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Sun Tzu talent tree build 2024 [Rise of Kingdoms]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Sun Tzu talent tree build in Rise of Kingdoms. Best Sun Tzu build guides for Rise of Kingdoms 2024. Learn more about Sun Tzu’s skill, background.

Sun Tzu Talent Tree builds

Infantry Talent Tree
Garrison Talent Tree
Skill Talent Tree


Art of War (Active Skill)

Rage Requirement: 1000

Deals extra damage to the target(s) on the following turn after doing direct damage to up to three targets in a fan-shaped area. Sun Tzu becomes even more enraged with every target this skill hits.

Philosophy of War (Passive Skill)

Soldiers in the garrison of your own city suffer less damage while this commander is in charge of it.

Master Strategist (Passive Skill)

This commander’s troops suffer less damage and their infantry units have more health.

Ever-changing Tactics (Passive Skill)

This commander’s troops deal more skill damage.

Book of Aeons Enhanced: Art of War

Damage Factor 800: Deals direct damage to up to five targets in a fan-shaped area. Damage Factor 200: Deals additional damage to the target or targets on the next round. For every target this skill hits, Sun Tzu earns an extra 50 anger points.


During the Eastern Zhou era of ancient China, Sun Tzu was a military strategist, philosopher, writer, and commander. The Art of War, a very significant work of military strategy that has influenced military thinking and philosophy in both East Asian and Western cultures, is often attributed to Sun Tzu. Since its creation, Sun Tzu’s writings have been highly regarded and applied to East Asian combat. The Art of War gained prominence and found application in Western society over the twentieth century. It still has an impact on a wide range of competitive activities in the West and East Asia, including modern military, politics, business, and culture.

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