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Meta Heroes ML Season 23 – 2022

Hey, I’m Zathong and this share will help you buy a new hero or just want to increase your win rate in Mobile Legends Season 23. You need to choose the best heroes in the current meta to increase your win rates and rank up faster in Mobile Legends.

Here are the top 20 Best Meta heroes in Mobile Legends Season 23 for you.

Top 20: Brody 

Why choose?

+ The attack range is far enough.
+ Easy to be mastered by ordinary people at once.
The movement is very agile because it can attack while walking.
+ Strong in the early game thanks to the high damage in the early game.
+ Superior one-on-one situations.

Best Brody build: Read Here

Top 19: Yi Sun-shin

Why choose?

+ Global ultimate.
+ Bleed effect with slow.
+ Good harasser.
+ Fairly stronger early game compare with other marksman.
+ Good ganker.
+ Decent damage.

Best Yisunshin build: Read Here

Top 18: Natan 

Why choose?

+ Tremendous Damage.
+ High Attack Speed.
+ Powerful Late Game.

Best Natan build: Read Here

Top 17: Jawhead

Why choose?

+ Natural tankiness.
+ Very good passive.
+ Good mobility.
+ Good CC.

Best Jawhead build: Read Here

Top 16: Paquito 

Why choose?

+ High mobility, with skill 2 which has a very fast cooldown, Paquito can move freely anywhere.
+ High damage, one shot can instantly kill your opponent.
+ Effectively kills enemy cores.
+ It’s thick enough to have a shield too.
+ Has a really terrible crowd control effect.

Best Paquito build: Read Here

Top 15: X.Borg

Why choose?

+ Hight Durability.
+ Has a large burst damage.
+ Good hp regeneration ability.
+ Strong play in early and late games.
+ Good in Teamflight or solo lane.

Best X.Borg build: Read Here

Top 14: Clint 

Why choose?

+ Can clear minions quickly.
+ Easy to Use.
+ Has high burst damage from his Quick Draw and Double Shot.
+ Can immobilizing enemies using his 2nd Skill.
+ Can attacking turret outside the turret range using Passive.

Best Clint build: Read Here

Top 13: LapuLapu

Why choose?

+ High damage.
+ Good jungler, roamer.
+ Good clear speed.
+ Low cooldown.
+ Extremely mobile.
+ Tanks.

Best LapuLapu build: Read Here

Top 12: Ruby 

Why choose?

+ Good Crowd Control/Damage in AoE
+ Good Utility
+ Good Sustain
+ Good Mobility

Best Ruby build: Read Here

Top 11: Yu Zhong

Why choose?

+ Has great damage.
+ Hero Fighter With Aggressive Gameplay.
+ Not Using Mana.
+ Has Tough Durability.
+ Very Strong in Early Game and Late Game.

Best Yu Zhong build: Read Here

Top 10: Lancelot 

Why choose?

+ Agile Hero
+ Can dashing multiple time (If enemies don’t have Lancelot passive mark) because of his Puncture.
+ Best hero to equip Blade of the Heptaseas and Endless Battle because of his Passive.
+ When he use 2nd Skill and Ultimate he become invisible.
+ His Passive can increases his physical basic attack damage when he use dash skill.
+ Can deal very high damage.
+ He can increase damage due to his armor-removing passive.
+ Has decent mobility but has insane agility once the first skill connects with other opponents.
+ Is able to step on a 1v5 situation if fed and the skills are done properly.
+ Can easily clear out minion waves and jungle efficiently because of his second skill.

Best Lancelot build: Read Here

Top 9: Aamon 

Why choose?

+ Has mixed damage-dealing abilities through basic attacks and skills.
+ Providing invisibility, speed and attack.
+ Has excellent mobility
+ Good at escaping.

Best Aamon build: Read Here

Top 8: Hayabusa

Why choose?

+ Hayabusa can get away very well than other assassins.
+ When doing a one-on-one duel, Hayabusa has a high rate of winning
+ Basic damage from large hayabusa, this hero is suitable for use as an offlaner and pusher.

Best Hayabusa build: Read Here

Top 7: Kagura 

Why choose?

+ High Burst Damage
+ Flexible in roles
+ High Mobility
+ High Crowd Control
+ Decent Wave clear

Best Kagura build: Read Here

Top 6: Karina 

Why choose?

+ Excellent in kill streaks, especially in team fights.
+ Considerably good mobility, although doesn’t rely on blinks
+ Once she jungles enough, she can be a threat to any hero going alone
+ Can deal very high damage.
+ Easy to use

Best Karina build: Read Here

Top 5: Lunox 

Why choose?

+ Jack of all trades.
+ Her skills have considerably large AoE.
+ Can gain kill streaks, especially in team fights.
+ Her skills can deal high damage.
+ Highly versatile hero.
+ Her ultimate skill can both be able to be invincible temporarily and deal high damage rapidly.
+ Good poker.
+ Her Immune can save you instantly.
+ Excellent in team fights.

Best Lunox build: Read Here

Top 4: Mathilda 

Why choose?

+ Easy to Control and Lively Cooldown.
+ Has Invincible Skill.
+ Quick Skill.
+ Can Give Buff To Teammates.
+ Hero Support with large damage.

Best Mathilda build: Read Here

Top 3: Valentina

Why choose?

+ Main burst damage.
+ Decent cc effects.
+ Movement ability and will also reduce the cooldown of her first skill.
+ Copy their looks and ultimate skill.
+ Change her basic attacks.

Best Valentina build: Read Here

Top 2: Rafaela

Why choose?

+ She has a great burst damage.
+ She has decent mobility
+ She has good crowd control – efficent at teamfights.
+ She is very good at sustaining damage etc.
+ Kind of UNTOUCHABLE during mid to late game.

Best Rafaela build: Read Here

Top 1: Khufra 

Why choose?

+ Khufra is very mobile and durable.
+ Counter to heroes such as Gusion, Lance.
+ Super fun to play.
+ Very effective skills in a teamfight.
+ Ranged abilities.

Best Khufra build: Read Here

Note: Regardless of which heroes I think are the best, it’s still up to you to choose the hero that works best for you. You can share your opinion by comments below.

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