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Best Invisible Woman build 2024 [ Marvel Super War]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Invisible Woman Build in Marvel Super War.

Best Invisible Woman build guides for Marvel Super War 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Marvel Super War builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Invisible Woman build for the meta. Learn more about Invisible Woman’s abilities, Items, Power core & Tactic.


Invisible Woman Item Build

Invisible Woman Power Core

Invisible Woman Tactics

Invisible Woman Skills

Invisible Woman-skills

Without a Trace

Passive: 6/5/4/3 second(s) after Invisible Woman leaves a fight, she becomes invisible (effect changes at Lv. 1/5/10/15). If there are enemy heroes within 700 yards of her, she changes from invisible to stealth mode. While invisible or in stealth mode, if Invisible Woman receives damage, actively attacks, or remains in stealth mode for more than 1.5 second(s), she will reveal herself. At which point, her next basic attack deals an extra 15(+25%Energy Attack) (+4*Level) energy damage and slows the target by 50% for 1.5 second(s).

Psionic Guard

Invisible Woman releases a psionic wave in the specified direction, dealing 120(+65%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in its path and granting a 60% speed boost for 1.5 seconds. The psionic wave returns after reaching its max distance and grants her and friendly heroes in range a shield that absorbs 120(+70%Energy Attack) damage. Each enemy hero struck by the wave adds an extra 30(+17.5%Energy Attack) shield value.

Psionic Light

Invisible Woman releases psionic energy in the specified direction, dealing 60(+30%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in its path. The first enemy struck is marked for 4 second(s) and slowed by 55% for 1.5 second(s). While the mark is present, basic attacks from herself and friendly heroes add more marks. At 4 marks, they deal 120(+75%Energy Attack) energy damage to the target and stun them for 1.25 second(s).

Invisible Force Field

Invisible Woman creates a force field around her, turning herself and friendly heroes within range invisible for 3 second(s) while granting a 80% speed boost for 3 second(s). Using the ability again within a set time allows Invisible Woman to blink in the specified direction, dealing 200(+100%Energy Attack) energy damage to enemies in the target area and imprisoning them for 2 second(s). She also gains a shield that absorbs 300(+120%Energy Attack) damage.

Invisible Woman Pros and Cons


  • High damage for a support hero
  • Excellent at scouting.
  • Very strong shields.
  • Solid Control.
  • Her Ultimate can make all teammates invisible, while also granting them a speed boost.


  • Requires teammates.
  • No sustain.
  • No escape option.
  • Needs good coordination with the rest of team.
  • Her Ultimate has to be used in melee range.

Invisible Woman Gameplay

Early Game

During the early game try to coordinate with your marksman ally, and set up plays.

Invisible Woman can do an Skill 1 plus Skill 2 combo, to first slow down the target (and shield herself and her ally) and then mark it with the Skill 2.

If your ally follows up, you should get a quick stun, and hopefully a kill.

Mid – Late game:

Invisible Woman should stick together with her teammates, just like any other support hero.

However, it’s also a good idea to go ahead of them and scout, while she’s in invisibility mode.

If you’re suspecting that the opposing team has started the Surtur fight, you should move in and provide the vision for your teammates, so they can get gather and hopefully set up a successful ambush.


Invisible Woman is a Support in Marvel Super War that has good attack, very high support and high defend.

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