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Kusunoki Masashige talent tree build 2024 [Rise of Kingdoms]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Kusunoki Masashige talent tree build in Rise of Kingdoms. Best Kusunoki Masashige build guides for Rise of Kingdoms 2024. Learn more about Characters’s skill, background.

Kusunoki Masashige Talent Tree builds

Archer Talent Tree
Garrison Talent Tree
Skill Talent Tree


Shichisei Hōkoku (Active Skill)

Rage Requirement: 1000

Takes Away All Control [includes effects such as disarm, silence, and immune healing], Slow down [Any effect that reduces the target troops’ march speed is considered a march speed decrease effect], Troops led by this commander may inflict poison [from Tomyris’ “Massagetae’s Counterattack” skill], exhaustion [from Chandraragupta Maurya’s “Arthashastra” skill], and other debuffs [standard debuffs that lower the targeted troops’ attack, defense, and/or health, or things like lessening their healing effects]. Delivers tremendous damage and extra damage every second for the next two seconds to up to three targets in a fan-shaped area at the same time.

The Worthy Man (Passive Skill)

The counterattack damage dealt to garrison troops increases while this commander is in charge of your own city’s garrison.

Bravery and Wisdom (Passive Skill)

Under this commander, archers receive a boost in both attack and defense.

Tragedy’s End (Passive Skill)

Troops under this commander’s command have a 10% chance during their standard attacks to do an additional 2 seconds’ worth of damage to the target.

Soul of the Samurai Enhanced: Bravery and Wisdom

This commander grants 15% more attack and 15% more defense to the archers under their leadership.


Kusunoki Masashige, a 14th-century samurai, is revered as the epitome of samurai loyalty. He fought for Emperor Go-Daigo during the Genkō War, an effort to usurp Japan’s sovereignty from the Kamakura shogunate. His origins are unknown, and the time between the beginning of his military expedition in 1331 and his death in 1336 was only six years. The Japanese Meiji government awarded him the highest accolade in 1880. According to legend, Emperor Go-Daigo dreamed that he was hiding behind a camphor tree (a “kusunoki” tree), and this dream led him to discover the warrior’s surname who would help him. A hero, Kusunoki Masashige “stands in the history of his country as the ideal figure of a warrior, compact of civil and military virtues in a high degree.”

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