Vainglory Rona build 2024 : Items, combo and Counter

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Rona Build in Vainglory (VG).

Best Rona build guides for Vainglory (VG) 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Vainglory (VG) builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Rona build for the meta. Learn more about Rona’s abilities, Items, Combo and Counter.


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Warrior

Rona’s Pros and Cons


  • AoE.
  • Survivability.
  • Tanky.


  • Susceptible to CC.
  • Susceptible to kite.

Rona Items build


Core Items

Full Items

Rona’s Ability

Berserkers’ Fury

Rona attacks more quickly than most heroes, yet each attack she makes deals 90% weapon power damage.

Bloodrage, a special resource produced by basic attacks, abilities, and absorbing damage from adversaries, is used by Rona’s abilities in place of energy.

  • Bloodrage is increased when a victim with Mortal Wounds is hit by critical strikes or basic assaults.
  • This has a 100 maximum and expires when Rona has been out of battle for five seconds.

Into the Fray

When Rona charges into battle, she gains Bloodrage for every enemy hero she strikes. The ground shatters for three seconds after a brief pause, delivering damage and slowing approaching opponents by 40%.

  • For each enemy hero the rupture hits, Rona also receives strengthened health.
  • Reduces the damage done to minions.


An unwary target can be brutalized after being caught up to by a two-part axe strike.

  • First activation: Rona lunges at her victim, unleashing an enhanced basic strike and gaining Bloodrage as well as faster movement.
  • When she uses her second activation, she must use all of her Bloodrage as well as the extra move speed in order to deal 1% more damage each point expended and to deal Mortal Wounds to her target. She then receives a temporary increase in attack speed.
  • The cooldown of Foesplitter is lowered by 1s with each of Rona’s basic attacks.

Red Mist

As she spins in a whirlwind, Rona drains her Bloodrage and deals weapon damage to opponents in the area. Rona spins slowly yet gaining strengthened health every second.

  • During this ability, Rona is immune to any conditions that would hinder her movement.
  • Can be turned off at any moment by activating it again or by utilizing a different power.
  • Activates with at least 50 Bloodrage.
  • Reduces the damage done to minions.

Combo Rona

Rona’s Tips and tricks

First of all, Rona is very destructive even without any equipment. If you can manage to stay to a target, that makes her fairly effective early on. At level 2, she has her first power spike, so use the correct heroes to capitalize on it. The key phrase there is “the right heroes,” so hold off on confronting Krul or Skye just yet.

Counter Rona

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