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Best Heimdall build 2024 [ Marvel Super War ]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Heimdall Build in Marvel Super War.

Best Heimdall build guides for Marvel Super War 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Marvel Super War builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Heimdall build for the meta. Learn more about Heimdall’s abilities, Items, Power core & Tactic.


Heimdall Item Build

Heimdall Power Core

Heimdall Tactics

Heimdall Skills

Heimdall Skills


Each time a set period passes, Heimdall gains vision of the entire map. Whenever Heimdalls deals damage to enemies, he accumulates Battle Cry. Once full, the next damage dealt recovers HP.


Heimdall enters a defensive stance while facing a specified direction, reducing damage from that direction.

Epee Attack

Heimdall swings his sword in the specified direction, dealing damage to enemies in range. This ability can be used three times in a row, with the third hit dealing extra damage and inflicting slow.

Hallowed Ground

Heimdall hurls his holy blade, dealing damage to nearby enemies where it lands and creating a consecrated filed at his location that grants a shield to friendly heroes who enter.

Admonishing Blade

Heimdall summons a gaint sword to attack the specified enemy hero, dealing damage. If he KOs the target, he creates a consecrated field at his location that grants HP regen to friendly heroes within.

Heimdall Pros and Cons


  • Very tanky.
  • Good at tower diving.
  • Can quickly close the distance with his Skill 3.
  • Easily finish off low health heroes with his Ultimate.
  • Heimdall’s passive enables him to restore some health.
  • The Ultimate is even better at healing, if you use it to eliminate opposing hero.


  • All of his skills have a long cooldown

Heimdall Gameplay

Early Game:

Heimdall is strong in the early game, but shouldn’t really get in a prolonged fight against some of the other tanks or fighters. So, don’t be too aggressive.

This Hero can do a very nice early game combo by throwing the sword with the (Skill 3), followed by a basic attack to charge in and knock up the opponent while gaining the shield.

Heimdall can then use the three strikes from the Skill 2 to close the deal. This won’t be nearly enough to kill a healthy character. However, the shield (from Skill 3) should soak up most of the retaliatory attacks, allowing you to get out there almost unscathed.

Mid – Late game:

Heimdall should stick together with his team. Avoid wandering around too much. As Heimdall, you’re the main tank and it’s your job to initiate team fights. Skill 3 is the best tool for the job.

Try to throw a sword into the more dangerous but squishy enemy backline, and charge in knocking up all enemies between you and the sword.


Heimdall is a tank hero in Marvel Super War that has good mobility, high attack and defend and support.

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