Aov Amily build 2024: Items, Arcana and Rune solo lane

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Amily build in Arena of Valor. I give you information about Amily and assist you in selecting: Items, Summoner Spells, Arcana, Rune and Ability Order.

Amily is a Warrior has increased damage toward singular targets to pick off enemies one by one. How to play Amily AOV ? How to build Items, Arcana and Rune for Amily?

Role: Warrior

Lane: Solo

Tier: A+

Physical Attack: 176Cooldown Reduction: 0
Magic: 0Critical Rate: 0
Max Health: 3375Running speed: 380
Armor: 107Heal /5s: 44
Magic Armor: 50Mana Regen /5s: 16
Attack Speed: 0Attack Range: Melee

Amily’s Summoner Spells

Solo lane

Amily’s Items

Iggy best build:

Iggy pro build:

Amily’s Arcana

Arcana list:


Onslaught x 10

  • Attack Damage: +2
  • Armor Pierce: +3.6

Assassinate x 10

  • Attack Damage: +1.6
  • Movement Speed: +1%

Skewer x 10

  • Attack Damage: +0.9
  • Armor Pierce: +6.4

Amily’s Rune



Amily’s Ability Order

Ability Order: Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2.


Amily Counters

Extreme Threats

Ideal Synergies

How To Play Amily ?

Best summoner spells for Amily are: Flicker, Execute.

Best items for Amily are: Sonic Boots, Spear of Longinus, Frost Cape, Fenrirs Tooth, Gaias Standard, Blade of Eterenity.

Best Arcana for Amily are: Onslaught, Assassinate, Skewer.

Best Rune for Amily are: Lokheim + Human.

Amily’s Abilities

Passive: Duel

Amily does 50% more damage when her physical strikes and combo only hit one victim.

Skill 1: Kickblade

Amily throws a blade that’s concealed below her thigh. After striking the original target, the blade can bounce up to four times across foes, delivering 150/180/210/240/270/300 (+ 0.6 AD) physical damage and slowing the targets’ movement speed by 30% for a second. The initial target also suffers a further 50% slowdown. Amily’s health is healed by 125/150/175/200/225 (+0.5 AD), her movement speed is increased by 20% for 3 seconds after the blade returns to her, and the ability’s cooldown is decreased by 30%.

Skill 2: Combo

Amily begins a series of attacks that cause physical damage in the following ratios: 80/96/112/128/144/160 (+0.3 AD). Her second strike throws her enemy into the air and equips her with a charge effect that increases the physical damage she deals with her subsequent normal attack by 80 (+0.3 AD) points.After leaving a fight, Amily gets 10 movement speed and restores 1% of her maximum HP and Mana per second.

Skill 3: Enrage

After a second, Amily explodes in wrath, dealing 300/450/600 magic damage, increasing her movement speed by 50, dealing 100/150/200 attack damage, and becoming immune to 50/75/100 damage. She additionally does 60/90/120 magic damage per second while furious.

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