Vainglory Corpus build 2024 : Items, combo and Counter

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Corpus Build in Vainglory (VG).

Best Corpus build guides for Vainglory (VG) 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Vainglory (VG) builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Corpus build for the meta. Learn more about Corpus’s abilities, Items, Combo and Counter.


Attack Type: Melee
Position: Jungle
Role: Roam

Corpus’s Pros and Cons


  • Corpus is a tanky frontline character with arguably the most disruptive ultimate in the game.
  • He can tip the scales in your favor and easily win the team fight.


Corpus Items build


Core Items

Full Items

Corpus’s Ability


  • When enemies are within five seconds of Corpus, they enter a two-second sleeping trance. Enemies are marked by this hypnosis but remain unharmed unless Corpus takes action. When adversaries are dozing off, Corpus’ nightmare goat equipment and abilities are more terrifying.

Bleating Shriek

Corpus screams, dealing crystal damage in a small area around him, dealing a deadly wound to each victim, and reviving foes’ dream trances. The screech and goat power-infused goods do 20% greater damage to sleeping opponents.

Horror Spiral

Corpus stays to the target for 2.2 seconds while it moves and gouges it with his twisted horns. While enemies can drag Corpus, they are unable to escape until the period has passed. The gouge and goat power-infused goods deal 10% more damage to sleeping foes.

Waking Nightmare

All sleeping opponents (globally) are sent into a waking nightmare by Corpus, which makes them lose control and assault the closest ally for three seconds. During the nightmare, an adversary who is sleeping and has no allies nearby will harm oneself. All opponents awaken when this time has passed (trance lifted).

Combo Corpus

Corpus’s Tips and tricks

You have OP ultimate. You can deal damage with your A while your ultimate is down and use your B to stick to enemies with Frostburn to put them to sleep. ultimate when conditions are difficult. Eve will give you a ton of health back!

Early Game: In terms of roam characters, Corpus has one of the strongest early games. If you group the jungle camps together, the AoE skill Bleating Shriek might hasten the initial rotations.

Mid-Game: Waking Nightmare should be equipped at this time. In this fight, do your best to stick to their WP carry, but because you won’t have much tank left by this point, don’t go too deep into their backline.

Late Game: It’s critical now more than ever to hit the opponent WP carrier with your ultimate. By now, they ought to have a few items finished, and if you can use their strength against their own squad, the battle will be over in no time.

Counter Corpus

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