Lei Tekken 7 Guide: Combo & Move List [Season 5]

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Lei Move List

This is Move list is a list of all of the moves that Lei can perform in Tekken 7.


Throw NameCommandTypeDamageEscape
Double Foot Stomp1+3 (or f+1+3)Front351 or 2
Sleeper Hold2+4 (or f+2+4)Front351 or 2
Sailboat Stretch1+3 (or 2+4)Left401
Closing Fan1+3 (or 2+4)Right402
Windmill1+3 (or 2+4)Back50
Dragon Fallsu/f+1+2Front401+2
Dragon Neck SnapDuring Dragon 1Front351
Out of ControlDuring Drunken Master Walk 1+3 (or 2+4)Front331+2


Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Rage ArtDuring Rage d/f+3+455m
Rage Drive 1During Rage During Snake40m
Rage Drive 2During Rage During Dragon 1+440m
Rage Drive 3During Rage During Panther 1+410,15lh
Rage Drive 4During Rage During Tiger 1+430m
Rage Drive 5During Rage During Crane 1+424m
Serpent Strike1,17,15hh
Left Right Punch1,27,12hh
Yue Ya Lian Tui2,1,3+410,13,12,14hmmm
High and Low Kicks3,330,17hl
Tornado Kick[3~4],4,425,21,17mmm
Clean Sweep[4~3]25m
Lift Up Cannon[4~4],3,37,7,24llm
Hook Punch to Spinning Back Blow1+2,116,12hh
Hook Punch to Spiral Upper1+2,216,21hm
Ki Charge1+2+3+4
Late Night Brawlf+2,411,18mh
Howling Dog Rushf+3,1,220,12,12mhm
Beating Kick Low Combof+4,2,1,2,326,12,12,8,12hmmml
Beating Kick Mid Combof+4,2,1,2,426,12,12,8,12hmmmm
Beating Kick Mid Combo Cranef+4,2,1,2,4,u (or d)26,12,12,8,12hmmmm
Twin Snake Strikesf+1+213,1hh
Dancing Cobrad/f+1,1,113,12,21mhm
Right Uppercutd/f+212m
Spinning Side Kickd/f+327m
Tiger Fangd/f+1+221m
Lian Huan Tie Suod+2,218,21mm
Double Stabd+4,410,15lm
She Juan Rui Yad/b+114l
Rave Spind/b+4,410,21lh
Orchid Palmd/b+1+226m
Mule Kickd/b+3+422m
Deceiving Swallowb+2,415,23mh
Lei Gong Elbowb+4,117,23lh
Scythe Kicku/b+420m
Pouncing Tiger Sweepu+1+2,420l
Pouncing Cannonballu+1+2,1+225m
Sonic Strikeu/f+119h
Falling Treeu/f (or u or u/b)+225m
Hopping Crane Kicku/f (or u or u/b)+323m
Ostrich Kicku/f (or u or u/b)+413m
Comet Kicku/f+3+410,16mm
Razor Rush Snakef,N,1,u (or d)9m
Razor Rush Dragonf,N,1,2,u (or d)9,9mm
Razor Rush Pantherf,N,1,2,1,u (or d)9,9,2009mmm
Razor Rush Tigerf,N,1,2,1,2,u (or d)9,9,9,9mmmm
Razor Rush Low Kickf,N,1,2,1,2,39,9,9,9,12mmmml
Razor Rush Mid Kickf,N,1,2,1,2,49,9,9,9,12mmmmm
Razor Rush Mid Kick Cranef,N,1,2,1,2,4,u (or d)9,9,9,9,12mmmmm
Defense Breakerf,N,2,1,2,1 (With the opponent on guard)hmmm
Spinning Lotus Kickf,N,330h
Wolf Strikef,N,4,1,2,2,218,12,8,10,15hmmml
Rush Combo Mid Kickf,N,4,1,2,3,418,12,8,20,12hmmhm
Rush Combo Low Kickf,N,4,1,2,3,d+418,12,8,20,12hmmhl
Mauling Dragonf,f+224m
Reverse Lotusf,f+315m
Floating Lotusf,f+3,4 (or f,f,f+3,4)15,12mh
Turbulent Windsf,f+4,3+421,21hh
Dragon’s Whipf,f+3+425m
Tiger Swatf,f,f+130m
Wild UpperWS+2,115,15mm
Di Gong JiaoWS+3+420m
Ballroom DanceFC+d/f+2,1,410,10,18lmm
Snake Palm FistDuring side step 121h
Crane CannonDuring side step 416m
Falling BladeDuring side step 3+415m
Spring UpOn the ground (on the back) 3+430m
Five Gates Form – Snake3+4 or f+2+3 (ou b+2+3)
Five Gates Form – Dragon3+4,1
Five Gates Form – Panther3+4,2
Five Gates Form – Tiger3+4,3
Five Gates Form – Crane3+4,4
Drunken Master Walkf+3+4
Phoenix Illusionb+1+4
Back Turnb+3+4
Sidewind (Feet first)d+1+2
Sidewind (Head first)d+1+4
Play Dead (Feet first)d+3+4
Play Dead (Head first)d+2+3
Taunt 11+3+4
Taunt 22+3+4

