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ML Adventure Hayabusa : Team comps & Abilities

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Hayabusa build in ML Adventure.

Best Hayabusa build guides for ML Adventure. Learn more about Hayabusa’s team comps, abilities.

  • Type: Martial
  • Equipment Type: Medium Equipment
  • Class: Fighter
  • Speciality: Burst/Durable

Team Comps

Best team for Hayabusa in ML Adventure are: Hayabusa + Zilong + Estes + X.Borg + Hwang_Jini.



In addition to retrieving all of his phantoms from the battlefield, Hayabusa also dealt adversaries he came across damage equivalent to 100% of his Attack. Hayabusa quickly slashes adversaries in front of him after reclaiming his phantoms, delivering damage equal to 325% of his Attack twice.


When the combat begins, Hayabusa ambushes the opposing team from behind, causing damage to it equal to 200% of his Attack while confounding it such that none of its talents will target Hayabusa. Unless Hayabusa is the last remaining hero, lasts for 20s. After the ambush is over, Hayabusa launches shurikens at any foes nearby, causing damage to them equal to 220% of his Attack.


Hayabusa calls forth 1 phantom behind the foe with the highest Defense, dealing 280% of his Attack in damage. Then, during the next 10 seconds, the ghost reduces the Defense of adjacent enemy units by 10% every two seconds, stacking up to five times. He has the ability to send up to three phantoms into battle. Hayabusa’s summons are viewed as Phantoms.


Hayabusa attacks the target enemy from behind and delivers additional damage equal to 2% of his Attack for every 1% of his Crit Rate.

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