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Auto Chess Mobile Tier List (June 2024)


Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update the Auto Chess Mobile Tier List for 2024 ranks every chess in Auto Chess from the least viable to the best in ranked games.

Auto Chess Tier List

Tier list is a tool that allows players to see which chess are performing well in the current meta.

S+Rogue Guard, Khan, God of Thunder, Tsunami Stalker, Dark spirit, Devastator, Helicopter, Strange Egg, Frostblaze Dragon, The Scryer, Sacred Lancer, Space Walker, Phantom Queen, Shining Assassin, Cannon Granny, Redfox Swordsman, Shadow Devil, Bad Omen, Light Spirit, Soul Blade, Dualplot.
Rogue GuardKhanGod of ThunderTsunami StalkerDark spiritDevastatorHelicopterHelicopterStrange EggFrostblaze DragonThe ScryerSacred LancerSpace WalkerPhantom QueenShining_AssassinCannon_GrannyRedfox SwordsmanShadow DevilBad Omenlight -spiritSoul BladeDualplot
SDoom Arbiter, Cave Prodigy, Thorn Predator, Razorclaw, Dragon Knight, Siren, Storm Shaman, Venomancer, Pirate Captain, Tortola Elder, Soul Reaper, Grimtouch, Sunchaser Shaman, Jade General, Thunder Trace, Dominator, Fire Spirit
Doom ArbiterCave_Prodigythorn-predatorRazorclawDragon KnightSirenStorm ShamanVenomancerPirate CaptainTortola ElderSoul ReaperGrimtouchSunchaser ShamanJade GeneralThunder TraceDominatorFire Spirit
AGem Artisan, Umbra, Evil Knight, Venom, Warpwood Sage, Wind Ranger, Shadowcrawler, Werewolf, Argali Knight, Flamming Wizard, Poisonous worm, Fallen Witcher, Lord of Sand, Thunder Spirit, Fortune Teller, Grand Herald, God of War, Dwarf Sniper, Abyssalcrawler, Skull Hunter, Swordman, Water Spirit, Hell Knight, Spider Queen, Otter Hunter, Berserker, Nightmare, Ghost Kid, Plume Warrior
Gem ArtisanUmbraEvil KnightVenomWarpwood SageWind RangerShadowcrawlerWerewolfargali-knightFlamming WizardPoisonous wormFallen WitcherLord of SandThunder SpiritFortune TellerGrand HeraldGod of WarDwarf SniperAbyssalcrawlerSkull HunterSwordmanWater SpiritHell KnightSpider Queenotter-hunter-auto-chessBerserkerNightmareGhost KidPlume Warrior
BSoul Devourer, Lightblade Knight, Wisper Seer, Desperate Doctor, Abyssal Guard, Ripper, Heaven Brew, Tusk Champion, Taboo Witcher, Frost Knight, Egersis Ranger, Stone Spirit, Heaven Bomber, Soul Breaker, Ember Blade, Shining Archer, Sunchaser Servant, Deep Dive
Soul DevourerLightblade KnightWisper SeerDesperate DoctorAbyssal GuardRipperHeaven BrewTusk ChampionTaboo WitcherFrost KnightEgersis RangerStone SpiritHeaven BomberSoul BreakerEmber BladeShining ArcherSunchaser ServantDeep Dive
CUnicorn, Winter Chiropteran, Goddess of Light, Sky Breaker, Redaxe Chief, Defector, Resentful Murk.
unicornWinter ChiropteranGoddess of LightSky BreakerRedaxe ChiefdefectorResentful Murk
DOgre Mage.
Ogre Mage

S+ Tier


Rogue Guard: Deals 50% splash physical damage to enemies within 2.5 grids. Active: All ally Demon pieces’ attack increases by 150 for 60 seconds.

Khan: Slash a crack ahead with the axe, pulling enemy units within range toward the crack after 3 seconds and stunning them for 2 seconds while dealing damage equals to their maximum HP 10%+100 (50% is magical damage, 50% is physical damage).

God of Thunder: Summons thunder to punish at least 1 enemy piece, and has a 50% chance of dealing 15% of the target piece’s remaining HP +250 Magical damage equals to it.

Tsunami Stalker: Slam the ground, causing the tentacles to erupt in all directions and in at most 3 radius, dealing 100 magical damages and stunning enemy units for 2 seconds.

