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ML Adventure Mecha Layla : Team comps & Abilities

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Mecha Layla build in ML Adventure.

Best Mecha Layla build guides for ML Adventure. Learn more about Mecha Layla’s team comps, abilities.

  • Type: Light/  Tech
  • Equipment Type: Light Equipment
  • Class: Marksman
  • Speciality: Damage/Durable

Team Comps

Best team for Mecha Layla in ML Adventure are: Mecha_Layla + X.Borg + Lesley + Lylia + Rafaela.



When the fight begins, Mecha Layla will position the mecha so that it is out of the enemy’s line of sight. Mecha Layla will dismount her mecha and leave the battlefield once all of her allies have been vanquished. In the mecha state, Mecha Layla would continuously fire projectiles at random opponent units in place of basic attacks, doing damage equal to 2% of her maximum health. When she activates her Ultimate, she will employ an energy sphere to continuously deliver damage equivalent to 180% of her Attack while stun-locking the closest foe for 4 seconds. The energy sphere will explode, causing AoE damage equal to 400% of her maximum health to the target if it sustains damage equal to 30% of its maximum health or dies within the period.


The enemy with the lowest percentage of HP will be taken down by Mecha Layla, who will then drop them on the adversary closest to her and deliver damage to both of them equal to 200% of her Attack.


Mecha Layla sporadically fires a laser beam over the whole battlefield, delivering all foes in its path damage equal to 135% of her Attack.


Mecha Layla’s Power Level rises by one each time she causes damage equivalent to one thousand times her Attack. Various Power Levels produce various effects: Power Level 1: Intermittently releases a healing wave that restores 2.5% of her maximum health to all allies. Power Level 2: 100% more damage is dealt by Laser Domain. Projectile frequency is greatly increased at power level three.

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