Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets Strategy 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this update is about strategy in Super Auto Pets. Let’s just get into the details below!

Super Auto Pets Strategy

AntThe Ant’s stats are bad, but its ability is incredible for a Tier 1 Pet. Not only does the Ant’s good attack mean it can trade with most tier 1 pets, but its huge buff when fainting often allows one of its friends to get an extra KO, meaning the Ant usually trades 2-for-1.
The Ant falls off in the mid-game, but this is expected for a Tier 1 unit. The Ant should be given a Sleeping Pill if possible, as its ability will activate and give one of its friends a nice, permanent boost.
Overall, the Ant is a very powerful early game unit that can easily win early rounds, and can be sacrificed for scaling later on.
BeaverThe strength of the Beaver lies within its ability to scale by being sold, providing 2 points of permanent health and an early 2/2 statline for the net cost of 2 gold. While not having an ability that benefits combat, the beaver is a niche, but viable round one option when paired with two other pets that are likely to secure an early win regardless of the pet in the third slot.
CricketThe Cricket, with incredibly low stats and a mediocre ability, can typically be most useful in the early game. It can fit in Horse teams, as it is the only tier one summoner.
DuckDucks are very promising early units for patient Super Auto Pets players.
One early game strategy that’s become fairly popular is often referred to as “the duck strat.” The duck is a Tier 1 pet that grants a stat buff to any pets available in a player’s Pet Shop at the time that the duck is sold.
While the buff to shop pets is neither as large nor as overarching as the grant provided by the Tier 4 Canned Food item found in the Food Shop, keeping a few ducks on hand in the early game helps to prepare players for more promising units down the line. Even a slightly buffed fish is more promising than an unbuffed fish, and this can set players up to hold onto their fish until they are able to use that fish to buff later units.
FishThe Fish is an incredibly powerful pet in the early game.
The Fish also benefits immensely from stat buffs. With the boost from an Ant or Otter, a Fish can one-hit other Fish and survive attacks from even 3-attack pets. An Ant and a Fish can easily solo any teams without an Ant or a Fish at the front, which allows for easy early wins.
HorseThe Horse is a very situational animal. Its ability can be powerful, but with 1 HP, it can be risky to run, and will not scale well past the early game.
The obvious use for the Horse is in token-focused builds. Early on, a Horse will buff Crickets and Honeybees to the important 2-attack benchmark. This allows them to trade 2-for-1, which is very powerful on paper. However, the trading power of a Horse-buffed Cricket is only slightly better than a Fish; so even at its best, the Horse build is roughly equivalent to 2 Fish and a 2/1. And this is only for 1 round; buffing the Zombie Crickets alone doesn’t improve the Cricket that much.
MosquitoThe Mosquito can be a very good early game unit, as its ability can instantly destroy quite a few Tier 1 pets, and it has pretty decent stats. It can also be useful late-game with an upgraded ability, as it can quickly destroy Melon Armor.
Of course, this is only possible with luck. Sometimes, the Mosquito will hit the wrong enemy, either resulting in barely anything changing, or making things a bit easier for the enemy if it hits a pet with a Hurt ability, such as a Camel, a Pufferfish or a Peacock.
Overall, the Mosquito is a solid B tier pet, and one of the better picks for early game.
OtterThe Otter is recommended to be merged so they won’t buff other otters.
Although it has low stats, its ability more than makes up for it. It’s practically an Apple, with the added benefit of another animal on your team. Levelling it up early can result in a big advantage in scaling, and will provide a lot of early wins if used correctly.
PigThe Pig is a high-risk, high-reward pet. On one hand, it can take out dangerous 4-health opponents. On the other hand, it loses badly to Mosquitos and Crickets due to its low HP.
Buying a Pig isn’t a bad idea, if you have nothing else.
BeetleThe Beetle is a Fish with a worse ability. The 2/3 statline is fantastic (see the Fish page for a more detailed analysis), but that’s about all it has going for it.
The Beetle’s ability isn’t very good. It can buff 2/2s to 2/3s, which is good, but then you lose an animal slot, so it evens out. After the first few rounds, its ability becomes pretty negligible.
Overall, the Beetle is a good early game unit, definitely worth the buy in rounds 1 and 2. However, it’s generally outclassed by the Fish
CockroachSince the Cockroach’s stats are fixed at the start of combat, it is used for pure stats. Buffing its during non-combat is trivial and thus only good for early game isn’t recommended to be kept for very long.