Dark spirit: Deals pure damage equals to 4% of the max HP per second for enemy pieces within 3 grids. It lasts for 8 seconds.

Devastator: Plant an explosive that will detonate after 3 seconds and deal 500 physical damages to enemy units in 4 radius.

Helicopter: Call down 2 aerial missiles strike enemy units in 4 radius. Each of them deals 200 magical damages

Strange Egg: If you need 1 piece to rank up your piece, drag the Strange Egg to the target piece, and it’ll be whatever you want it to be.

Frostblaze Dragon: Builds an Icebound wall on your right, dealing 200 magical damage to enemy passing through the wall and reducing their attack speed by 30% for 3 seconds. All pieces won’t target enemies on the other side of the wall.

The Scryer: Active: Casts an ability based on the highest activated tier Class/Race Synergy of the enemy’s lineup (with at least 3 chess pieces). Passive: Regenerates 10 Mana per second. When the first enemy’s Mana is full, Silence it for 3 seconds. Mage/Shaman/Divinity: Electromagnetic Pulse, Warrior/Cave Clan/Goblin: Darkfeathered Servants, Mech/Warlock/Marine: Blood Surge, Hunter/Assassin/Glacier: Sonic Attack, Knight/Human/Egersis: Bolt of Lightning, Beast/Feathered/Demon: Earth’s Fury, Druid/Spirit/Dragon: Whirlwind Attack

Sacred Lancer: Feeds her Lance with blood, sacrificing 15 HP at each base attack, and multiple attacks will stack additional 20 Magic damage per second to the target, lasts 8 seconds; for each loss of 10% HP, increases 10% ATK speed, 10% Magic resistance and 0.5% HP regeneration per second.

Space Walker: Passive: Increases 1 level of [Chi] each time dealing damage to an enemy unit with base attack. When reaching [Chi] level 4, Heaven-shocking can be casted. Active: (Heaven-shocking): The next base attack deals 200% / 250% / 350% damage to enemy units in a straight line and stuns them for 0.5/1/2 seconds.

Phantom Queen: Deals 200 magical damages to nearby enemy units within 3 grids.

Shining Assassin: Gain 5 times of avoidance effects and 40 bonus to damage, last for 6 seconds.

Cannon Granny: Increases ATK range and fires cannons at an enemy, each cannon deals Physical damage and reduces the target’s ATK speed. The effect could be stacked.

Redfox Swordsman: Roll towards a radom enemy unit and thrust 3/4/5 time(s) in the direction of the target. Each thrust is treated as normal attack with additional 30/40/50 physical damage.

Shadow Devil: After 1.7s delay, Shadow Devil releases 8 shockwaves around itself, each dealing 200 magical damage. For every piece in the lineup that activates a Demon Synergy, the number of shockwaves +1.

Bad Omen: Summon several Lava Demons, which exist for several seconds, dealing pure damage to enemies within several grids and stunning them for a certain of seconds. If enemies die during Lava Demon’s presence, there is a chance to summon more Lava Demons. A Lava demon has Scorch and Lava Fist skills. Scorch: Deals magical damage to enemies within several grids per second. Lava Fist: Deals extra pure damage to enemy units around several grids of the target when attacking.

Light Spirit: Passive: After 3 base attacks, the next base attack will petrify the target for 1s. Passive: When enemies are under the control effects, use light Armor to launch two more attacks on the target, each dealing 100/200/300 pure damage. The control effects include Silence, Stun, Disarm, Petrify, Taunt, Knock-up.

Soul Blade: Passive: At the beginning of the battle, the Soul Blade has 3/4/5 Soul Marks, and each time releasing an active ability gains 2 Soul Marks. Each base attack will consume 1 Soul Marks. Active: The Soul Blade leaves an Astral Body in the original grid and teleports to the farthest grid where an enemy is touchable. Soul Mark: Inflicts additional fixed physical damage equal to the piece’s ATK 100%* the current number of Soul Marks.

Dualplot: Dualplot gets 1 stack of [Chi] every skill cast by ally Pandaman units. When [Chi] accumulates to a certain number of stacks. [Candle Shades] can continue with subsequent moves.

S Tier


Doom Arbiter: Silence an enemy piece, dealing 60 pure damages in 10 seconds.

