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Best Lady Sif build 2024 [ Marvel Super War ]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Lady Sif Build in Marvel Super War.

Best Lady Sif build guides for Marvel Super War 2023. I works hard to keep my’s Marvel Super War builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Lady Sif build for the meta. Learn more about Lady Sif’s abilities, Items, Power core & Tactic.


Lady Sif Item Build

Lady Sif Power Core

Lady Sif Tactics

Lady Sif Skills

Lady Sif Skills


Passive: Lady Sif accumulates Bellicosity whenever she manages to strike an enemy hero with an ability, boosting her basic attack by 5(+1*Level) (+5%Bonus Physical Attack) energy damage per Bellicosity up to a maximum of 4 Bellicosity. However, Bellicosity only lasts for 8 seconds. Lady Sif unleashes the full power of her Asgardian Swords upon accumulating the maximum amount of Bellicosity, receiving an attack speed boost of 30%/40%/50% (increased at Lv. 6/11).

Warrior’s Sword

Lady Sif flings out Asgardian sword energy in the specified direction while jumping backwards, dealing 145(+85%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and a slow of 20% for 2 seconds to the first enemy struck, before recovering all her blades upon landing.

Blades of Asgard

Lady Sif launches Blades of Asgard in the specified direction, dealing 120(+100%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path. Her sword drops to the ground after hitting an enemy hero or jungle monster, dealing a further 12(+10%Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies. Lady Sif stores one Asgardian sword per 8 seconds, up to a maximum of 2 swords. Lady Sif will recall her swords once they are more than 1300 yards away from her, inflicting a 1-second stun to any enemies in their path.

Sword Pursuit

Lady Sif will rush over to her Asgardian swords based on the order in which she launched them before recovering each sword and dealing 40(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies. Lady Sif will also be immune to all damage and control effects while sprinting over. This ability will be refreshed when it hits the target.

Asgardian Swordstorm

Lady Sif throws a flying blade in the specified direction, dealing 125(+50%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflicts a 1-second stun to the first enemy hero struck before landing to form a triangular matrix of blades of 3 seconds duration shortly thereafter. This field of blades will deal 250(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflict a 3-second slow of 40% to enemy heroes attempting to pass through it.

Lady Sif Pros and Cons


  • Excellent mobility
  • Good throughout the round.
  • Great for one on one encounters.


  • Mana management will be an issue.
  • You can learn how to play Sif relatively easy, but it takes some time to master her combos.

Lady Sif Gameplay

Early Game:

Start with the red buff and slowly move through the rest of the jungle to a blue one. When you clear everything you will be level 4. This is when you should start roaming through the lanes and engage foes.

Hitting a foe with the skill is more important than speed, remember this when you play Sif, as there is a huge difference whether you’ve hit with 4 skills and gained the attack speed from Bellicosity or not.

Mid – Late game:

When the team fight starts you don’t want to be in the focus, and you should attack the backline as soon as their focus is on someone else from your team.

Use the blade to hit any of the backline heroes, and wait for a second or two. Then use the Blades of Asgard to come in close, and follow it by your ultimate. You will invoke havoc in their ranks as soon as they see you closing in on them.


Lady Sif is an extremely gifted combatant in Marvel Super War. The graves of Asgard are filled with those who underestimated Lady Sif’s prowess.

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