The Cockroach can become very strong in the earlygame paired with the Moth as it becomes a 4/4 unit at turn 1 and a 5/4 unit at turn 2, making it able to get through multiple units in the early rounds and is only traded by Pig and by opposing Moths buffing other pets.
KiwiDue to being a Tier 1 Pet with sell ability, it is suggested to sell it as soon as possible because you will get more powerful pets later.
Though, it is still a good ability for Tier 1, as it gives a permanent buff.
ChinchillaThe Chinchilla starts with 2/2 which is okay for a tier 1 pet, but it is primarily used similarly to the Pig, as selling it provides a Loyal Chinchilla which you can also sell for 1 Gold.
Frilled DragonFrilled Dragon, is a very effective Pet as of early game. With pets with useful faint abilities like Ant and Cricket, it will gain many stats and bring guaranteed wins at early game.
However, it quickly gets outshined by many other pets with a permanent buff ability, such as Giraffe and the Penguin, and it’s hard to keep many pets with faint abilities midgame. Although keeping it is still possible, it forces the player to level up the Frilled Dragon.
Overall, it is still a good early game pet, however is a good choice to sell it after a player reached mid-game.
MarmosetBeing a tier 1 pet, the Marmoset is still extremely weak. Except for being slightly superior at health, it neither works in battle or out-game, instead, it just helps saving 1 for rolling the shop. It means that it should not be kept long and is suggested to be sold as quick as you got stronger animals.
MothMoth is not that good in the early game, because most pets it can buff have low health, and having multiple might be completely useless.
Moth can become good later into the game when you have pets with lemon or melon to make use of the attack more.
SlothThe Sloth is a simple pet to use. When you see it, buy it.
Now, to some, this makes no sense. The Sloth is a 1/1 with no ability. Why would anyone take it? Of course, the answer is simple: it does have an ability. It’s simply too powerful to depict in the text of the game.
So what is this incredible ability? We don’t know for sure, but we have some theories. One notable thing is what happens on the rare occasion that the Sloth is not taken. One of my friends showed me on his phone that he got a Sloth in his shop, but he didn’t end up taking it. The next day, he got hit by a Bus. On its own, this might be a coincidence, sure. A bit later, however, my other friend rolled past a Sloth, while she was home sick. The next day, a Bus drove through her front door and hit her while she was on the couch.
DodoThe Dodo, although situational, can prove to be quite powerful if used right. It can be used in combination with animals like the Crab, that has high health but lacks the attack to be viable on its own, or the Rooster, summoning multiple high-attack Chicks after fainting. The Peacock can also be used in combination with the Dodo, as it allows the Peacock to gain even more attack with its ability.
ElephantThe Elephant can either be very strong or very weak depending on what pets you pair with it. The elephant pairs best with pets that have a hurt ability.
Ignoring all of it’s synergies, it’s sometimes worth buying an Elephant for a turn or two just for the good stat line. You can negate the downside by placing it in the back of your team.
One of the benefits of Elephant is that it guarantees at least one hurt trigger, as hurt abilities aren’t triggered when a pet is fainted in one hit.
FlamingoSimilar to the Ant, but stronger and tier 2. Giving the Flamingo a Sleeping Pill is similar to using a Salad Bowl, except it’s available one tier earlier.
You can also control which 2 pets get the 1/1 buff at the cost of an extra gold (3 to buy the Flamingo and 1 to use the Sleeping Pill). It’s very easy to fit a Flamingo on any team, and pill it later for a nice buff. Overall, the Flamingo is a nice pick in Tier 2.
HedgehogThe Hedgehog is the definition of risk-reward. It can deal a LOT of damage to the enemy team, but it can greatly weaken your team, too. It can also serve as an early version of Badger, if you get unlucky.
RatThis Pet will spawn multiple easy targets to kill for your team, while it may seem to be a detriment at first, a good amount of animals benefit from this ability (e.g. Hippo, Rhino).
To avoid less or no Dirty Rats being spawned, the Rat must create some space in the enemy team first through fainting an opposing Pet, making Meat and Steak two excellent Food buffs.
ShrimpWhile the Shrimp’s ability can be powerful in extreme cases, its modest payoff will typically not be worth the significant investment required.
