Best AOV heroes for beginners 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share top heroes strong in Arena of Valor 2024. I help you find best hero in AOV through role: Assassin, Jungle, Mage, Marksman, Tank, Support, Warrior & Solo.

Arena of Valor best Assassin & Jungle

Top 1: Wukong

Wukong is a nimble warrior who is capable of dealing massive damage. With his weapon at hand, Wukong can hardly fall in battles.

Top 2: Butterfly

With Butterfly you need make sure to save up on Assassin’s Marks before entering the battle.

Top 3: Nakroth

Nakroth is a nimble Assassin with lightning mobility and incredible damage. Once targeted, few enemies can Escape Nakroth’s assassination.

Arena of Valor best Mage

Top 1: Lorion

Lorion is an Mage who ability shock nearby enemies.

Top 2: Zata

Zata’s abilities deal burst damage when they come into contact with each other. Passive ability will be triggered multiple times by activating all 3 abilities in a row. After dashing with the Ultimate, release the left stick to stop during the dash, then dash again after the ability is used to greatly increase flight success chance of Ultimate.

Top 3: Ignis

Ignis is an Mage who ability burst down the enemy tanks and carries when played correctly.

Arena of Valor best Marksman

Top 1: Hayate

Hayate is an Marksman who ability very high mobility, great damage. 

Top 2: Capheny

Capheny is an Marksman who ability extremely terrible shock damage in the late game.

Top 3: Fennik

Fennik is an Marksman who ability capable of inflicting massive damage from a long distance.

Arena of Valor best Tank

Top 1: Thane

Thane is an Tank who ability to open fighting good. 

Top 2: Baldum

Baldum is an Tank who ability open fighting good. 

Top 3: Xeniel

Xeniel is an tank who ability increases power when building items to increase maximum health.

Arena of Valor best Support

Top 1: Alice

Alice is an Support who ability summons a cursed circle, reducing movement speed of enemies.

Top 2: Krizzix

Krizzix is an Support who ability to stealth but help your teammates become invisible. 

Top 3: Zip

Zip is an Support who ability to Zip rolls in the target direction and increases its movement speed.

Arena of Valor best Warrior & Solo

Top 1: Riktor

Riktor is an Warrior who ability to dash around the battle field with Jungle Strike and resist enemy fire with Retaliate.

Top 2: Omen

Omen is an Warrior who ability fighting heroes up close and one on one. Before engaging the enemy team, try to activate Omen’s passive by attacking monsters or minions. Use Untouchable on ranged enemy heroes to reduce their movement speed and reveal their location to allies.

Top 3: Lu bu

Lu Bu is an Warrior who ability resist enemy fire and regenerate his health while duking it out with opponents

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