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Heroes Evolved Best hero 2024

Best hero in Heroes Evolved for beginners are: Arlequin, Wolfram, Estrath, Cleopatra, Phobos, Yanbing Cao, Fumiko, Raker, Zhang Fei, Borgon,… These hero are currently extremely strong. If you can pick, you’ll have somewhat of a head-start in the game.

Best hero in Heroes Evolved

Arlequin dashes in a target direction, granting bonus attack range on her next basic attack.
Arlequin unleashes a barrage at a target area for 3s, dealing physical damage to enemy units and causing continuous Movement Slow by 25%. Against enemy units inside the Barrage, Arlequin`s basic attacks deal bonus physical damage equal to 2% of their max Health.
Arlequin consumes a charge to fire a devastating shrapnel in a target direction. The shrapnel explodes upon the first enemy hero unit it touches, dealing physical damage to that enemy hero unit and half damage to nearby enemy units. Shrapnel charges restore every 18 seconds, to a max of 3 charges. The charging is affected by Cooldown Reduction.
PASSIVE: Rate of critical chance increases. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown on Sprint by 0.5s. Sprint grants bonus physical damage to the next basic attack by 5s._Passive: increases .
Dashes at a target enemy unit, dealing massive physical damage.
Taste Wolfram’s sharp claws! Deals physical damage to nearby enemy units and causes Movement Slow by 30% for 1.5s. If there is only one nearby enemy unit, the physical damage is multiplied and causes Stun.
Wolfram runs around in Wolf Form for 15s, basic attacks and ability casts will break Wolf Form. When the lvel reaches 1, 2 or 3, you can get a new effect.
PASSIVE: Grants bonus attack speed and bonus attack damage.
Estrath unleashes a sword beam in a target direction, dealing physical damage to enemy units along its path and causing Movement Slow by 70% for 1s. Against enemy units with 4 Hyperthermia notches, Icy Tornado causes Stun for 1s instead. Estrath gains bonus movement speed for 3s if Icy Tornado hits an enemy unit.
Estrath raises his sword and dashes in a target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemy units along his path. Cast again within 5s to perform another dash, and if both dashes hit enemy units, Estrath gains bonus Attack Speed for 4s.
PASSIVE: Being an expert in swordsmanship, each basic attack or ability cast leaves a notch on enemy units that can stack up to 4 times. Estrath deals bonus physical damage to these enemy units. At 4 notches, deals a burst of magical damage equal to 12% of their missing Health. A notch lasts 5s.
Estrath dashes to the target area and causes Airborne to enemy units inside, performing 4 basic attacks in quick succession. Estrath cannot be attacked while Airborne.
Unleashes a Sand Claw in a target direction, dealing magical damage to enemy units along its path.
Deals magical damage to nearby enemy units and causes Root.
Unleashes a Great Sand Claw in a target direction with a longer travel distance, dealing magical damage to enemy units along its path. Cast this ability again to teleport to the Great Sand Claw’s current position. Each casting of Sand Claw reduces the cooldown of Great Sand Claw by 4s.
PASSIVE: Cleopatra’s abilities debuff enemy units with Silver Sands for 8s. Within 8s, her abilities against these enemy units will deal bonus magical damage with Spell Life Steal, which heals Health based on the damage dealt.
Deals pure damage plus bonus pure damage based on max Health to enemy units in the target area. Phobos heals Health based on the number of enemy heroes units hit by this ability.
Phobos gains a stack of Desecrate every 8s, max 3 stacks. Summons a Servant at the target point to attack nearby enemy units. The Servant’s basic attacks cause Movement Slow, and it loses Health over time and whenever it takes an attack. Passive: Whenever a Servant is summoned, the corrupted air deals magical damage to the nearby area. This effect works for Deathzone and Evil Descent.
ACTIVE: Phobos creates a Deathzone at the target area for 12s, causing 10% Movement Slow. Phobos and his Servants inside its area gain bonus movement speed and bonus attack speed. The Deathzone summons a Servant every few seconds. PASSIVE: Servants go berserk for 3s when they are low on Health.
Phobos leaps at a target point and corrupts the area, dealing magical damage to enemy units and causing Movement Slow, while summoning a Servant next to each enemy hero unit within the area. For the next 5s, Phobos gains bonus Damage Reduction, gains Deathzone’s area bonus movement speed, and gains on-hit magical damage on his basic attacks.
