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Onmyoji Arena Bukkuman build guide 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Bukkuman Build in Onmyoji Arena.

Best Bukkuman build guides for Onmyoji Arena 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Onmyoji Arena builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Bukkuman build for the meta. Learn more about Bukkuman’s abilities, Items, Onmyodo.


Location : Support
Specialty : Harass/control
Recommended route : Bottom






After hitting the enemy with his ability, Bukkuman quickly joins his ally Marksmen in activating Inkblots, triggering bonus damage and a recovery effect.

Accumulate passive stacks to gradually increase the functionality of Bukkuman’s abilities.

Choose an appropriate means to accumulate stacks and max out his abilities’ efficiencies depending on the match situation.

Use Bukkuman’s ultimate ability at the right time to increase the team’s flexibility in combat.



Wanderer’s Records:

  1. Every 60 seconds, a Phenomenon will randomly occur in the jungle. Bukkuman travels to where the incident takes place and records the episode and the sights around him in a Verse, gaining a small amount of EXP and Coins. Each jungle area can only be recorded once.
  2. Gains a Verse when taking part in sealing enemy shikigami. Each enemy shikigami can only be recorded in a Verse once.
  3. Gains a 15% Movement Speed Bonus after leaving the battle.
  4. Hitting an enemy shikigami with the ability inflicts 1 Inkblot(s) on them. Bukkuman and his teammates’ basic attacks will trigger the Inkblots on the target, dealing 4(+12%Ability Power) (+4*Current Level) magic damage to the target marked with Inkblots.

Verse Stack Effects:

  • 2 stacks: Every 4 Inkblots triggered restores 16(+48%Ability Power) (+16*Current Level) HP to Bukkuman and the shikigami with the lowest HP nearby.
  • 4 stacks: [Ink Splash] Increases paper doll duration to 100 second(s) and grants them 1 stack of recharging each. Up to 4 paper dolls can exist on the field at any given time.
  • 8 stacks: Scroll of Annals’ passive effect of enhancing basic attacks consumes all Inkblots on the enemy target.
  • 12 stacks: Searching for the Scroll of Annals grants a shield that absorbs 10(+100%Ability Power) damage and a 30% Haste effect to all ally shikigami nearby the teleport endpoint for 3 second(s).
  • 16 stacks: Upon hitting enemies, the ability inflicts an additional Inkblot on them.

Scroll of Everything

Bukkuman opens the Scroll of Everything, dealing 20(+12%Ability Power) magic damage to a selected enemy shikigami and marking them with the Scroll for 5 second(s). If the enemy shikigami is under control effects when the Scroll is active, the control effect will be applied to enemy shikigami around them, dealing 100(+60%Ability Power) magic damage.

Ink Splash

Summons an ink puddle at a designated area. Ink-colored paper dolls spawn from the puddle’s center and dash toward the nearest enemy unit within their range, dealing 100(+60%Ability Power) magic damage and inflicting Immobilize on them for 1.1 second(s). If there are no enemy units in the ink puddle, the paper dolls disappear in 20 second(s). They will pursue and attack if an enemy steps into the ink puddle before they disappear. Landing consecutive hits on the same unit within 2 second(s) decreases the damage of subsequent hits by 50% and control effects by 80%.

If the ink puddle is placed within range of an enemy turret, its duration will be reduced by 75%.

Shadow Paintings

Bukkuman paints a black kite, which soars and deals 20(+12%Ability Power) magic damage to enemy units in its path and inflicts a 25% Slow effect to them for 2 second(s). Upon settling on a spot to generate scrolls, the scrolls rain down after a short delay and deal 40(+60%Ability Power) (+5% (Every 125Ability Power increases 1%)TargetMax HP) magic damage to enemy units in range, also inflicting a Knockup effect for 0.35 (+0.06% Ability Power) seconds. The generated scrolls follow Bukkuman as he moves.

Scroll of Annals

Bukkuman gifts the Scroll of Annals to a selected ally shikigami.

Passive effect: Basic attack is enhanced once every 10 second(s), dealing (+100%Attack) (+10*Current Level) (+20%Ability Power) magic damage. 2 Inkblots can be triggered at once.

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