Cave Prodigy: Summons a unit of the highest cost that has been killed in this round, grants it with 100 initial mana. If it’s a chess piece or a summon, it will have the same star level as Cave Prodigy; if it’s a creep, then it will stay the same.

Thorn Predator: The Predator activates a Thorn Shell which can reflect and disable the damage received (each attacker can only be applied once), and stun the attacker for 1 seconds. The Thorn Shell lasts for 4 seconds.

Razorclaw: Summon a spirit bear with its attack has a 20% chance to entangle an enemy unit for 3 seconds.

Dragon Knight:Transforms into a powerful dragon form, granting additional 2 grids of attack range and 100 attack damages. Normal attack deals consitent magical damage.

Siren: During 3 seconds, any enemy units in 4 radius looking at Siren will have their attack speed slowed for 30%. If 2 seconds of total time is accumulated looking at Siren, that piece will turn to stone for 2 seconds.

Storm Shaman: Creates a damaging static storm that also silence enemy units in the area for 2 seconds. Dealing as maximum as 150 magical damages per second.

Venomancer: Generates acid mist for 15 seconds that reduces the enemy Armor by 7 if affected by the mist. Meanwhile, enters a chemically induced rage that reduces basic attack cooldown to 0.7, and restores HP by 50 every second for 60 seconds.

Pirate Captain: Summon a ghostly ship smashes the target area, causing 1 seconds of stunning and 150 damages.

Tortola Elder: Channels for at most 3 seconds then release a pulsing wave, dealing at most 300 magical damages to enemy units in its path.

Soul Reaper: Deal 100 magical damages to enemy units and 100 heal to allied units in 3 radius.

Grimtouch: Releases a forward ink wave, deals 100 Magical Damage to enemies along the path, each piece hit increases damage by 30, accompanied with 1x Ink Touch effect. Ink Touch: Target skill attack on any Ink Touched pieces would be imposed on all other directional Ink Touched pieces.

Sunchaser Shaman: Pound the ground with spirits drum, creating a straight line of impassable rock area, Knocking back any enemy units in the area to the nearest grid, stunning them and dealing Physical Damage.

Jade General: Summons rocks from the edge of the chessboard, striking a row or column each time, stunning enemy units in a straight line and dealing physical damage. Resets the ability CD time immediately when killing an enemy unit.

Thunder Trace: Turns into a ball lighting, charging across the chessboard. Deals magical damage to enemies on his path. The damage is increased by for every one grid he passes. Resets the ability CD time immediately when killing an enemy.

Dominator: Active: Cast a special space that lasts 4/5/6 seconds centered on a random enemy unit. Any unit that enters the space is subject to spatial imprisonment; while the space exists, its own attack speed is increased by 100%/100%/100%.

Fire Spirit:

Fire Spirit transforms into a fire seed, tauning enemies within 2 grids for 5 seconds. After the fire seed form ends, Fire Spirit deals 350/600/1000 magical damage to enemies within 1 grids, and recovers 100% HP. Fire Seed: Cannot attack or move, inherits 100% stats of Fire Seed, and enjoys stats and effect bonuses of Synergies and items of Fire Spirit.

A Tier


Gem Artisan: Uses gemstone to teleport Gem Artisan (including itself and all pieces of the same name) to somewhere near a random enemy unit, dealing 150 pure damage to nearby enemies within 1 grid for every Gem Artisan that reaches the area.

Umbra: Freezes an ally with HP that is lower than 50%, protecting them from losing HP and recovers their HP by 20+ 10%*HP for 2 seconds

Evil Knight: Creates a shield that absorbs 200 damages in 10 seconds for an allied piece. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damages equal to the amount absorbed to an area of 3 radius around it.

Venom: Slows the targeted enemy unit’s 40% attack speed and deals 150 magical damages per second in 5 seconds.

Warpwood Sage: Deals 12.5 Magical damage to a random enemy piece within 3 grids every 0.25 seconds, and recovers his own HP based on damage dealt for 5 seconds.

Wind Ranger: Charges the bow for up to 2 seconds, dealing at most 400 damages to enemy units in the path. For each enemy that powershot hits, its damages is reduced by 10%

Shadowcrawler: Has a 10% chance to deal 3 times damages on attack

Werewolf: Transform into a wolf, granting him bonus 20 % maximum HP and summons 2 wolves to battle.

Argali Knight: Deals 200 healing to a friendly chess and 250 pure damages to all nearby enemy within 2 grids.