6Yanbing Cao
Yanbing Cao
In Fusion State: Commands the Warrior Spirit to slash in a specified direction, dealing magical damage and a Slow effect to the enemy units on its path. In Separation State: Calls back the Warrior Spirit to deal magical damage and a Slow effect to the enemy units on its path. Once called back, Warrior Spirit Slash’s cooldown will be reset.
Commands the Warrior Spirit to leap to the target point to deal area magical damage (when in Fusion state, doing so will make the Warrior Spisit leave the host). Release the skill again to teleport Yanbing Cao to Warrior Spirit’s point. If too far away from its host, Warrior Spirit will disappear and fuse with the host. Passive: Warrior Spirit continuously deals area magical damage to enemy units nearby. Its movement speed increases when away from the host. Host’s mana increases when fused with Warrior Spirit.
In Fusion State: Commands the Warrior Spirit to strike forward, dealing magical damage in a fan area and knocking off enemy units. In Separation State: Commands the Warrior Spirit to dash, dealing magical damage and stunning enemy units on its path. Passive: Warrior Spirit deals magical damage to enemy units nearby when fusing with or leaving its host.
Warrior Spirit roars, dealing magical damage to and stunning the enemy units nearby. Passive: Host’s HP Regen and Mana Regen increase when fused with Warrior Spirit.
Fumiko unleashes an apparition to chop furiously at all enemies in a target direction, dealing physical damage and triggering Attack FX (cannot trigger Life Steal). Also triggers this ability while double is present, dealing 50% of damage.
Fumiko reshapes her concentration into a shadow blade, dealing physical damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. Double mimics this attack if present, dealing 50% damage. Enemies hit twice by shadow blade within 3 seconds have movement speed stolen for 1.5 second. Slowdown effect does not stack.
Fumiko sets her soul ablaze, increasing attack damage for 10 seconds and reducing all cooldowns by 1 second if target is hit by Fumiko or double’s Zansatsu/Ranba Eibu. Re-cast again within ability duration slash toward target enemy, dealing physical damage and rooting for 1 second.
Fumiko creates a double of himself for 7 seconds at a target location which cannot attack or be attacked but instead follows Fumiko, casting Zansatsu/Ranba Eibu. Re-casting ability teleports Fumiko 2000 range to merge with double, restoring partial health and increasing flat attack damage for 5 seconds. Cooldown begins when double disappears.
Raker ratchets things up, dealing physical damage to enemies in a straight line and knocking up for 1 seconds.Slows movement for enemies stuck in ravine for 5 seconds.
Raker wields his mighty rake, dealing damage in a fan-shape area while reducing target Armor and Movement Speed.Enemy units hit also suffer 50% health recovery.
Raker becomes a wild boar for 40 seconds, increasing max Health and movement speed. While in this form, each ability cast restores some Health.
Raker flips over his rake, knocking back front and back enemy units in a straight line and dealing physical damage while reducing 30% movement speed for 3 seconds. _Enemies knocked into a wall or ravine are Stunned.
9Zhang Fei
Zhang Fei
Swings a serpent spear in a fan-shaped area, dealing physical damage plus bonus physical damage equal to 8% of Zhang Fei’s max Health to enemy units.
Zhang Fei dashes towards a target area, dealing physical damage to enemy units along his path and causing Stun.
PASSIVE: Zhang Fei is granted bonus attack speed and bonus movement speed every time he takes damage.
ACTIVE: All damage dealt to Zhang Fei will heal him instead. If this ability is not on cooldown, it will automatically activate when Zhang Fei’s Health drops too low.
Borgon unleashes a shockwave at a target to deal magical damage and receives Demonic Strength for 5 seconds. Demonic Strength stacks up to 3 times. Each tier increases skill`s MDMG by 30, Movement Slow by 12% and a part of Health Regen. Movement Slow lasts for 3 seconds. Recover all Mana used to cast skill if target is killed by this skill.
Borgon activates a Demonic Shield which resists all damage and increases own Movement Speed for 3s.
Rush towards the target, deal magical damage, and stun all enemy units within range for 1.5 seconds.
Awaken animal instincts to increase own Health and Health Regen.

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