During Snake

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Five Gates Form – Snakef+2+3 (or b+2+3)
Rushing SnakeDuring Snake 1,1,1,1,110,9,8,7,6hhhhh
Snapping SnakeDuring Snake 1,2,1,210,13,10,20hmmh
Snake BitesDuring Snake 2,2,215,10,15mml
Snake Bite ComboDuring Snake 2,2,4,3,318,12,8,8,28mmllm
RattlesnakeDuring Snake 330m
Snake Low KickDuring Snake 411l
Snake Low Kick to Palm FistDuring Snake 4,111,13lh
Angry ViperDuring Snake 1+225m
Five Gates Form – DragonDuring Snake u
Five Gates Form – PantherDuring Snake d

During Dragon

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Dragon RoarDuring Dragon 218m
Cuju KickDuring Dragon 314l
Wolf StrikeDuring Dragon 4,1,2,2,218,12,8,10,15hmmml
Rush Combo Mid KickDuring Dragon 4,1,2,3,418,12,8,20,12hmmhm
Rush Combo Low KickDuring Dragon 4,1,2,3,d+418,12,8,20,12hmmhl
Dragon’s SpiteDuring Dragon 1+25,2hh
Dragon SparkDuring Dragon f+1+232m
Play Dead (Head first)During Dragon d+3+4
Five Gates Form – TigerDuring Dragon u
Five Gates Form – SnakeDuring Dragon d

During Panther

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Panther’s ScratchDuring Panther [1 ~ 2]12,21lh
Panther’s PawDuring Panther 221m
Panther PounceDuring Panther 318l
Beating Kick Low ComboDuring Panther 4,2,1,2,326,12,12,8,12hmmml
Beating Kick Mid ComboDuring Panther 4,2,1,2,426,12,12,8,12hmmmm
Five Gates Form – SnakeDuring Panther u
Five Gates Form – CraneDuring Panther d

During Tiger

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Tiger’s StrikeDuring Tiger 122m
Double Tiger ClawDuring Tiger 2,212,14mh
Leaping TigerDuring Tiger 328m
Leaping Tiger to Crouching SnakeDuring Tiger 3,f+128,25mm
Leaping Tiger to Coiled SnakeDuring Tiger 3,f+428,14ml
Tiger’s TailDuring Tiger 412l
Double Tiger PalmDuring Tiger 1+225m
Five Gates Form – SnakeDuring Tiger u
Five Gates Form – DragonDuring Tiger d

During Crane

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Crane’s BillDuring Crane 123m
Spinning Crane SwipeDuring Crane 221h
Crane DanceDuring Crane 3,4,2,421,10,10,15mlmm
Crane KickDuring Crane 420l
Crane SmashDuring Crane 1+225h
Leaping CraneDuring Crane u/f+421m
Five Gates Form – PantherDuring Crane u
Five Gates Form – SnakeDuring Crane d

During Drunken Master Walk

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Drunken Master Walkf+3+4
Drunken Tiger LashDuring Drunken Master Walk 125m
Drunken Rapid FistsDuring Drunken Master Walk 2,2 (or during side step 2,2)12,2mh
Drunken Fox CombinationDuring Drunken Master Walk 3,2,410,20,12lmm
Drunken Fox RotationDuring Drunken Master Walk 3,1+210,15lh
Drunken Tiger KickDuring Drunken Master Walk 417m
Tiger SipDuring Drunken Master Walk 1+2,1+2,1+2
Staggering SlideDuring Drunken Master Walk 3+423l
Spinning HeadbuttDuring Drunken Master Walk b+1+225m
Drunken StuporDuring Drunken Master Walk u/b+1+2
Drunken Fake to JabDuring Drunken Master Walk u/b+1+2,125m
Drunken FallDuring Drunken Master Walk u/f+1+221m

During Phoenix Illusion

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Phoenix Illusionb+1+4
Phoenix Drunken Tiger StumbleDuring Phoenix 1,d+224,21hl
Phoenix WrathDuring Phoenix 223m
Phoenix SunderDuring Phoenix 3,328,17hl
Phoenix CutterDuring Phoenix 419l
Phoenix Illusion to Drunken Master WalkDuring Phoenix 1+2
Phoenix StrikeDuring Phoenix f+445!
Hopping PhoenixDuring Phoenix b+317m
Tornado KickDuring Phoenix b+4,4,425,21,17mmm
Five Gates Form – SnakeDuring Phoenix u (or d)+2+3

Back to the opponent

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Back Turnb+3+4
Dancing SpearBack to opponent 1,1,3,212,10,7,16hmlh
Spinning Heavy HandBack to opponent 220m
Reverse Maul StrikeBack to opponent 4,115,21mh
Reverse Double KickBack to opponent 4,315,17mm
Reverse WatermillBack to opponent 4,415,2mm
Backfist Elbow DropBack to opponent 1+2,212,18hm
Flit Flip FlopBack to opponent 3+4,3+4,3+415,12,15mmm
Low Back SpinBack to opponent d+112l
Reverse Double SlicerBack to opponent d+4,48,21lh
Falling TreeBack to opponent u/f (or u/b)+225m
SidewindBack to opponent d+1+2 (or d+1+4)
Play DeadBack to opponent d+3+4 (or d+2+3)

