ML Adventure

Best ML Adventure Team Build for each Hero 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about heroes Build in ML Adventure.

Best team build guides for ML Adventure 2024. I works hard to keep my’s ML Adventure builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best team build for the meta. Learn more about heroes’s abilities, Team Comps.

ML Adventure team build

Akai team comps: Akai, Minsitthar, Clint, Akashic.

Akashic team comps: Akashic, Akai, Clint, Minsitthar.

Aldous team comps: Aldous, Zilong, Estes, Yi Sun-shin.

Alice team comps: Alice, Valir, Angela, Argus, Estes.

Alpha team comps: Alpha, Atlas, Natan, Silvanna, Uranus

Alucard team comps: Alucard, Franco, Lancelot, Yi Sun-shin, Akai.

Amaterasu team comps: Amaterasu, Angela, Eudora, Franco, Bane.

Angela team comps: Angela, Tigreal, Martis, Karina, Valir.

Anna team comps: Anna, Atlas, Apostae, Fanny, Angela.

Apostae team comps: Apostae, Argus, Change, Badang, Angela.

Argus team comps: Argus, Estes, Valir, Alice, Angela.

Atlas team comps: Atlas, Natan, Alpha, Silvanna, Uranus.

Aurora team comps: Aurora, Karrie, X.Borg, Hylos, Diggie.

Badang team comps: Badang, Cyclops, Gatotkaca, Guinevere, Kaja.

Balmond team comps: Balmond, Bane, Bruno, Cyclops, Diggie.

Bane team comps: Bane, Selena, Granger, Hylos, Karina.

Belerick team comps: Belerick, Yu Zhong, Eudora, Layla, Tigreal.

Bruno team comps: Bruno, Clint, Hylos, Gatotkaca.

Chang’e team comps: Change, Grock, Argus, Lancelot.

Claude team comps: Claude, X.Borg, Estes, Odette, Zilong.

Clint team comps: Clint, Minsitthar, Akai, Diggie.

Cyclops team comps: Cyclops, Badang, Gatotkaca, Guinevere, Kaja.

Diggie team comps: Diggie, Clint, Minsitthar, Akai.

Esmeralda team comps: Esmeralda, Estes, Eudora, Granger, Franco.

Estes team comps: Estes, Valir, Alice, Angela, Argus.

Eudora team comps: Eudora, Yu Zhong, Layla, Tigreal, Belerick.

Fanny team comps: Fanny, Anna, Atlas, Apostae, Angela.

Franco team comps: Franco, Lancelot, Yi Sun-shin, Akai.

Freya team comps: Freya, Gavana, Gord, Granger, Harley.

Gatotkaca team comps: Gatotkaca, Badang, Cyclops, Guinevere, Kaja.

Gavana team comps: Gavana, Freya, Harley, Granger, Gord.

Granger team comps: Granger, Gord, Harley, Gavana, Freya.

Gord team comps: Gord, Hylos, Lancelot, Clint, Estes.

Grock team comps: Grock, Argus, Change, Lancelot.

Guinevere team comps: Guinevere, Hylos, Lancelot, Clint, Estes.

Gusion team comps: Gusion, Estes, Zilon, Zhask, Yi Sun-shin.

Hanabi team comps: Hanabi, Lesley, Hanzo, Harley, Hwang Jini.

Hanzo team comps: Hanzo, Zilong, Estes, Granger, Guinevere.

Harley team comps: Harley, Clint, Gatotkaca, Kadita, Irithel.

Hayabusa team comps: Hayabusa, Zilong, Estes, X.Borg, Hwang Jini.

Helcurt team comps: Helcurt, Argus, Granger, Eudora, Diggie.

Hilda team comps: Hilda, Estes, Cyclops, Bruno, Hylos.

Hwang Jini team comps: Hwang Jini, Lancelot, Hylos, Clint, Estes.

Hylos team comps: Hylos, Gatotkaca, Bruno, Clint

Irithel team comps: Irithel, Odette, Selena, Minsitthar, Saber.

Jawhead team comps: Jawhead, Lylia, Kadita, Franco, Hayabusa.

Kadita team comps: Kadita, Hayabusa, Jawhead, Franco, Lylia.

