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Pokemon Quest Clefable: Evolution Level, Moves, Bingo Sets & Recipes

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Clefable in Pokémon Quest. Learn more about Clefable’s Name, Image, Type, Evolution Level, Moves, Bingo Sets & Recipes.



Attack Type: Melee

Base ATK: 250

Base HP: 450

Evolution Level


Lv. 36 ➧



Click name to see Recipes:


The user suddenly flashes a bright light at surrounding enemies, often lowering their movement speed.0/2
BLight Screen
Light Screen
The user creates a wall of light, making it harder for it to be affected by negative effects for a while.0/3
CDazzling Gleam
Dazzling Gleam
The user moves about as it emits a powerful flash that damages enemies hit by it.146/5
BStealth Rock
Stealth Rock
The user creates pillars of stone from the ground, damaging enemies hit by them.120/5
METAFollow Me
Follow Me
The user grabs the attention of surrounding enemies, forcing them to target it.0/2
ABelly Drum
Belly Drum
The user uses its own HP to raise all of its stats for a while.0/5
The user creates a large, mysterious light and fires it out, dealing damage to enemies hit by it. Sometimes raises the amount of damage they take.121/7


  • ATK = Move Attack Damage.
  • CD = Move Wait Time.
  • Tier = Ranking (S = Best | F = Worst).

Bingo Sets

Set 1Set 2Set 3
Normal-Type Moves Wait -5%
Resistant to ? Effects -10%
Pokemon Size Change -10%
Normal-Type Moves Wait -10%
Poison Chance -100%
Pokemon Size Change -15%
Resistant to ? Effects -40%
Burn Chance -100%
Pokemon Size Change -25%

Stat Ranges

LevelBrass Pot (HP)Brass Pot (ATK)Bronze Pot (HP)Bronze Pot (ATK)Silver Pot (HP)Silver Pot (ATK)Gold Pot (HP)Gold Pot (ATK)
Level 1451-461251-261501-551301-351551-651351-451751-851551-651
Level 10460-470260-270510-560310-360560-660360-460760-860560-660
Level 20470-480270-280520-570320-370570-670370-470770-870570-670
Level 30480-490280-290530-580330-380580-680380-480780-880580-680
Level 40490-500290-300540-590340-390590-690390-490790-890590-690
Level 50500-510300-310550-600350-400600-700400-500800-900600-700
Level 60510-520310-320560-610360-410610-710410-510810-910610-710
Level 70520-530320-330570-620370-420620-720420-520820-920620-720
Level 80530-540330-340580-630380-430630-730430-530830-930630-730
Level 90540-550340-350590-640390-440640-740440-540840-940640-740
Level 100550-560350-360600-650400-450650-750450-550850-950650-750

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