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Onmyoji Arena Asura build guide 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Asura Build in Onmyoji Arena.

Best Asura build guides for Onmyoji Arena 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Onmyoji Arena builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Asura build for the meta. Learn more about Asura’s abilities, Items, Onmyodo.


Location : Samurai
Specialty : Charge /DPS
Recommended route : Top






 Use Bone Whip form (ranged) during laning to continuously harass the enemy and find the right opportunity to switch to Bone Sword form (melee) to finish them off. Asura consumes Rationality when casting abilities. When Rationality reaches 0, he will be unable to use abilities, but basic attacks will become stronger. Effectively managing Rationality while chaining is the key to maximizing damage.


Son of Darkness

Asura consumes Rationality when casting abilities and recovers Rationality if he doesn’t cast abilities or use basic attacks for 3.0 seconds. When Rationality reaches 0, he will be unable to use abilities until Rationality returns to maximum, but Movement Speed and Attack Speed will be increased by 10%(+1%*Current Level) each, and each basic attack will deal an additional (+10*Current Level) (+15%BonusAttack) physical damage.

Lotus Extermination

When Asura’s tentacles are in their Bone Sword form, they will lock on to surrounding enemies and slash five times continuously, dealing AoE damage. The first four slashes will deal 5(+70%Attack) #cffba35#n (+2*Current Level) physical damage each and restore 10(+30%BonusAttack) (+0.5%HP Lost ) #c0095cc#n HP to Asura.
The fifth slash will be stronger, dealing 10(+140%Attack) #cffba35#n (+4*Current Level) physical damage and restoring 5(+60%BonusAttack) (+1%HP Lost ) #c0095cc#n HP to Asura.

Demon Oppression

Asura shoots his bone whip in the designated direction, dealing 20(+60%Attack) physical damage to enemies along the way and inflicting a 35% Slow. After a short delay, he will move in the direction of the left joystick.
Asura’s tentacles retain their Bone Whip form after this, and can attack at long range.

Uninterrupted Massacre

Asura charges in the designated direction, dealing 70(+60%Attack) physical damage to enemies around his destination. If he hits enemy shikigami, 50% of the cooldown of Uninterrupted Massacre will be returned.
Asura’s tentacles retain their Bone Sword form after this, and can attack at short range. In the Bone Sword form, Asura will gain an additional 10%(+1%*Current Level) Armor and 6%(+0.6%*Current Level) Magic Resist Bonus.

Purgatory Massacre

Asura leaps into the air and bombards the designated area, dealing 100(+60%Attack) physical damage and inflicting a Knockup effect. At the same time, a Purgatory realm will be formed at the area of bombardment that lasts 5.0 seconds, dealing 50(+30%Attack) physical damage to enemy shikigami within the realm every 1.5 seconds.
Enemy shikigami will be rebounded when they try to pass through the boundary of the realm. This effect will only take effect once on each enemy shikigami.

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