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Best War Machine build 2024 [Marvel Super War]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about War Machine Build in Marvel Super War.

Best War Machine build guides for Marvel Super War 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Marvel Super War builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best War Machine build for the meta. Learn more about War Machine’s abilities, Items, Power core & Tactic.


War Machine Item Build

War Machine Power Core

War Machine Tactics

War Machine Skills


Tactical Strategy

Passive: When War Machine’s minor abilities deal damage to enemy heroes, he stacks Battle Cry up to three times. Battle Cry enhances War Machine’s next basic attack, increasing damage by 20 and attack range by 200. Each basic attack consumes one layer of Battle Cry.

Rocket Shell

War Machine fires a rocket in the specified direction, dealing 40(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path. Enemy heroes within the flames of Fire Bomb are dealt 40(+140%Physical Attack) physical damage on hit.

Fire Bomb

War Machine fires a fire bomb to the specified location, creating a sea of flames that lasts 3.0 seconds, dealing 20(+20%Physical Attack) energy damage every second to enemies within the flames and slowing them by 40%.


War Machine fires gunfire in the specified direction, dealing 100(+75%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and knocking back enemy heroes hit by 30 yards. At the same time, the recoil will move him some distance backwards. Using this ability in Precision Guidance mode will return you to regular battle mode.

Precision Guidance

War Machine sets up a missile launcher and enters Precision Guidance mode. Using this ability again will allow him to aim and continuously shoot missiles at the specified location. Each missile deals 60(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within the explosion range. Releasing the ability button will pause the attack, and tapping the Cancel button on the screen will return you to regular battle mode.

War Machine Pros and Cons


  • Excellent at laning and zoning. One of the basic abilities, in particular, has a high range and damage which allows you to easily push lanes and to chase your enemies away
  • Long-range ultimate. You’ll be able to target the backline easily in any team fights, it will also allow you to finish off any foes trying to get out of your teams’ range with a low health pool


  • Low Mobility. Especially when War Machine enters the rocket artillery stance, his mobility lowers by 70-80% and you become an easy target
  • Mana issues. Any longer skirmishes in lanes shall cause your mana to dry out relatively quickly

War Machine Gameplay

Early Game

Whenever one of your basic abilities hit a foe, you’ll get one stack of Battle Cry that boosts your next basic attack by a bit, while increasing its range a lot.

Take Rocket Shell as your first skill and level it up as soon as possible after you unlock the rest of your abilities at least once.

Start by going to the bottom lane. Hopefully, you’ll have a laning partner. Use him as a meat shield and try to hit a foe with each of your skills.

Mid – Late game:

The team fights will start. Always stay behind your team, and poke the enemies with your basic abilities. When they are all out, use the guidance mode.

Target the enemies’ backline, never target their front liners. They will have to move around to avoid missiles, and focusing on defense too much will take away their offensive potential.


War Machine is a marksman in Marvel Super War that has very high attack damage but low mobility and support.

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