SwanThe Swan is a commonly used Pet, as it provides extra Gold, which is considered a great ability for a Tier 2 Pet.
The Swan is a potential great pet, but because of the poor stats, you can try to buff it with a Monkey or a Penguin.png Penguin. As for late game, a Tyrannosaurus will be even better, as the Swan + T-Rex combination often benefits each other.
ToucanThe Toucan is a pretty decent tier 2 pet, but it falls off pretty quickly in the late-game. That’s because most of the best late-game held food have one use, such as Melon, Pepper, and Steak. Those foods disappear before Toucan faints, negating its effect.
Tabby Cat
Atlantic Puffin
Guinea Pig
JellyfishThe Jellyfish can be one of the strongest Tier 2 pets when used right, being able the carry a team using sheer stats.
While the Jellyfish may not seem worth it at first, essentially being 9 Gold for a minimal, it can be thought of as a free bonus on top of the benefits you get from levelling a pet up. This is similar to how the Clownfish works.
StorkThe Stork may seems very useless when first bought, but it can be unexpectedly powerful by levelling it up and from getting higher turns.
Overall, the stork is very weak at first but its effect will be multiplied quickly. It is worth buying in the long run, however may be a waste of slot in early game thus considering whether buying it is necessary is important.
YakSince the Yak has an ability that causes damage to itself, it can be paired with pets with the Friend Hurt activated ability such as the Koala. The Yak also offers good base stats for how early it appears in the shop.
Gold FishThe Gold Fish can be seen as a more volatile Swan, as in late game it can save up to 6 gold per turn, or none if you do not buy any pets. Buying and selling the Pets that are discounted by it’s Level 3 ability will net you 1 Gold per Pet.
Keeping a Pet frozen through multiple rounds will stack the discount, to a minimum of 0 Gold.
Goldfish works best when incorporated into a buy/sell build. By pairing it with a Dog, Buffalo, and/or Starfish, you can almost guarantee that you make good use of your discounted pets.
A good strategy with goldfish is to freeze the pets you want it to discount to guarantee it discounts something good.
BadgerThe Badger has decent stats, but its ability can be self sabotaging.
However, if the Badger is placed at the back, it will only hurt your opponent’s animals. This means that the Badger can turn losses into draws, if its ability faints the last animal.
The Badger synergizes incredibly well with Honey. The Honey Bee will win a draw if on the last animal, and the Badger can draw losses if in the last spot. This creates an infamous combo: the Badger faints the last enemy then creates a Bee, turning what would otherwise be a loss into a win. During the late game, Extra Life works better although the 1 to 3 damage probably won’t amount too much. Still, if a base stats Monkey is at the back, you might draw instead of lose.
BlowfishAbilities that deal direct damage can be stronger than what it might look at first glance as you are dealing damage without taking damage back.
The best synergies for Blowfish include having an Elephant in the front. While less viable, Hedgehog might also work in the early game. This, however, will result in a weaker team in the late game, and most likely a streak of losses.
CamelThe Camel is best when paired with animals that cause damage to the player’s own team, like Elephant and Rat (via Dirty Rat) that can do small amounts of damage.
DogThe Dog has low stats, and its ability to buff itself in battle is decidedly weak compared to those of pets like the Hippo or Shark. However, the Dog appears before these units, and can permanently buff itself outside of battle like a lesser version of the Buffalo. To maximize the Dog’s value, buy it early and sell many pets. A summoning team featuring units like the Sheep and the Fly, meanwhile, will complement its in-battle ability.
RabbitThe rabbit works best with pets that have abilities that trigger when they eat shop food. Since Rabbit gives bonus health to all pets that eat, it is advisable to use food that multiple pets eat. Salad is a good option as its available the same Tier Rabbit is. Sushi allows you you maximize the health bonus since 3 random pets eat sushi.
TurtleA Turtle is strong when paired with a Microbe. Once the Microbe has spread Weak, a Turtle can faint to pass on Melon Armor to units in the back. This removes Weak, even after the armor is broken.
Hatching Chick
Tropical Fish
ClownfishThe Clownfish is a versatile unit that can give a good boost to your pets. It goes especially well with Jellyfish, as their buffs compound with each other. It’s often beneficial to buy a clownfish or two right before levelling up a pet just for the extra stats. A good strategy is to run double clownfish until you can level it up. Also note that the Clownfish will buff itself on level up. Clownfish is often worth keeping throughout your entire run, although it’s okay to replace it if something better comes about.