During Sidewind

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Sidewind (Feet first)d+1+2
Maelstrom SweepDuring Sidewind (Feet first) 321l
Low Kick to Play DeadDuring Sidewind (Feet first) [3~4]12l
Clean SweepDuring Sidewind (Feet first) [4~3]20m
Fu Qin Tian JiaoDuring Sidewind (Feet first) 3+45,2mm
Sidewind (Head first)d+1+4
Sliding KickDuring Sidewind (Head first) [4 ~ 3]15l
Bicycle KicksDuring Sidewind (Head first) 3+45,21mm
Deadly CurrentDuring Sidewind (Head first) d+3+423l
Turn OverDuring Sidewind 1 (or d+1)
Meng XianDuring Sidewind 2 (or on the ground on your back 2)
Startled DrunkDuring Sidewind 1+2

During Play Dead

Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Play Dead (Feet first)d+3+4
Lotus CutterDuring Play Dead (Feet first) 314l
Dan JiaoDuring Play Dead (Feet first) 417m
Spring UpDuring Play Dead (feet first) 3+4
Play Dead (Head first)d+2+3
Leaping Double SlicerDuring Play Dead (Head first) 3,48,21lh
Spring KickDuring Play Dead (Head first) 420m
Po Long Sheng TuiDuring Play Dead (Head first) 3+412,9lm
Turn OverDuring Play Dead 1 (or d+1)
Meng XianDuring Play Dead 2 (or on the back 2)
Startled DrunkDuring Play Dead 1+2
HangoverDuring Play Dead 1+2+3

Lei Combo

Best combo for Lei in Tekken 7 are:

Combo 1: 10 hits 78 damages

  • BT 4 3 , 2 , u/f 1 , 1+2 1 , BT 4 1 , dash 3 4

Combo 2: 7 hits 52 damages

  • d/f 2 , 1+2 1 , BT 3 1 , WR 3 4

Combo 3: 9 hits 66 damages

  • u/f 3+4 , BT d 1 , BT d 1 , BT 4 1 , WR 3 B , BT 4 4

Combo 4: 8 hits 77 damages

  • PAN 2 , u/f 3 , CRA 2 , dash , u/f 1 , 1+2 1 , BT 4 4

Combo 5: 9 hits 74 damages

  • BT 4 3 , 2 , f 3 1 , b 2 4 , f F 3 4

Combo 6: 9 hits 72 damages

  • BT 4 3 , 2 , 1+2 1 , BT 4 1 , f F 3 4

Combo 7: 5 hits 50 damages

  • d/f 2 , 1+2 1+2 , BT 4 3

Video combo:

Lei Gameplay

Lei is a high risk/high reward character that has to make very good and creative use of his stances in order to throw off and confuse his opponents. Lei is one of the more difficult characters to use because he requires a good understanding of the game mechanics in order to know what situations are in his benefit. Players usually have to know a good deal of their opponent before Lei can be deadly.

How to beat Lei?

Learn Lei’s moves. If you have some spare time try to learn how to play Lei. That way you will learn what are Lei’s goals in match, how Lei moves works and if thats not enough you will also see how other peoples are handling Alisa.

Lei Information

  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Age: 47
  • Fighting style: Five Animals Form and Drunken Boxing based Chinese martial arts
  • Debut: Tekken 2, August 1995
  • Availability: DLC character

Lei Story

Lei Wulong is a Chinese police officer who has devoted a significant part of his life to his job. Thanks to this, he became a legend of the criminal investigation. At the same time, Lei did not forget about his physical form. He developed his unique fighting style, which probably helped him fight the mafia. Lei Wulong is a good fighter. During one of the investigations, Lei went on the trail of the mafia and Kazuya Mishima. This evidence gave rise to his confrontation with the powerful, criminal, and dangerous multinational corporation Mishima Zaibatsu.

The betrayal of his beloved girl hit his life and career very hard. She cheated on him with his assistant, with whom she organized dates when he was especially busy at work. Lei Wulong became depressed, and an essential anti-mafia operation failed as a result. His colleagues decided to set him up, and Lei Wulong was suspended from work for a while. But he finds the strength not to despair and returns to the confrontation with Mishima Zaibatsu.

He discovers that the criminals plotted the murder of a boxer, who turns out to be Steve Fox. Lei Wulong manages to prevent this and starts an investigation. It soon becomes known that Nina Williams was the hitman in this assassination attempt. As a result, he attempts to capture Nina Williams to harm the mafia and destroy the very structure of Mishima Zaibatsu. To reinstate himself in the police force, he decides to take part in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Interestingly, Heihachi Mishima decided to meet with Lei Wulong and personally invite him to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. It happened amid investigations into many fighters’ abductions, attacks on the dojo, and attempts at revolutions in China. The transnational corporation Mishima Zaibatsu was behind all this. Lei Wulong decided to arrest its leader and chose to participate in the Tournament.

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