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Best Rocket Raccoon build 2024 [Marvel Super War]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Rocket Raccoon Build in Marvel Super War.

Best Rocket Raccoon build guides for Marvel Super War 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Marvel Super War builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Rocket Raccoon build for the meta. Learn more about Rocket Raccoon’s abilities, Items, Power core & Tactic.


Rocket Raccoon Item Build

Rocket Raccoon Power Core

Rocket Raccoon Tactics

Rocket Raccoon Skills


Gun Augmentation

For every 1800 units Rocket Raccoon defeats within 1 yard, spare parts will appear on the battleground (units that were not defeated by Rocket Raccoon will not drop spare parts) and will be automatically picked up. Pick up 15 spare parts to assemble a gun enhancer.

Machine Gun Volley

Rocket Raccoon switches his gun to strafing mode for 5 seconds. The gun’s strafing attack hits enemies in the target area with three volleys, each dealing 12(+35%Physical Attack) physical damage and may also trigger critical and basic attack effects. Cooldown enhancer: Machine Gun Volley increased to 16(+40%Physical Attack) physical damage per volley.

Raccoon Sprint

Rocket Raccoon sprints along on all fours, gaining a 60% diminishing movement speed boost for 2 seconds. Thrust enhancer: Grants Raccoon Sprint a 2-second slow immunity effect.

Explosive Mine

Rocket Raccoon lays a mine at the specified location, which will explode 0.2 seconds after being tripped by an enemy hero, dealing 135(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) (+8%(Increases 1% every 40Bonus Physical Attack)Target’s Missing HP) physical damage to enemies within range and slowing them by 60% for 1 seconds (there can be a max of 4 active mines). Explosion enhancer: Explosive Mine’s slow effect is increased to 80% and lasts for 1.

Rocket Raccoon Pros and Cons


  • One of the best laners in the game. 
  • Can set up a nice ambush using his mines. 


  • Weak at the beginning of the round. 
  • Relies upon basic attacks and one skill to deal most damage,

Rocket Raccoon Gameplay

Early Game

Your first skill of choice should always be the Machine Gun Volley, as this is your main damage source throughout the game.

His attacks become aoe which is great for clearing minion waves as well as hitting the enemy hero close to the minions without being in his range.

The best way to do it is to split push the lanes and try to make something out of it, as he is not really a dueling material but he can clear lanes exceptionally fast. Don’t be hasty at the start of the round as most heroes will wipe the floor with you, so you need to play as defensive as possible and kill as many minions as you can to collect scraps.

Mid – Late game:

You should try to solo push the lanes all the way to the last one if you can.

Watch out for their jungler as he will annihilate you, so place the mines along your potential retreat path to slow him down. This tactic will make the enemy team split up, as someone will need to defend those lanes.

As soon as you are done with the last tower move to another lane. If they pile up and start pushing your lane move to another one.


Rocket Raccoon is a Marksman in Marvel Super War that has good mobility and high attack damage.

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