The Clownfish also works with Pug, White Tiger, and Blobfish as its ability also works in battle. You can either use these pets to level up a pet in battle while you wait for a way to permanently level it up or put a tiger behind your clownfish to give even more stats.
LeechThe Leech is useful when paired with pets that have hurt abilities. The leech can used as either a tall scaler or a wide scaler depending on the unit it’s put behind.
StarfishThe Starfish is a strong pet when paired with good pets. The Starfish is great for team scaling, buy-sell builds and having multiple Starfish is also good.
The Starfish’s ability is best used in buy-sell builds. Buy-sell builds use most if not all of your money and having a Swan is great with it for extra gold. If you are playing on Expansion Pack 3, Grapes or a Hammershark is really good.
Other pets to use the Starfish with are the Dog and Buffalo.
WoodpeckerThe Woodpecker can be used in a variety of different ways including triggering hurt abilities, breaking peppers and melons. You can also put Pineapple on the Wood pecker to make it do more damage.
Triggering hurt abilities could give your team a stat boost at the start of battle. Pets like the Triceratops, Armadillo, Piranha and Koala can benefit from the Woodpecker.
The Woodpecker can be put at the front of your team to damage enemies at the start of battle. This can be very useful in battle. You can also put a Toad on your team to make it stronger. The Woodpecker damages the first 2 enemy pets who then have the Weak effect.
AardvarkAn Aardvark may looks strong, but not as strong as you might expect. In Arena mode, its ability sometimes never works due to the ability activate only when the enemy team summoned an animal, which means team that are not summoning-team will be advantageous to this animal.
BearIn most cases, Bear is next to useless and does not worth to buy. Though, it can be powerful in rare cases:
This can sometimes be useful overall, though you could just end up losing due to giving extra Honey Bees to a summoning team.
Emperor Tamarin
WaspThe Wasp synergizes very well with a Croissant, but is still typically only worth taking if you get it from a level up. In the right situations, it can make for a very early 50/50. You need a Lollipop once you get the Wasp to 50 attack, and then within a few rounds the attack can re-up itself again to 50, with very little investment on your part, but lots of luck. If you don’t want to focus to much on this low-tier unit, then giving it a Pepper can make it a decent Pet that trades favorably.
BlobfishThe Blobfish should be placed in front of a pet with a Faint ability which is Level 1 1/2 or 2 2/3. This improves the Faint trigger on them, it can also be used for a flat out +2 Attack +2 Health.
BisonThe Bison is a mid-game Pet that buffs itself, and is considered a great ability. Though, due to its ability works only when there is a level 3 friend, it is strongly recommended to upgrade early-game Pets.
The Bison is a very good mid-game Pet that could be extremely powerful with buffers like the Monkey, and worth keeping until the game ends. But of course, it should only be bought when you already have a level 3 pet, otherwise the Bison will not be able to buff until late-game.
HippoUsing the Hippo as the team’s main tank, it can benefit from the abilities of life-increasing Pets (e.g. Rabbit). As a front tank it’s advised to use either Melon Armor or Garlic Armor. Earlier in a run Bone Attack is an option, though later on it is better switched out for the previously mentioned Food buffs. The Hippo, being a Tier 4, means it’s relatively easy to get and level up, allowing it to potentially be one of the best mid- to late-game tanks in the Standard Pack.
ParrotThe Parrot is a versatile pet, commonly used in Sniper teams (e.g. Crocodile, Dolphin). By putting a Parrot behind a pet, it’ll exactly like that pet would in battle.
The Parrot will fit in a lot of teams and will prove itself a worthwhile Pet, though it gets outshined by the very similar Tiger later in the run.
Another strategy is to buff and level-up a parrot and then use it to copy the ability of a Tier 6 pet with a strong in battle ability, such as the Leopard. Since the Parrot appears in the shop much earlier, it’s much easier to get it levelled and buffed up than the Tier 6 it is copying.
