/160 magical damage to random enemy unit(s) per second for 4s.


20% of Zeus’ ability damage is converted into a shield for 3s. Increases Movement Speed by 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5% while the shield is on.


Zeus summons thunder to strike enemies. After 2s of chanting, it deals 200/250/300 magical damage to all enemy heroes, and additionally deals magical damage equal to 5%/6%/7% of target’s current HP. Gains view of enemy heroes during chanting.

Draws a straight ink line to the front area, dealing 100/130/160/190 magical damage to the targets on hit and leaving an ink trail that lasts for 2s, dealing 20/30/40/50 magical damage over time to enemies on the path and slowing them down by 25%/30%/35%/40%.


Releases a drop of ink into the designated area, stunning enemy heroes in the area for 2s, and dealing 60/90/120/150 magical damage.


When Grimtouch’s other abilities hit an enemy unit, it inflicts an Ink Touch on the target for 6s. Ink Touch: All damage received from enemy heroes is increased by 10%/13%/16%/19%.


Releases an ink trail forward, inflicting Ink Soul on the first enemy hero on hit. Ink Soul: When there are other enemy heroes within the target range, Ink Soul will select the closest enemies to connect. After connecting, if one of the targets tries to break the connection, both will be stunned, lasting for 1.5s; enemy heroes with Ink Soul will take 50/60/70 magical damage over time per second for 6/7/8s.
Avenge Knight
Avenge Knight

Throws a war flag at the target location, dealing 150%/175%/200%/225% physical damage to enemies in the area and slowing them down by 15%. The Slow Down effect lasts for 3s. The damage has a 40% Lifesteal effect. Every 10% HP Tanya loses reduces CD of this ability by 2s.


Tanya can switch between the two combat stances at will, with a 2s CD. Offensive Strength: Gets +8/16/24/32 ATK and +10%/14%/18%/22% Crit Chance. Defense Strength: Gets +5/10/15/20 Armor and +0.8%/1.6%/2.4%/3.2% HP Regen of lost HP.


Tanya jumps to the target area, dealing 100/160/220/280 magical damage and inflicting 40% Slow Down on enemy heroes in the area for 3s.


Tanya carves a Seal on the battlefield, and releases it to remove her own debuffs. Gets +30% Movement Speed and+20%/30%/40% Base ATK Lifesteal for self, and +30/45/60 ATK Speed for ally heroes on the battlefield. When Tanya is in the area, doubles attributes of Unswerving for 8s; if Tanya defeats an enemy hero in the area, gets +5/10/15 ATK permanently.
Thunder Trace
Thunder Trace

Releases a Thunder Scroll in place, which will explode after a period or when touched by an enemy, dealing 60/110/160/210 magical damage and slowing the target(s) down by 50% for 0.8s, getting the Vigorous Thunder effect. When Shock Orb hits the Thunder Scroll, Thunder Scroll will explode immediately, and the explosion damage and range will be increased by 60%.


Releases three orbs forward which return to where Lei Rong is, and enemies being penetrated along the way will receive 65/90/115/140 magical damage. If an enemy is hit 3 times when releasing the orbs, it will be stunned for 1s.


Every time Lei Rong moves a certain distance, the following base attack will deal 55/85/115/145 additional magical damage to enemies near the target.


Lei Rong sprints forward for a distance, dealing 120/150/180 magical damage to enemies on the path, and he is immune to all damage and control while sprinting.
Sunchaser Servant
Sunchaser Servant

Torghut enters the Raid state, and the Movement Speed will continue to increase. During the period, he ignores the terrain barriers and deals 120/180/240/300 magical damage to the passing enemies. He stops when colliding with the first enemy hero or tapping the ability again, dealing 120/180/240/300 magical damage to enemies within range and stunning them for 1s.


Torghut increases ATK Speed by 30/40/50/60 and Base ATK Lifesteal by 10%/15%/20%/25%, and base attack will deal extra magical damage equal to 2%/3%/4%/5% of the target’s Max HP for 6s. Deals a Maximum of 250 extra damage to the creeps.


Launches two slashes in the specified direction, with each slash dealing 60/90/120/150 physical damage, and the first slash will knock the enemy back a certain distance.


Summons the Wind Rhino to charge into the area ahead, stunning enemies in the path for 1.5s and dealing 250/400/550 magical damage to them.
Sunchaser Shaman
Sunchaser Shaman

Otag slams the ground with a drum, making an impassable rock in a straight line. The rock exists for 2.5s, and the enemies on hit are stunned for 1s, receiving 80/120/160/200 magical damage.


Otag leaps to the target location, leaving a Sunchaser Imprint on the ground for 4s. The imprint will deal 40/60/80/100 magical damage over time to surrounding enemies.


Every time casting abilities, the following base attack within 4s stuns the target for 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5s.


Otag taps the drum to send a concussive sound wave centered on herself, dealing 250/300/350 magical damage and stunning enemy targets within range for 1.5s. When casting the ability, if it hits multiple enemy heroes, deals an additional 80/120/160 magical damage multiple times.

Drops an Inscription Sword at the target location, dealing 80/130/180/230 magical damage and inflicting 30% Slow Down on surrounding enemies for 3s. Teleport to the position of the sword after releasing the ability again within 5s and the following base attack will become circular AoE damage, with the same attack range.


Every 4 attacks Dominiel launches, the following attack will deal an additional 25%/50%/75%/100% base attack damage and inflicts 0.5s Stun, and increase his own Movement Speed by 10% for 3s.


Actively activates to change the trigger chances of the Inscription Sword to a random number and increases Dominiel’s ATK Speed by 20/40/60/80 for 6s. Dominiel gains a shield absorbing 100/150/200/250 damage for 4s.


