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Best Proxima Midnight build 2024 [Marvel Super War]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Proxima Midnight Build in Marvel Super War.

Best Proxima Midnight build guides for Marvel Super War 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Marvel Super War builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Proxima Midnight build for the meta. Learn more about Proxima Midnight’s abilities, Items, Power core & Tactic.


Proxima Midnight Item Build

Proxima Midnight Power Core

Proxima Midnight Tactics

Proxima Midnight Skills



Passive: Proxima Midnight’s next basic attack after she casts an ability will become a ranged strike, dealing ( (+100%Physical Attack) (+7*Level) (+25%Physical Attack) ) physical damage to its target, who will also be knocked in the direction of the joystick. You can gain this effect after exiting combat for 2 seconds.

Eclipse Raid

Proxima Midnight charges in the specified direction, dealing 85(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to any enemies in her path, while gaining 20% movement speed for 1.5 seconds and a shield that can withstand 90(+50%Bonus Physical Attack) damage. This shield increases by 24(+15%Bonus Physical Attack) each time Proxima Midnight deals damage to an enemy hero, and this effect can be triggered up to 5 times while this shield is active. She can use this ability again within 5 seconds to leap to another specified location, dealing 85(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and slowing nearby enemies by 20% for 2 seconds.

Terror’s Shadow

Proxima Midnight charges in the specified direction. If there are any enemies near her destination, she leaps into the air and smashes them for 70(+45%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage, knocking them up for 0.25 seconds and dealing an additional 70(+45%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage when landing. This ability also reduces the cooldown of Terror’s Shadow by 40%. If there are no enemies near the final destination of her initial charge, Proxima Midnight’s will travel further.

Spear of Fate

Proxima Midnight throws her celestial spear in the specified direction, dealing 200(+120%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and marking the first enemy hero struck. Proxima Midnight will gain the ability to teleport straight to this enemy hero’s side for the next 6 seconds by reusing this ability when her target’s HP is less than 15%. This will deal fatal damage to her target, as well as 200(+75%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a 80% slow of 1 seconds to any nearby enemies. At the same time, she gains a shield that blocks 450(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) damage.

Proxima Midnight Pros and Cons


  • Great mobility.
  • Fun to play if you like a bit of challenge.


  • Prone to crowd controls.
  • Hard to play. 

Proxima Midnight Gameplay

Early Game

Get the red buff in the jungle first, and don’t even try to engage anyone before you get to level 4, as most other heroes will slap you back to base in no time.
At level 4 you can start engaging lightly, and after you get your first offensive item, you can do it more often.

Always look around the map for any potential foes that overextended or run around with low health.

Mid – Late game:

Look for the opportunities to engage the foes that for some reason decided it’s a wise idea to solo push or defend the lane.

If there are no suitable targets you need to engage in the team fights.

Try to flank your foes and look out when their backline is busy with your team, that’s the right time to strike and try to make the best of it.

Target the marksman first, as he can melt you down quickly.


Proxima Midnight is an Assassin in Marvel Super War that has very high attack and mobility.

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