PenguinThe Penguin is used to AOE buff all of your friends, this makes penguin better in a build revolving around big friends. (A common build Penguin is run in is Bison Build, which revolves around buffing a Bison to 50/50)
SquirrelThe Squirrel’s ability can save a maximum of two gold per turn, if both of the initial food offerings are bought. This effect can be significant if fully utilized (often easier said than done), but it must be weighed against the abilities of other Tier 4 pets and their comparatively higher stats.
WhaleWhale is useful if used together with summoning Pets (e.g. Deer), or if used with units that buff others upon fainting (e.g. Mammoth, Turtle), essentially allowing you to use a Pets faint effect twice. The Whale combos well with units that have the mushroom effect (Scorpion, Mammoth) The Whale also has high base stats, allowing it to benefit from the Pets mentioned before. Overall, the Whale has 1 niche, but it is exceptional at that niche due to there being no other Pet like it.
The Whale is generally put into the second slot of your team so that if the pet it is supposed to be swallowing gets sniped, it doesn’t swallow the pet in front of it. (e.g. Mosquito snipes and kills Deer in second slot & Whale in third slot swallows your own Mosquito in first slot).
BuffaloIf bought early, the Buffalo can prove itself to be one of the strongest members in your team. If you have a flexible 5th slot, or just play the game normally, the Buffalo will buff itself. While a +1/+1 doesn’t seem very impressive at first, it is incredibly easy to get a Buffalo to Level 2+. The Buffalo works very well with the Swan, due to the Swan giving you more money to buy more Pets allowing the Buffalo to get stronger. It is the superior version of the Dog.
LobsterThe Lobster at a glance looks like a weaker Turkey, and that’s because it is. Its ability doesn’t work in battle, i.e. the reason you use Turkey in the first place. So it’s more like a Can that takes up an animal slot (and has bad stats to boot). Since the Lobster is in the same tier as Canned Food and only one tier below Turkey, there’s no reason to even consider it.
MicrobeA Microbe is strong when paired with a Turtle. Once every animal has weak, a Turtle can faint to pass on Melon Armor to units in the back. This removes Weak, even after the armor is broken.
AnteaterThe Anteater is a strong pet. It is very good with summon builds. Always summoning 2 ants, the Anteater can do a lot of damage.
The Vulture is a great pet to go with the Anteater because it gets at least 3 triggers, doing a lot of damage to the enemy team. The Shark also gets 3 triggers making it a sizeable buff.
Mushroom and Popcorn are also really good Food to go with the Anteater, getting you more summons.
HawkThe Hawk is a versatile sniper. At level 1, you can place it in the backmost position for a chance to snipe engines such as Turkey. At level 2 and 3, it is recommended to place it in a more front-orientated position, for a possibility to trade with the frontmost enemy successfully.
PlatypusThe Platypus’ main purpose is to be bought and sold in buy/sell strategies. This is the blessing for buy/sell strategies since it can summon up to 3 pets in total (including itself) outside of battle and all of them can be sold, making it costless to buy and use.
Praying MantisPraying Mantis should mainly be placed in the front or back in the team, so it will knock out only 1 Friend. Using a team with Pets that have Friend Faints ability will buff pets’ stats enormously.
ArmadilloIt goes very well with leech. Rat or mantis are good as well.
JerboaPair this with a high level Mouse to get a lot of apples.
LynxThe Lynx is a strong pet, especially if your team has high levels. The Penguin, is a great pet to pair with it as your team should have some levels meaning that the Penguin will buff them.
The Toad is also a great pet to pair with the Lynx because the maximum damage a Lynx can do is 15. In the late game, the Toad would be good because the Lynx might not kill them. The White Tiger is good because it makes some of your team level 3, making the snipes of the Lynx do more damage.
MonkeyThe Monkey allows for excellent scaling into later rounds, especially when combined with a sturdy Pet like Hippo. The Monkey itself does not offer much in terms of base stats, especially for Tier 5, but its long-term value makes up for this.
RhinoDue to Rhinos ability, it is a good counter against summoner builds.
ScorpionGenerally, it is advised to be careful about positioning when using the Scorpion. Unless you buff it significantly, it will only be able to eliminate one enemy. Putting it at the front-most slot of your team is a great counter to teams that put their strongest-hitting pet first, as it’ll kill no matter its stats. Unless it has Melon and Coconut .
While the scorpion does have some negatives, as you can’t give it any held food except mushroom, Which is a big negative, And it has a lot of counterplay, with Raccoon, Weak, and most snipers, as they will replace with another food.