Kagura team comps: Kagura, Lancelot, Hylos, Clint, Estes.

Kaja team comps: Kaja, Clint, Akai, Minsitthar.

Karihmet team comps: Karihmet, Lesley, Lapu Lapu, Lunox, Lylia.

Karina team comps: Karina, Angela, Tigreal, Martis, Valir.

Karrie team comps: Karrie, X.Borg, Aurora, Hylos, Diggie.

Kimmy team comps: Kimmy, Minsitthar, Cyclops, Claude, Grock.

Lancelot team comps: Lancelot, Grock, Argus, Change.

Lapu-Lapu team comps: Lapu Lapu, Lancelot, Franco, Yi Sun-shin, Akai.

Layla team comps: Layla, Belerick, Tigreal, Eudora, Yu Zhong.

Lesley team comps: Lesley, Angela, Saber, Gord, Lunox.

Lolita team comps: Lolita, Gatotkaca, Fanny, Cyclops, Claude.

Lunox team comps: Lunox, Minsitthar, Clint, Akai

Lylia team comps: Lylia, Lancelot, Clint, Hylos, Estes.

Martis team comps: Martis, Angela, Tigreal, Karina, Valir.

Masha team comps: Masha, Minsitthar, Miya, Moskov, Nana.

Mecha Layla team comps: Mecha_Layla, X.Borg, Lesley, Lylia, Rafaela.

Minsitthar team comps: Minsitthar, Akai, Clint, Tia, Shar

Miracle Clara team comps: Miracle Clara, Miya, Oberon, Silvanna, Thamuz.

Miya team comps: Miya, Lesley, X.Borg, Lolita.

Moskov team comps: Moskov, Argus, Helcurt, Irithel, Kadita.

Nana team comps: Nana, Clint, Gatotkaca, Moskov, Miya.

Natan team comps: Natan, Bane, Argus, Badang, Angela.

Nimbus Eudora team comp: Nimbus Eudora, Oberon, Thamuz, Wanwan, Zilong.

Odette team comps: Odette, Saber, Estes, Zilong.

Oberon team comps: Oberon, Thamuz, Miracle Clara, Silvanna, Miya.

Pharsa team comps: Pharsa, Rafaela, Saber, Shar, Yi Sun-shin.

Rafaela team comps: Rafaela, Gatotkaca, Gavana, Gord, Granger.

Rista team comps: Rista, Saber, Selena, Wanwan, Thamuz.

Saber team comps: Saber, Lesley, Angela, Gord, Lunox.

Selena team comps: Selena, Lancelot, Clint, Hylos, Estes.

Shah Torre team comps: Shah Torre, Akai, Minsitthar, Clint.

Shar team comps: Shar, Clint, Minsitthar, Akai.

Silvanna team comps: Silvanna, Atlas, Natan, Alpha, Uranus.

Thamuz team comps: Thamuz, Oberon, Zilong, Wanwan, Nimbus Eudora.

Tia team comps: Tia, Lancelot, Clint, Hylos, Estes.

Tigreal team comps: Tigreal, Martis, Karina, Angela, Valir.

Tokinibara team comps: Tokinibara, Valir, Thamuz, Shar, Mecha Layla.

Uranus team comps: Uranus, Atlas, Alpha, Natan, Silvanna.

Valir team comps: Valir, Alice, Angela, Argus, Estes.

Vexana team comps: Vexana, Gatotkaca, Moskov, Nana, Nimbus Eudora.

Wanwan team comps: Wanwan, Oberon, Zilong, Thamuz, Nimbus Eudora.

X.Borg team comps: X.Borg, Estes, Odette, Claude, Zilong.

Xeno team comps: Xeno, Yi Sun-shin, Yu Zhong, Zhask, Lolita.

Yi Sun-shin team comps: Yi Sun-shin, Alucard, Franco, Lancelo, Akai.

Yu Zhong team comps: Yu Zhong, Eudora, Layla, Tigreal, Belerick.

Zhask team comps: Zhask, Gatotkaca, Yi Sun-shin, Xeno, Tia.

Zilong team comps: Zilong, Claude, Odette, Estes, X.Borg.

ML Adventure (Mobile Legends: Adventure) is an epic Idle RPG where all the MLBB heroes reunite.

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