Flamming Wizard: Deals 500 magical damages to 1 random enemy piece. After the launch of skill, attack speed increase by 40%, lasts 30 seconds, can be stacked 2 times

Poisonous worm: Summons an unmovable plague ward which slows 40% of target’s attack speed in 5 seconds. Plague ward is immune to ability damage.

Fallen Witcher: Transform to a piece with ranged attack and change HP with a random allied units, granting him bonus 50 % attack speed and 80 damages for 60 seconds. Upon transformation.

Lord of Sand: Burrows into the ground and tunnels to the farthest piece on the board, dealing 150 damages and stun enemy units in the path for 1.5 seconds

Thunder Spirit: Release a wave of plasma that grows in power as it expands, dealing 100 damages in max radius of 3 and 10 as minimum damages.

Fortune Teller: Prevents 1 allied piece from being eliminated within 4 seconds

Grand Herald: Passive: Reduces Skill CD by 10%. Active: Clones one skill of the nearest centrosymmetric enemy when the battle starts.

God of War: Reduces Physical Damage by 30% upon receiving attack from the front, and by 15% from the side. Meanwhile, deals 200 Physical Damage to enemies within 3 grids ahead every 8 seconds.

Dwarf Sniper: Locks onto an target piece and, after 0.5 seconds of aiming, fire a shot that deals 400 magical damages to target.

Abyssalcrawler: Every Base attack will steal 3% ATK Speed from the enemy. Can stack up to 20 times.

Skull Hunter: Summons a Porcupette, who deals physical damage with base attacks

Swordman: Deals 75 magical damages per second to enemy units within 1 grids in 5 seconds

Water Spirit: Grab a nearby enemy within 1 grids, and lunches it at the farthest grid, to deal 100 physical damages and stun for 1.5 seconds

Hell Knight: Deals 50 to 200 damagess and stuns a random enemy piece for 1 to 2 seconds.

Spider Queen: Weave a web that lasts 4 seconds. The enemies on the web cannot move and 40% of their Base attack can be evaded. If the enemy dies during the effect, a small spider will be summoned.

Otter Hunter: Passive: After the battle begins, any ally has a 50%/60%/80% chance to gainthe “Delicious Shell” State for 5s when they are born. Active: Gives random 1/2/3 allies “Delicious Shell” to eat (This effect will givce priority to allies that have not eaten “Delicious Shells”.)

Berserker: When attacking enemies within 1 grids, there is a 25% chance to trigger the effect: Deals 250 physical damage to enemy pieces within 1 grids of Berserker, and has a 30% chance to dodge base attacks of enemy pieces being damaged, lasting for 5 seconds. (CD: 4 seconds)\nPassive: When attacking enemies in 1 grids away, there is a 25% chance to trigger the effect: Deals 250 physical damage to enemy pieces in a sector area of Berserker, and the ATK Speed of enemy pieces being damaged will be reduced by 30%, lasting for 5 seconds. (CD: 4 seconds).

Nightmare: Within 5 seconds, summons 1 Orb every 0.2 second that deals 115 Physical Damage to an enemy, gets Hp resoration equal to 25% of total damages dealt by the Orbs.

Ghost Kid: Anna throws the Big Head to the farthest enemy, dragging the target back to her and dealing 200 Physical Damage. If the target is dragged to be within 1 grid around Anna, deals a total of 150 Magical Damage over 3 times, and stuns the target for 4.5 seconds.

Plume Warrior: Plume Warrior wraps her fists with a gale, removing the ATK Speed limit within 10 seconds and gaining 5 combo points, which allows her to launch the same numer of quick attacks as the points. The last hit of Fist of Fale deals 10 magical damage to enemy pieces in 3 girds around the target, and reduces ATK Speed by 50% for 2 seconds. During the CD of the Fist of Gale, Plume Warrior cannot attack for 2 seconds. After releasing the skill, if all the combo points are not consumed within 2 seconds, the Fist of Gale will enter the CD.

B Tier


Soul Devourer: Drains 15 mana from an enemy piece every second for 4 seconds. Then, transfers all his mana to 1 random allied piece, reducing their CD time by 2 second if their ability is on cooldown.

Lightblade Knight: Attacks bounce between enemy pieces for at most 3 times, reducing 30% damages for every time it bounces

Wisper Seer: Summons 1 Treant to random grids on the edge of the chessboard to assist in battle.