Dominiel activates the Sword Field centering on himself, where all heroes in the field are suppressed, and only Dominiel is not affected, and he moves at the highest speed in the field for 4s/4.5s/5s.

Taorive throws chains in the target direction, dealing 45/70/95/120 magical damage and generating Insidious Chains after hitting enemies. If an enemy does not leave the chain area after 1.5s, they will receive 60/100/140/180 magical damage and be stunned for 1s.


After a short charge, Taorive deals 120/200/280/360 magical damage to the front area.


Taorive sends a pulse centered on himself, dealing 75/125/175/225 magical damage to surrounding enemies, and reducing ATK Speed of heroes on hit by 50% for 3s; meanwhile he gains a Shield absorbing 100/150/200/250+number of hit enemies*60 damage, lasting for 3s.


Taorive evolves into two Yin Rosary Beads, which will appear at the target location after disappearing for a short time, dealing 200/250/300 magical damage to surrounding enemies.
Redfox Swordsman
Redfox Swordsman

Forro dashes a distance in the specified direction and deals 80/120/160/200 physical damage to the enemy closest to the target location. Casts this ability when Dusty Rolling is activated, and Forro will dash a distance in the forward direction.


Forro swipes the selected area with his tail, inflicting Slowdown by 30% on enemies on hit, dealing 100/130/160/190 magical damage to enemies, and gaining 10%/15%/20%/25% Damage Reduction. The more enemy heroes hit, the higher the Damage Reduction effect, lasting for 6s. Casts this ability when Dusty Rolling is activated, and Forro will jump forward, dealing 100/130/160/190 magical damage and inflicting 30% Slowdown to enemy heroes in the area.


Forro enters the stealth state, becoming invisible to enemies and increasing Movement Speed by 25% for 15s. Forro will be exposed when enemy heroes are in the detection range. Attacking or casting abilities will also end the stealth state. When Forro is in the stealth state, moving close to trees will refresh the duration of the stealth state.


Forro wraps himself with his tail and rolls forward and increases his Movement Speed by 80%. The enemy units on hit will receive 175/225/275 magical damage and be knocked up for 1s. This effect cannot be triggered again for the same target within 1s. After colliding with a unit, Forro changes direction, lasting for 15s.
Sacred Lancer
Sacred Lancer

Throws the Magic Lance forward, dealing 70/85/100/115 magical damage to enemies on the path and inflicting the Bloodthirsty status on them. When launching base attack on the enemy, Skar’du increases the stack of Bloodthirsty and deals extra magical damage equal to 10/15/20/25number of stacks. Each time attacking enemies with the Bloodthirsty status, Skar’du loses 3% of max HP. Casting the ability again can detonate the Bloodthirsty stacks on the enemies and deal pure damage equal to 25/30/35/40number of stacks.


Skardu’s glacier bloodline renders her to increase ATK Speed and HP Regen based on the HP lost.
After active casting, instantly increases 500 HP, 30 ATK, 20% Movement Speed, and 30% Magic Resistance for 8s, and loses 75 HP per second. The ability will end after re-casting.


Skar’du leaps into the air, pauses for a short time and then rushes the target area, dealing 200/300/400 magical damage to enemy heroes in the area and inflicting Slowdown for 4s.
Space Walker
Space Walker

After charged, Xin wields the weapon to smash forward, dealing physical damage equal to 130%/145%/160%/175% of current ATK once to enemies on the path, and this hit must be critical; additionally stuns for 1s in the enhanced status.


Xin gets enhanced after attacking an enemy Hero 4 times, increasing ATK by 30/50/70/90 and Base ATK Lifesteal by 30%/45%/60%/75% for 6s.


After casting, Xin becomes immune to the next control ability for 4s; increases Movement Speed by 50% for 4s if succeeds.


Summons an immovable stone monkey in a designated location, inflicting Slowdown by 15% on the area for 1s. The stone monkey inherits Xin’s ATK and Attack Effects, and it will attack enemies within range. The stone monkey exists for 12/16/20s.
Tome Apprentice
Tome Apprentice

Shoots a light ball, dealing 85/115/145/175 magical damage to enemies on hit and pushing them forward. If the enemy is blocked in the advance, they will be stunned for 1s and 85/115/145/175 magical damage is dealt; if the target encounters another enemy in the process, it will stop and both will be stunned for 1s and 85/115/145/175 magical damage is dealt.


Imposes the Magic Bookmark to an ally, and the ally gains 80%/100%/120%/140% HP Regen and Mana Regen. Casting again can blink to the ally being possessed. There is a 2s ability cooldown after employing Magic Bookmark.


Gains additional 15/30/45/60 ATK Speed and 10%/15%/20%/25% Ability Strength. If the Magic Bookmark is assisting other heroes, the supported heroes will also get the boosts for 6s.


Chooses an ally to cast abilities for 1.5s; then blinks to the ally and heals self’s and the ally’s HP by 300/450/600. The ally can’t be controlled during the casting.
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper

Tusk Champion

Shining Dragon

Tank heroes

They are usually shields that absorb as much damage as possible to protect teammates. Using for safelane, offlaner, or roam.

Marksman heroes

They deal consistent damage from afar and get priority farming. Using for safelane.

Warrior heroes

These heroes are balanced offensive and defensively. Using for offlane.

Support heroes

They have a supporting role for Marksman or Mage. Using for safelane or roam.

Assassin heroes

These heroes have great damage and high mobility. Using for Jungle.

Mage heroes

These heroes have high magic damage. Using for midlane.

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