Heihachi Tekken 7 Guide: Combo & Move List [Season 5]

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Heihachi combo in Tekken 7.

Best Heihachi combo guides for Tekken 7. I works hard to keep my’s Tekken 7 combo guides updated, and will help you craft the best Heihachi combo for the meta. Learn more about Heihachi’s combo, move list, gameplay, how to Beat, Information & story.

Heihachi Move List

This is Move list is a list of all of the moves that Heihachi can perform in Tekken 7.


Throw NameCommandTypeDamageEscape
Neck Breaker1+3 (or f+1+3)Front351 or 2
Jumping Powerbomb2+4 (or f+2+4)Front351 or 2
Guillotine Chop1+3 (or 2+4)Left401
Freefall1+3 (or 2+4)Right462
Atomic Drop1+3 (or 2+4)Back60
Fire Starterd/f+2+3Front252
Headbutt Carnivalf,f+1+4Front331+2
Broken Toyqcf+1+3Front451
Heaven’s WrathSynchro with the opponent’s attack b+1+4 (or b+2+3)Parry30
Move NameCommandDamageHit Range
Rage ArtDuring Rage d+1+255m
Rage Drive 1During Rage 1, b+2,1+249hmh
Rage Drive 2During Rage b+2,1+241mh
Flash Punch Combo1,1,20027,6,12hhm
Demon Slayer1,2,20027,8,12hhh
Demon Executioner1,2,[2~1+2]7,8,25hhm
Demon Executioner Feint1,2,2~1+2,u (or d)7,8hh
Demon Kicker1,2,20047,8,21hhh
Demon Massacre1,b+2,17,21,20hmm
Demon Lair1,b+2,47,21,30hmm
Demon Backhand Spin2,210,18hh
Quick Executioner2,[2~1+2]10,25hm
Quick Executioner Feint2,2~1+2,u (or d)10h
Demon Scissors[4~3]25m
Demon Breath1+225m
Ki Charge1+2+3+4
Pressure Pointf+2,313,2hm
Demon Shoutf+[2~1+2]25m
Demon Shout Feintf+2~1+2,u (or d)
Lightning Crushf+320m
Right Splits Kickf+420m
Chrome Domef+1+215h
Raijin Stancef+3+4
Fusatsujin HasaikenDuring Raijin Stance 120h
Raijin’s WrathDuring Raijin Stance 2.120,23mm
Lightning BoltDuring Raijin Stance 1+235!
Double Palm Striked/f+1,110,8mh
Muso Tettsuid/f+1,210,24mm
Demon’s Wingsd/f+1+225m
Hammer Punchd+116m
Hammer Beatingd+1,216,17mm
Lightning Hammerd+1+450!
Battering Ramd+2+3!
Funkei Urakenb+1,214,2hh
Funkei Goshohab+1,[2~1+2]14,25hm
Hooking Crescent Thrustb+3,214,2hh
Hooking Crescent Kickb+3,314,25hm
Twin Hammer Volleyb+1+2,1+218,24mm
Hell Axleu/f+3,417,14mm
Wind Sliceru/f+425m
Demon Uppercutf,f+222m
Left Splits Kickf,f+325m
Tenma Destroyerb,f+2,112,24mh
Tenma Barrageb,f+2,312,2mh
Deity Slayerb,b+1+225m
Shadow Stepb,b+3+4
Dragon Uppercutf,N,d,d/f+125m
Wind God Fistf,N,d,d/f+220h
Electric Wind God Fistf,N,d,d/f+2 (press at the same time)23h
Jumping Mid Kickf,N,d,d/f+330m
Jumping Low Kickf,N,d,D/F+324l
Spinning Demon Uppercutf,N,d,d/f+4,115,2lm
Tsunami Kickf,N,d,d/f+4,N,4,415,10,20lmm
Spinning Demonf,N,d,d/f+4,4,415,10,2007lll
Iron Handqcf+230m
Leaping Side Kickf,f,f+330m
Quick Iron FistWS+120m
Dark ThrustWS+220m
Holy Demon CrossWS+3,1+210,2mm
Tsunami KickWS+4,413,16mm
Crouching Dragon KickFC+d/f+420l
Kidney Crush ComboSS+2,110,2mm
Geta Stomp(With opponent down) d+424l

