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Savaer Heroes of Order & Chaos build: Items & Gamplay

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Savaer build in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

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Skill 1: Power Strike

  • Savaer leaps forward, damaging nearby enemies
  • Damage: 100 + TGD (TGD means tablet gain damage, ie the % gain). Enemies marked by the assassin receive an additional 40 Physical Damage.
  • Movement Speed Reduction: 40% for 3 Seconds.
  • PRO: This skill is an amazing escape & ambush skill, with a decent amount of damage and good cool down & range. This unique skill is what makes the nomad so fun to play.
  • CON: This skill has a slight delay when using it, about 0.5 seconds, time in which the enemy can still hit you. the enemy if ranged can also attack you whilst you are mid jump, which can be a problem as well.

Skill 2: Cross Slash

  • Savaer slices his enemy, causing severe bleeding Damage.
  • Damage: 30 + TGD per second for 4 seconds. Enemies marked directly by the assassin receive an additional 40 damage.
  • PRO: A great skill, useful for killing fleeing targets as well as providing Savaer with the edge in a 1 vs 1 situation.
  • CON: The scaling is reasonable, but it doesn’t scale well by the end of the game, as people have far too much dps for this skill to have as much of an impact as it does early game.

Skill 3: One Hit One Kill

Savaer becomes a true assassin.

  • Effect: Normal Attacks gain a 10% chance to mark the enemy. The mark lasts for 10 seconds. The enemy who has this mark will suffer a 10% reduction in movement and attack speeds.
  • Active: Mark the target directly
  • PRO: This skill is excellent at providing a long slow and it also amps up all of Savaers skills, it is therefore very important and it’s greatest utility is giving you the edge in terms of attack speed.
  • CON: Scaling does not increase the slow by much, just the % chance of marking the target and so it is pointless to upgrade this skill more than once, initially.

Skill 4: Scorpion Sting

  • Savaer identifies his targets weak points and strikes with lethal precision.
  • Damage: 200 + TGD. If the target has been marked by the assassin, Savaer recovers 30% of his Maximum HP.
  • PRO: good damage, and long range Ideal for chasing as the scorpion follows the target, also useful as a heal when needed, important to Savaers sustainability

CON: this skill has been known to hit the wrong target or on occasion not deliver the heal it is stated to provide.


Savaer relies heavily on attack speed and reap HP, damage is important but not so much.

As this hero utilizes surprise most heroes wont stick around to let him attack them, and so that is why speed is essential for this hero as his passive is best used when speed is high to increase the chance of using it’s effect, and also pure shock value.

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