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Onmyoji Arena Kyonshi Ani build guide 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Kyonshi Ani Build in Onmyoji Arena.

Best Kyonshi Ani build guides for Onmyoji Arena 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Onmyoji Arena builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Kyonshi Ani build for the meta. Learn more about Kyonshi Ani’s abilities, Items, Onmyodo.

Kyonshi Ani
Kyonshi Ani

Location : Tank
Specialty : Control/Survive
Recommended route : Top



Kyonshi Ani



Use Ability 3 to penetrate as many enemies as possible with chains and accumulate Kyonshi Force. Use Ability 1 with full Kyonshi Force to obtain a healing and damage bonus, and deal burst damage.



Passive effect: After being sealed, Kyonshi Ani leaves a coffin at the spot and resurrects from the coffin after a short delay. When he resurrects, he summons a coffin circle and enters Living Dead state, during which he will lose 25% of his Max HP every second and recover HP when the chain deals damage.

Kyonshi Amulets

Kyonshi Ani launches burning amulets at nearby enemies, dealing 75(+50%Ability Power) magic damage and restoring 10(+8%HP Lost ) HP.

Coffin Smash

Kyonshi Ani lifts his coffin up and smashes it to the ground in the designated direction, dealing 100(+50%Ability Power) magic damage and inflicting a Knockup effect for 1 seconds to enemies within range.

Coffin Circle 

Active effect: Kyonshi Ani summons a coffin circle at the designated position that lasts for 8 seconds and accumulates Kyonshi Force when there are enemies within the circle. Using Kyonshi Amulets will use up all Kyonshi Force to increase the ability damage and healing effect, gaining the maximum enhancement when the Coffin Circle is full of Kyonshi Force.
Passive trigger: Kyonshi Ani connects himself to the coffin with a chain, increasing his Movement Speed by 25%. The chain deals 20(+12%Ability Power) (+1.5%BonusMax HP) magic damage every 0.5 seconds and a 24% Slow effect to enemies it penetrates, and accelerates the accumulation of Kyonshi Force.
One Coffin Circle can be accumulated every 20 seconds, up to 2.
If the Coffin Circle is summoned within range of enemy turrets, its duration will be reduced by 50%. The Coffin Circle will start generating chains 0.45 seconds after appearing.

Master of Coffins

When the chain exists, Kyonshi Ani can jump to the coffin along the chain and increase the damage of the chain for 8 seconds. During that period, the enemies penetrated by the chain will be restrained for 1 seconds. Each enemy can only be restrained once every 6 seconds.
2 seconds after Kyonshi Ani jumps to the coffin, the ability can be used again to dive in the designated direction and inflict a Knockup effect for 0.5 seconds to enemies along the way.
This ability cannot be used if there is no coffin circle on the battlefield.

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