Smite Bacchus Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Bacchus Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!

Bacchus’s Voice Lines

Introduction“I need a drink!”
“It’s party time!”
“Who’s ready to party?!”
“Who’s ready to party?!”
Abilities(1) Chug
(2) Belly Flop
“Hello!” (Unused)
(4) Intoxicate
“You clearly need a drink!”
“Who’s thirsty?!”
“Have a drink!”
“You made me waste my wine!”
“What have I done?!”
“No! My wine!”
“Argh! My wine!”
Movement“I heard there’s a huge party this way.”
“Who’s ready to party?”
“Now, where was I going again?”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
“Am I starting to look handsome?”
“Have a nice hangover!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
Burp Oh! That felt good!”
“To celebrate, Hiccup let’s have a Bacchanalia! Hahahaha! Burp Ugh…”
When destroying a Tower
“See you later!”
“Say what?”
Death“I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!”
“Party’s over already?”
“I may have hit my limit!”
“I think I’ve had a few… too… many!”
“I’ll be feeling this tomorrow…”
TauntsWhile Sober
“Don’t be a party pooper.”
“Do be reasonable.”
“I’d share, but you don’t look like you could hold your drinks.”
“What are you? Some sort of lightweight?”
While Tipsy
“What’s the matter? Can’t you hold your drinks?”
“Just ’cause I’ve had a few doesn’t mean I don’t have my wits about me!”
“Now, now! Let’s not let… sips come to flows! Hohohohoho!”
While Smashed
“Let me at ’em!”
“You don’t look so tough, tough guy!”
“Alright, big guy, we’ll settle this outside! You heard me!”
“Toga! Toga! Toga! Hahah!”
JokesWhile Sober
“I could really use a drink.”
“…I am parched!”
“I don’t often drink wine, but when I do- No, wait, I always drink wine!”
“I have a serious drinking problem: I think I’m all out!”
While Tipsy
“I think I’m feeling it… Feeling tipsy! Hahahaha!”
“This wine is truly a nectar of the gods!”
Burp Oops! Hahaha, truly a nectar of the gods!”
“I propose a toast!”
While Smashed
“I know when I’ve had too much, and now isn’t then!”
“Don’t drink and drive… a chariot!”
“Listen! Shhh, listen! I’ve got a secret for you!”

Bacchus’s Voice Actors

Chris Rager is the voice of Bacchus in SMITE.

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