Desperate Doctor: Launches a cask of paralyzing powder that ricochets between enemy chess pieces up to 4 times, dealing 60 damages and stunning those it hits for 1 seconds

Abyssal Guard: Randomly reduces 15 armor to an enemy unit’s for 20 seconds.

Ripper: Deals 150 pure damages to enemy units within 2 grids.

Heaven Brew: Sprays wine into an area, the wine drop will attach to the touched enemies for 5 seconds. During this period, there is a chance that the enemy’s attack can be evaded. The wine drop will be ignited when the enemy is injured by abilities, deals damages in total, and prolongs the attaching time of the wine drop.

Tusk Champion: Next normal attack launches its target into air for 1 seconds and deals 3 times damages.

Taboo Witcher: Burns an opponent’s 30 magic on each attack, dealing 60% of magic burnt bonus physical damages to the target.

Frost Knight: Snowbomb Blast: Slow enemy units of 2-grid radius 1 seconds of their movement and taking bonus 50 magical damagess every time Frost Knight attacks. Get to at most 4 stacks and last 20 seconds

Egersis Ranger: Increases 25% attack speed and 25% ATK for itself.

Stone Spirit: Grab a nearby enemy within 1 grids, and lunches it at the farthest grid, to deal 100 physical damages and stun for 1.5 seconds.

Heaven Bomber: Launches 3 rockets to strike random enemy chess pieces, each missile deals 150 magical damage to a random enemy unit.

Soul Breaker: Hurls a shuriken at a random enemy unit, dealing 300 magical damages and stunning for 0.1 seconds.

Ember Blade: Attacks all enemy units in the target area, then returning to his start location. Deals [100/200/400] bonus physical damage each time. Resets the ability CD time immediately when killing an enemy.

Shining Archer: Deals 50 – 500 Magical Damage to the farthest piece, and stuns it for 1 – 5 seconds. The longer the distance, the greater the damage and the longer the stun duration.

Sunchaser Servant:  Charges the farthest enemy unit, dealing damage and stunning it, knocking back any enemy unit on the way to the nearest grid and stunning it.

Deep Dive:

Deep Dive begis to sing and all enemies within the ability range have a chance of falling asleep every once in a while. Sleep: Unable to launch base attacks, move or cast abilities. Unable to activate the active effects of items. Any non-ability damage will wake up the sleeping pieces.

C Tier


Unicorn: When Unicorn receives base attacks, reduces the attacker’s ATK Speed by 5% for 5 seconds. Active: Heals 25 HP every 1.5 seconds to 3 random allies within 3 grids, lasting for 11 seconds.

Winter Chiropteran: Freezes an ally with HP that is lower than 50%, protecting them from losing HP and recovers their HP by 20+ 10%*HP for 2 seconds

Goddess of Light: Imprisons 1 enemy pieces for 5 seconds, disarms them and reduces their Magic Resistance by 20%, but the pieces imprisoned will be immune to Physical Damage.

Sky Breaker: Discharges magical damages at random nearby enemy chess pieces within 2 grids, dealing 50 magical damages and stunning for 0.1 seconds every 0.7 seconds up to 5 seconds.

Redaxe Chief: Taunts enemies within 1 grids, forcing them to attack himself in 2.5 seconds, while he gains 10 bonus armor

Defector:  Transforms an enemy piece into a harmless penguin, disabling their attacks and abilities in 4 seconds.

Resentful Murk: Takes aim at the farthest enemy piece, swapping positions with the target, dealing 100/200/250 magical damage, and stunning it for 2/2.5/3 seconds. Ally normal attacks give priority to the target for 2/3/4 seconds. Pierces ability immunity.

D Tier


Ogre Mage: Buffs a random Ally for 30 seconds, giving the target ally 30% chances to restore 100 Mana and resets their Ability after casting.


Rogue Guard, Khan, God of Thunder, Tsunami Stalker, Dark spirit, Devastator, Helicopter, Strange Egg, Frostblaze Dragon, The Scryer, Sacred Lancer, Space Walker, Phantom Queen, Shining Assassin, Cannon Granny, Redfox Swordsman, Shadow Devil, Bad Omen, Light Spirit are best chess for meta current. But Auto Chess Mobile is game requires time investment to excel in it. You need plan and pick the chess that fits.

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