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Shaman Auto Chess Build 2021: Items, Comps & Skill

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Shaman Build in Auto Chess Mobile.

Best Shaman build guides for Auto Chess Mobile 2021. I works hard to keep my’s Auto Chess Mobile builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Shaman build for the meta. Learn more about Shaman’s Items, Comps & Skill.


Active when you have certain number pieces of this class on board, each level of the same synergy effect stacks

  • 2: Change a random enemy unit into a penguin when battle starts for 6s
  • 4:At the start of a battle, hexes a random enemy into penguin for 6s. And all Shamans get a buff: when killed by an enemy piece, hexes the enemy into a random chess piece of the same cost and the same star level.

Items build


Lava Shaman

Storm Shaman

The Scryer

Sunchaser Shaman


Defector: Transforms an enemy piece into a harmless penguin, disabling their attacks and abilities in 4 seconds.

Lava Shaman: Summons a Lava Swirl with a radius of 1.5 grids centered on herself, 2 seconds later, all the enemies in the swirl suffer 150 Pure damage and are silenced for 2.5 seconds.

Storm Shaman: Creates a damaging static storm that also silence enemy units in the area for 2 seconds. Dealing as maximum as 150 magical damages per second.

The Scryer: Active: Casts an ability based on the highest activated tier Class/Race Synergy of the enemy’s lineup (with at least 3 chess pieces). Passive: Regenerates 10 Mana per second. When the first enemy’s Mana is full, Silence it for 3 seconds. Mage/Shaman/Divinity: Electromagnetic Pulse, Warrior/Cave Clan/Goblin: Darkfeathered Servants, Mech/Warlock/Marine: Blood Surge, Hunter/Assassin/Glacier: Sonic Attack, Knight/Human/Egersis: Bolt of Lightning, Beast/Feathered/Demon: Earth’s Fury, Druid/Spirit/Dragon: Whirlwind Attack.

Sunchaser Shaman: Pound the ground with spirits drum, creating a straight line of impassable rock area, Knocking back any enemy units in the area to the nearest grid, stunning them and dealing Physical Damage.

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