SealSeal is a Pet that fits in into Food teams perfectly, as well as practically being a scaling version of the Worm.
Seal synergizes with Cat as it’ll gain a multiplicative buff from Food while buffing other animals, allowing it to get stronger faster.
Seal also synergizes with Rabbit, at it’ll gain extra health from the Food.
SharkAny pets that spawn Tokens upon death are great in combination with the shark (like the early game Cricket or the late game Fly), as the death of the temporary unit(s), in addition to the original, buff the shark. Honey can be used in the same way, as killing the Honey Bee will buff it as well.
TurkeyThe Turkey is mainly considered as an upgrade of another friend-summoned buff pet, Horse. As you might already know, this is very nice pairing with a regular summoning build with Deer, Anteater, etc.
Overall, it is quite easy to use, but in some cases Crocodile can kill in the start of battle due to Turkey’s poor base stat. Either put it on the fourth place or buff it.
ChickenThe chicken has horrendous stats. However, you are very likely running a buy/sell build, and as such, Starfish, Buffalo or anything with large stats in general will compensate and keep up.
The chicken, as a pet, is not hard to use. When you see a Tier 1 pet, buy it and immediately sell it after, also triggering pets such as Dog or Dragon. If you don’t have enough gold, freeze it for later use. Of course, you have to sell existing pets in your party in process for larger units in your shop that it buffed. If you are lucky, you can even get a big chicken in the shop to merge to give huge stats for itself, which is beneficial.
Polar Bear
Siberian Husky
Sword Fish
HyenaHyena’s ability is interesting, but does not actually worth buying. It only swaps the stats of all Pets, and is outclassed by nearly all other Tier 5 Pets.
Overall, the Hyena is considered one of the worst pets, and is not worth taking up an animal slot.
BoarWhile the Boar may appear to be a better Hippo, it being a Tier 6 means that scaling it is harder, as it appears later in the game.
Additionally, for a Tier 6 animal, its effect is rather underwhelming, and usually won’t matter in the late game, as most animals will already be scaled, with additional useful effects, like the Rhino.
In such late games, a pet will mostly be knocked-out in a few hits, so the buff won’t work a lot. Though, using this for dealing with a high health enemy is great, as it will get a larger attack stat buff since Release 18.
CatCat is a versatile late game scaler that can generate insane stats with its common synergies like the Cow, the Worm and Seal although cat doesn’t need these pets to be a viable option. For the most statistical value out of the cat it is best to buy foods like sushi and pizza for wide spread scaling as they provide the most net stats.
FlyTypically the Fly is played in a summon build with Pets such as the Turkey.png Turkey and the Tiger.png Tiger, but it’s usually good even on its own, since it gives you 3 (5/5) stats just for 3 Gold, and gets doubled when it levels up.
GorillaThe Gorilla can be paired with a Pepper, meaning that it will always trigger its ability, gaining Coconut, guaranteeing that it will be able to attack at least 3 times. This is opposed to giving it Melon, which runs the risk of you Gorilla not taking damage, and therefore not gaining Coconut.
If paired with a Leech, the Gorilla can get permanent Coconut, and still have triggers in the battle.
One fun yet impractical setup is to put a Parrot behind the Gorilla, and a Leech behind the Parrot. The Parrot will gain permanent Coconut, regardless of if the Leech triggers before the Parrot.
MammothThe Mammoth is generally outclassed. Using a Pill on a Mammoth is pretty solid, but the T-Rex’s ability is 1 gold more efficient. Or, if you have 3 gold and an empty slot, you can buy it at the front, then hopefully pill it next turn. Overall though, the T-Rex and the Dragon are a lot better for wide scaling, and the Scorpion is a better 1-turn unit.
SnakeThe Snake is best put behind a strong pet, but can also be put behind summoners for extra triggers. Pets like the Hippo and Boar are pretty good with the Snake because they gain health and attack. The Snake can be put behind a pet with Pepper, for an extra trigger. The Snake can be countered by Bus, pets with Chili and sniping teams.
TigerThe Tiger is a very useful and versatile Pet, though most commonly used in builds revolved sniping (e.g. Snake, Crocodile) or summoning builds behind a Turkey. Tiger also be used in conjunction with Pets that buff themselves during combat (e.g. Kangaroo, Hippo), though far less used.
