Vainglory Skaarf build 2024 : Items, combo and Counter

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Skaarf Build in Vainglory (VG).

Best Skaarf build guides for Vainglory (VG) 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Vainglory (VG) builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Skaarf build for the meta. Learn more about Skaarf’s abilities, Items, Combo and Counter.


Attack Type: Ranged
Position: Lane
Role: Mage

Skaarf’s Pros and Cons


  • AoE.
  • Long range.
  • Sustain.


  • Immobile.
  • Susceptible to body-blocking.
  • Susceptible to slows.

Skaarf Items build


Core Items

Full Items

Skaarf’s Ability

Fan the Flames

Targets are burned by Skaarf’s abilities, and burning targets take additional crystal damage from his basic strikes.

  • Burn: 12-34 damage per second for 4 seconds (level 1–12; +15 crystal power).
  • 2.5% of the target’s maximum health is dealt as crystal damage in basic attacks.
  • Reduces the damage dealt to buildings and Mythic Creatures.


Skaarf spits a fireball, which first collides with a hero, building, or boss monster.

  • Smaller minions are damaged and are not stopped by the fireball.
  • Its damage is decreased to 85% of what it was the first time it goes through a unit.
  • Minions receive 50% less damage from attacks.


Skaarf launches a goop toward the intended target. Walking enemies are slowed by the sticky substance. The puddle will catch fire when one of Skaarf’s flames ignites it, causing burst damage and slowly burning foes.

  • Enemies are not slowed as much by blazing puddles as they are by goop puddles.
  • Does half damage to mythic creatures and minions.

Dragon Breath

Skaarf takes a 1.5 second breath in before exhaling a 3 second flame cone. Skaarf is free to roam around while shooting fire.

  • Exhaling gives Skaarf a brief boost in movement speed.
  • Enemies moving against the current are slowed while allies moving with it are sped up while inhaling or exhaling.
  • Deals non-heroes 50% more damage.

Combo Skaarf

Skaarf’s Tips and tricks

It’s absolutely OK to use your Spitfire periodically while laning to deal the final blow to minions you would otherwise miss.

It’s frequently a smart idea to keep it cautious early on rather than venturing into danger merely to line up Spitfire shots because Skaarf has few options for getting out of ambushes, especially when facing quick heroes.

Spitfire landings on enemy heroes are more challenging when there are nearby enemy minions. Consider reserving your energy or moving to get a cleaner shot rather than taking shots that are unlikely to connect.

Consider lighting a pool of goop underneath opposing minions if you need to apply pressure to the lane or otherwise purchase time to move elsewhere.

Counter Skaarf

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