Heihachi Combo

Best combo for Heihachi in Tekken 7 are:

Combo 1: 8 hits 74 damages

  • ewgf f N d d/f 2 , ewgf f N d d/f 2 , f 2 3 , b f 2 3 , dash , b 1+2 1+2

Combo 2: 13 hits 124 damages

  • f N d/f 1 , f N d/f 1 , b f 2 3 , f N d D/F 4 4 1 W! , d/f 1 2 F! , 1 b 2 1+2 , f N d/f 1

Combo 3: 13 hits 123 damages

  • f N d/f 1 , f N d/f 1 , 1 , f 2 3 , b f 2 3 , dash d/f 1 1 W! , 1 b 2 1+2 , d 4

Combo 4:  8 hits 65 damages

  • f F 2 , f 2 3 , 1 , b 1 2 , f 1+2 , 2 1

Combo 5: 7 hits 65 damages

  • ewgf , f 2 3 , b 1 2 , dash , b 1+2 1+2

Combo 6: 14 hits 129 damages

  • f N d/f 1 , f N d/f 1 , f N d d/f f 4 , dash f N d d/f f 4 , b f 2 3 , dash f N d d/f 4 4 1 W! , 1 b 2 1+2 , d 4

Combo 7: 7 hits 64 damages

  • f F 3 , b f 2 3 , f N d D/F 4 4 1 , f 3

Combo 8: 8 hits 88 damages

  • f N d/f : 1 , f N d/f : 1 , d/f 1 , b 1 2 , dash f N d D/F 4 4 1

Combo 9: 7 hits 56 damages

  • u/f 3 4 , f N d D/F 4 4 1 , 1 b 2

Combo 10: 9 hits 73 damages

  • SS 2 1 , dash ewgf , 1 , b 1 2 , dash f N d D/F 4 4 1

Video combo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=img9BH_iHzs

Heihachi Gameplay

Heihachi is one of the best options for aggressive players because of his devastating and over-the-top moves. Most of his best moves have little to no risk, and his damage potential is extremely high. The Demon Uppercut, for example, is a devastating launcher that is simple to execute and nearly impossible to punish if blocked.

How to beat Heihachi?

Learn Heihachi’s moves. If you have some spare time try to learn how to play Heihachi. That way you will learn what are  Heihachi’s goals in match, how Heihachi moves works and if thats not enough you will also see how other peoples are handling Alisa.

Heihachi Information

  • Origin: Japan
  • Age: 75
  • Fighting Style: Mishima Style Fighting Karate
  • Debut: Tekken, December 1994
  • Availability: Base Character

Heihachi Story

The CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the original host of the King of Iron Fist Tournaments, Heihachi is an old but incredibly muscular individual. After losing against his son in the first King of Iron Fist he had to step down from his position in his company. Filled with shame he went and lived in the mountains alongside Kuma. After hearing about a new King of Iron Fist Tournament, he came back and eventually won, killing his son Kazuya in the process.

After taking back his corporate empire, Heihachi expanded his reach all over the world. This would lead him to Central America, where a mysterious being was found, Ogre. Soon after Heihachi learned of his grandson Jin, and understanding that the Ogre feeds on strong souls set about to train him to bait the Ogre into coming out. To do so, he called a new King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

Heihachi, after learning that he could not be combined with the Ogre’s blood due to lacking Devil Genes. He decided to seek out both Jin and Kazuya. The G Corporation had gotten a hold of Kazuya’s body since his passing. After learning of this, the Tekken forces, a paramilitary branch of the Mishima Zaibatsu, set about breaking into the corporation and retrieving it. They were faced with a revived and angry Kazuya. To bait Kazuya back into his domain, Heihachi establishes a new The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Heihachi and Kazuya were ambushed soon after the end of the tournament by a group of Jack robots in Hon-Maru and barely managed to live. Kazuya fled before the climax of the fight. Heihachi was caught in a massive explosion but survived. After recovering he learned of a new King of Iron Fist Tournament that had occurred while he was unconscious.

After being stopped by the Tekken forces while trying to enter the Zaibatsu headquarters he comes to know that Jin has taken over the company. Soon after a new King of Iron Fist Tournament is announced and Heihachi is driven to compete and win back his empire.

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