The Tiger is very similar to the Parrot, but one can be better than the other in certain situations (e.g. Tiger is better for Snake). Overall a Tiger is a solid addition to most teams and one of the best Pets in the game, though it being a Tier 6 means it is a late-game animal and can’t appear too often.
TyrannosaurusWhilst the Tyrannosaurus is an extremely powerful Pet which quickly scales the entire team, it might not be very good for Food-based Pets like Seal due to food costing gold and will not be very appropriate.
Planning on a Double Tyrannosaurus squad will synergize pretty well. The T-Rex’s ability does not buff itself. Thus, an extra one will solve this, plus providing a double buff.
HammersharkThe Hammershark is a decently strong Tier 6 units. Since it doesn’t have an active ability, it is best gotten early from a level-up, when there’s lives to spare and time to get value of its ability. Alternatively, if there’s 3 gold left and nothing better in the shop.
To get the most value from the extra gold, use pets that gain more value the more happens during the turn: the best examples are buy-sell teams and food teams. On the contrary, scalers like Penguin, Monkey, and Giraffe get little use out of the extra gold.
KomodoThe Komodo’s design philosophy is that it focuses on raw power, disregarding positioning-heavy builds. Unfortunately, it is outclassed by other AoE scalers such as Poodle or Penguin, maybe for their lower tiers.
OrcaWith over 20 faint abilities in the game, the Orca is an incredibly luck based pet. The Orca can range from weak to amazing depending on luck and how you utilize
While the Orca is sometimes underwhelming on it’s own, where it truly shines is when it’s paired with the Vulture. The Orca can often summon pets that summon more pets on faint, such as Anteater and Stork, resulting in lot’s of pets fainting and lot’s of triggers for your Vulture. The Orca can also be given Extra Life for even more summons, although it often won’t have space for it. A better option would be Popcorns due to only spawning one pet and the fact that Orca is a Tier 6.
OstrichThe Ostrich buff itself for every Tier 5 or Tier 6 animals there are in the shop at the end of the turn. It is beneficial to freeze animals in those tiers so the Ostrich is guaranteed a buff.
Sabertooth TigerThe Sabertooth Tiger can summon many really strong pets. Even if the pets are Tier 1, they have really strong stats. The Sabertooth Tiger can be really good when paired with a Tiger or with Lemon, and Pepper.
SpinosaurusThe Spinosaurus is commonly used on summoning teams for providing abundance of extra stats. This strategy is requires some luck, as it is barely good against Lemons.
StegosaurusStegosaurus is very great for pets that have abilities based on their strength or health, such as Rooster, Leopard, or Dodo.
Scorpion is also not a bad idea if you run a build with stegosaurus placed behind. It starts at 1/1 and will only be able to eliminate one enemy, therefore a stegosaurus will give it a hefty buff and can be powerful.
VelociraptorThe Velociraptor is an insanely strong pet that gives Coconut to your friends that have Strawberry. The Velociraptor is great with pets that have high attack or high health
AlpacaAlthough it might seem bad, the Alpaca is really strong. At level 2, any Pets that you buy will automatically be Level 2. This is really strong for pets like the Eagle, Octopus, Boar, Leopard and any other pets that have great abilities at level 2.
Leveling the Alpaca to Level 3 is not very efficient since it only gives bought pet Level 2 and 1 XP so its best to keep it at Level 2. This pet also synergizes the best with other Level-up pets like Clownfish and Jellyfish.
LionessThe Lioness is a good pet if you get it early, but due to how late you get it, it falls off later in the game.
WalrusWalrus is a potential great Pet, as Peanuts do even more than Steak.png Steak, allowing a friend to possibly killing the opponent’s strongest unit at once.
Though, due to the ability giving a random friend Peanut, it is risky because Peanut may replaces any other Effects.
Furthermore, Peanut loses badly to Melon.png Melon if the player decides to give a friend with below 20 Attack.png, simply because Peanut’s guarantee knock-out will not trigger if it fails to hurt the opposing enemy Pet.
White TigerWhite Tiger with a Parrot behind can be extremely useful as it will make the Parrot level 3 and the parrot will make the rest of the team level 3. (It is basically an exploit) Though, the player to keep in mind that the Parrot’s attack damage must be lower than the White Tiger, or the order will go wrong.

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